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They  can put as much pressure as they like on us but Pakistan will never abandon objective of Kashmir, said Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK July 8 (NNI): America can put as much pressure as they like on us but Pakistan will never abandon objective of Kashmir, said Ambassador Maleeha
Addressing the huge crowd of more than 3000, at the Association of
Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) silver Jubilee convention at Sheraton Towers Hotel.
“What we will never do is to give up the issue of morality, the issue of law and the issue of our conscience” said Maleeha.
Maleeha claimed “ We defeated the design of those who sought to portray us as a terrorist state, we did not fail, our detractors did and we will never fail, they
failed, our enemies failed but we will not fail”.
Maleeha urged the APPNA to continue with their efforts to draw greater international attention to the issue to the settlement of Kashmir. She said your act is as a valuable bridge between the two countries, it helps increase the understanding for Pakistan’s point of view on the Hill, in the Administration and among opinion-makers circles.
She thanked APPNA for their tremendous services in the past which bore fruit of the Brown Amendment,  collaborated  APPNA and Amb Maleeha’s work of seriously dented formidable sanctions regime against Pakistan making Pakistan-U.S. relationship free of sanctions today.
Maleeha said strategic choices made by President Musharraf, his vision of Pakistan as a  democratic, Muslim and progressive nation is shared by Pakistan’s friends and well-wishers in the world. She said Musharraf’s commitment to strong Pak US ties is fully
She wished APPNA to stress on her six proposed thoughts, Maleeha suggested that the issue of the detained Pakistanis must be right on top on the agenda
of the organization

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