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US must work for durable peace in South Asia: Senator George Allien

NEW YORK July 8 (NNI): The US Senator George Allien said that United States must stay engage and  actually work out a durable peace in South Asia crises resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people.  
He was speaking to 250 members of Pakistan Political Committe PAKPAC at a luncheon meeting.
Senator George Allen from Virginia and the member U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was first  Governor of Virginia State.
Senator Allen  in his letter said  that Pakistan is our first Ally and we are for its steps towards “ de-escalation of tension on the LoC,  Dr Nasim Ashraf Chairman National Commission for Human Development and Minister of State welcomed.
Dr Nasim Ashraf  in the PAKPAC meeting talked about Pakistan, he mentioned two things, one Afghanistan, that,  as long United States  does not control all of  Afghanistan parts other than Kabul, that will create still unstable condition for South Asia, thats what Pakistanis fear.
Seconed, Ashraf said Pakistani feels that America needs to know use of influence with India, to be able to actually demand of India to take meaningful tangible steps first by de-escalating military because they have asked us to stop cross border cross LOC must stop so when it has stopped India is doing propaganda again because Kashmiris will continue as it is an indigenous struggle.
India should address the root cause, Ashraf  said. America needs to understand that how much more does it expect from Pakistan because a common man in Pakistan and the government in Pakistan all share the same thing can  we ever do enough and we are Americans trusted ally.
Now America needs to act asserted  Ashraf. He said U.S should stand by us not unilaterlay but use its influence with India to resolve the Kashmir issue which is the root cause of all this instability in South Asia.
Pakistan American community has played a key role in lobbying for Pakistan and  and will continue to do so.  What can Pakistan do for America now, it is Americas turn to do what is right for the people of Kashmir. Ashraf lauded Amb Maleeha’s services. She will continue to leave with mark on U.S Pakistan relations said Ashraf.
Lord Nazir present in the meeting also said that Kashmiris are not terrorist and the people of Kashmir this is an indigenous freedom struggle from within Kashmir it’ll continue until their issues are not resolved they do not get their rights you may not stop them.
Pervaiz Shah the president of PAKPAC said that our try  is that here we handle
continuously the American main stream like PAKPAC  have been doing since 1989 . He said  it is  the only federally registered voice  of Pakistani origin in America.
He said  we should avail the opportunity to get jobs for our children as interns of U.S legislatures Sen assured his support to fulfil this. so as Pakistani origin children can work like staff of legislatures.

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