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Bush in America and Bushra in Pakistan

New York July 8 (NNI) It wont get me in the Guineas books of Records but this is the sixth APPNA banquet I am speaking tonight quiped  Amb Dr Maleeha Lodhi. Speaking at the Silver Jubilee convention . Maleeha have attended the APPNA conventions in years 1994,5 6 and 2000, 2001 and now finally for the year 2002.
Three day Silver Jubilee convention of  Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America APPNA ended with entertainment programs of famous Singer Ibrar, “Bilo They Ghaar” quips of Bushra Insari and melodious Ghazals of Ahmad Faraz. The Mushaira ended 5 in the early morning. Bushra’s quip of there is no difference in Pakistan and United States, "In America is Bush and in Pakistan Bushra” got the praise by the crowd with a bang of claps.
All the 23 past presidents of APPNA including Dr Nasim Ashraf were called on the stage  and Dr Zahir Ahmad APPNA first president  cut the Silver Jubilee cake. The Hotel Sheraton full with APPNA’s roughly 4000 guest pictured like Pakistani hotel.
Fundraising requests was basic notion of most of the prominent guests invited by the rich Pak-American community APPNA, the doctors making millions by their medical practice. Pledges forms were distributed to every table consisting of nearly 10 guests each.  

Pakistani American Syed Mehmood (R) contesting for U.S Congress elections November this year  spoke and said I believe it is your duty and responsibility to make my win possible for the U.S. congress, I need your support , "financial support" will you accept this challenge.
Singer Ibrar requested for fundraising for his “Sahara” hospital construction, He
demanded $4000 for a room, $8000 for Ambulance and $250,000 for a ward. He affirmed that the room will be marked with  the name of the donor.
Ibrar in his speech said we have two successful people like Imran Khan and Abdul Sattar Edhi for promoting human services in Pakistan . If we have such more personalities there could be a social revolution in Pakistan.
Mother of Mohammad Salman Hamadani a 23 yrs old Pakistani _American who died at the  World Trade Center while   rescuing  people,  boosted of his sons sacrifice . She requested for fundraising for Shaheed Mohammad Salman Hamdani Memorial Fund,  set up with Rockefeller University.
Even though U.S. President in his speech made at UN Headquarters lauded Salman’s action mentioning him a Pakistani, and similarly the U.S Congress in their passed Act condemning discrimination against Arab and Muslims  mentioned Salaman as a New Yorker of Pakistani decent but the mother boosted of his son as an American and entirely an American.
She in her speech said “We are first American nothing but American and then Hindu Muslim , Jews , Christian, or any other origin, Indian, Palistinian or Pakistani. My son was an American he gave life to America.
Similarly in one of the stalls decorated with Pakistani products for sale a table was confined for a Pakistani organization “The Coney Island Avenue Project” set up after Sep.11 to combat racial-profiling Pakistanis suffered by the FBI and INS arrests leaving behind their loved ones vulnerable . “Make a donation” brochures were distributed.  
Before starting the entertainment program  Presidential election result was announced . Dr Umer Atiq won the APPNA elections  by 120 votes He will be president APPNA for the yearr 2004. I am the lobbyist and speak for the fresh blood in APPNA to change APPNA’s politics said DR Nasim Ashraf.
Dr Atiq talking to NNI affirmed that he has a pledge to reform APPNA and motivate its members to help the Pakistani origin stranded families . To activate the “Charitable Organization” motto of APPNA in reality.

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