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Hate crime victims barred of Red Cross aid in USA

NEW YORK July 17, 2002 (NNI): Hate crime sufferers and victims of American terrorism here in United States has been barred to avail the international humanitarian aid organization funds, says the statement of American Red Cross titled Victims of Hate Crimes issued in response to campaign for collateral compassion hate crime issue.  
The money provided to us for the terrorists attacks of September 11, however, has been designated by our donors for the direct victims of Sep.11 attacks which does not make it possible for us to provide financial assistance to hate crime victims reads the declaration.
Since Sep.11 more than 1679 hate crimes were registered all over United States, including 4 murders one of a Pakistani two of Indians, and two of Arabs. An American Terrorist Stroman shot and killed Pakistani Waqar Hasan on Sep.15, Shot and Killed Indian Patel on October 3rd, shot and blinded a Bangladeshi in Dallas on October 4th.
Stroman, the killer in his Fox news TV interview showed depth of hatred against South Asians and termed his act as patriotic and called it vengeance of 911. In February 2002 he was convicted and sentenced to death in the court hearing of Indian Patel murder.
One Indian Sikh was murdered on Sep 15 in Phoenix. The two Arabs were shot dead in the State of California.   Several harassment  cases together with  beating of a large numbers including a Pakistani journalist Haider Rizvi are on records with United States police.  
This correspondent was also harassed by a White American and was threatened to leave the country, but police declined to register the hate crime case and instead pressurized the correspondent to forgive the American saying whatsoever he said was in anger.
The Justice Department has investigated 350 reports of crimes against people of Middle Eastern or South Asian origin since the Sept. 11 terror attacks.
On Sept. 26, 2001, prosecutors in Washington state indicted Patrick Cunningham for shooting two Islamic worshippers. Cunningham also doused two cars with gasoline, hoping to ignite them and blow up a mosque. Cunningham pleaded guilty on May 9.
U.S. prosecutors charged Irving Rublin and Earl Krugel with trying to blow up a mosque with a bomb in December 2001.
American Red Cross has refused to assist any of the hate crime victim families, spouses or kin. On the other hand the families directly affected by the September 11th tragedies of World Trade Center, the American Red Cross Liberty Fund is being used exclusively to meet the immediate and long-term needs of people.
According to the declaration the Red Cross would help out four groups of people only. First of those whose loved ones were lost or seriously injured at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Secondly those economically  impacted  who lived  south  of Canal St.  in Manhattan. Third those who were residentially displaced and lived south of Canal St., in Manhattan, and fourth the rescue and recovery workers.
These classes of families affected, as well as the specific plans to assist them, have been developed with the assistance of Senator George Mitchell, the Independent Overseer of the Liberty Fund who has consulted extensively with Red Cross donors, families affected, public officials and other charities.
However the Red Cross statement deeply regretted and opposed any hate crimes or other acts of violence based on ethnicity. Claimed their support through chapters in many local communities, programs designed to prevent these acts. ŚNNI

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