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New Jersey Governor lauds Pak role in war on terror

PRINCETON NJ, Aug 4, 2002 (NNI): The backlash Pakistanis suffered after Sep 11 by the American natives and the US agencies was termed imbalance in legitimate efforts
to protect ones nation state and civil liberties by the New Jersey Governor McGreevey.
Pakistan supported US unconditionally in its war against terrorism, but it were Pakistanis who encountered the backlash not only by local Americans but by the US agencies too.
One Pakistani was murdered, several harassed and threatened to leave America, FBI arrested a large number and hundreds were deported back to Pakistan.
The US census report certifies that there are 8,70,000 illegal immigrants in States, out of which 40,000 are Pakistanis and 2,43000 Africans. The INS did not arrest a single illegal African. In an exclusive interview with NNI at the Governor’s Mansion “Drumthwacket” -- the historical building built in 1830 -- New Jersey Governor James E Mcgreevey
said that only during the times of war there is just a difficult balance between legitimate efforts to protect ones nation state and the balance of civil liberties.
He said this is a balance as long as the tradition of America itself and America look forward to working with Pakistani representatives and officials providing for an even better and more appropriate balance.
Governor affirmed that Pakistan has been a valuable ally, a tremendous ally in the battle against terrorism, and United States, he said, has a special data of gratitude particularly in Pakistan support its friendship and courageously in battling terrorism. He said so as American we owe a special honor in the role Pakistan has played particularly with our
president, president Bush, United States armed forces.
Talking about India-Pakistan dispute, the governor said the United States continue to maintain itself to provide and to bring both nations states together to understand their interests because McGreevey said with peace there is greater measure and opportunity for economic investment and particularly we all join the battle against terrorism.
McGreevey said, “again we all need to understand importance of Pakistan within the nation states and within the world. He said so again as an American I want to thank Pakistan and their efforts with the United States.”
He said the importance of bringing peace to that region having a balanced prepared peace most important that we need to understand that the Pakistan and India have served as valuable Allies in the United States, a primary goal particularly within the region is peace
and economic investments and this critical importance The Pakistani American community here in the state of New Jersey have been exemplary in supporting not only
the state of New Jersey but our nation said Governor. He said again today’s opportunity to raise the national flag of Pakistan is to celebrate 55 years of independence, 55 years of a dream, 55 years of a vision that would work to bring forth every day in Pakistan as well as America.
Earlier in the Pakistani flag raising ceremony Governor McGreevey joined the Pakistani female Soofia Ahmad and sang “Pakistan-Pakistan Jevay Pakistan”. The Pakistani flag would fly whole month of August at his residence.—NNI

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