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National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis

Sept. 2002
Among other cards, NADRA Ordinance envisages issuance of cards to Pakistani workers/emigrants and citizens /resident abroad and Pakistanis holding dual nationality who have got themselves registered under the NADRA Ordinance. This card is known as the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). On account of its utility, it is an identification document usable in place of NIC whenever required. However NICOP is more than just an identification document.

Name, Color and Design of NICOP
The NICOP will have the same design and colour as the NIC in English, bear a barcode, which should be readable by a machine. It should be called the
National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) and carry a printed statement in English to the effect that applicant is entitled Visa free entry in to

Eligibility for NICOP
A citizen shall be a non-resident citizen if he:
1. is an emigrant or intending emigrant
2. is, or is intending to be, resident abroad
3. holds nationality or citizenship of any other country or state pursuant to sub-section (3) of Section 14 of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951)
4. holds an immigrant or resident visa, permanent or otherwise, or equivalent authorization, permit or status, as applicable, of a foreign state or country.
Notwithstanding anything contained explained above, a citizen shall not be deemed to be a non-resident citizen under following conditions if:
1. his stay abroad does not exceed, or he intends to stay abroad for not more than, six consecutive months inclusive of the time spent on temporary visits, if any, to Pakistan;
2. he is proceeding under a foreign scholarship or training scheme approved by the Federal Government or the concerned Provincial Government;
3. he is proceeding on Haj or Ziarat and is certified by the Federal Government or an officer authorized by it in this behalf to be so proceeding;
4. he is proceeding on student visa or for medical treatment provided that he fill and submit a form which shall be provided by the Authority free of cost;
5. he is a spouse, real child or any of the real parents or real brothers or sisters of the persons specified in CNIC rule provided that he is dependant upon the relevant person.

NOTE: No card will be issued to the categories specified in (4) and (5) above.

Benefits to NICOP Holders
1. Without prejudice to any other rights, benefits, privileges or capacities enjoyed by or available to a non-resident citizen who simultaneously holds the nationality or citizenship of any other country or state together with his Pakistani citizenship, such
non-resident citizen shall, upon issuance of the card to him and during the period of validity of his said card, have the right to enter into Pakistan without a visa from such port or place, by such route and in accordance with such conditions, if any, as are
prescribed pursuant to section 13 of the Passport Act, 1974 (XX of 1974).
2. A card validly issued to a non-resident citizen shall be the conclusive proof of his being a citizen of Pakistan for the purposes of availing protection of the Government of Pakistan in any foreign country or state as a Pakistani citizen. The Federal Government
shall recognize, afford and ensure full protection as citizens of Pakistan available under the law to all cardholders abroad.
3. The Authority may arrange for and make available other lawful benefits, rights and privileges for holders of the card, as it may deem fit, in association with governmental or private organizations or entities in order to incentivize registration of the citizens under these rules.
Fee for NICOP
NICOP fees has been fixed as US $ 25/- per Card irrespective of age descriptions. (Subject to notification by Interior Division).

Validity of NICOP
· Upon issuance, NICOP shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of issuance.
· Notwithstanding the validity period of NICOP issued to a person, the same shall automatically become invalid upon the said person losing his or her eligibility to apply for NICOP under the Rules. The cardholder shall then be obliged to surrender his or
her card. On return and surrendering of NICOP, the holder would be issued CNIC free of cost.

Documents Essentially Required
1. Two Photographs with blue background.
2. Deposited fee slip or bank draft in original
3. Copy of NIC/POC whenever held
4. Copy of Pakistani passport whenever held
5. Copy of foreign passport for every individual
6. Both application forms i.e. English and Urdu

Application Procedure
1. Application forms can be downloaded from the website: or are made available through the Pakistan Embassy, Consulates, Islamic Mission offices, PIA offices abroad and all NADRA offices established in Pakistan. Only original English form would be acceptable.
2. Application after filled in, and attaching the bank receipt or bank draft is to be sent to the nearest Pakistan Missions or directly to NADRA Offices Pakistan.
3. Duly filled in application forms should include all relevant supporting documents as well as bank deposit slip, pay order or bank draft in favor of NADRA.
4. After necessary processing, the card will reach at Pakistan Mission/ applicant's doorstep within 6-8 weeks of applying for the card through respective Pakistan Mission/ NADRA office etc. via a designated courier.
Information provided by Pakistan Embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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