Central Province Cricket Association

Central Province Cricket Association operates under the patronage of HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to promote cricket in the Central province of Saudi Arabia. It was formed after conducting a study on the demands of inter-province clubs, interest of cricket fans and players promotion of cricket to Saudi youth.

The main objective of CPCA is to promote cricket in the entire Central Province, organize Inter-Province/City cricket tournament, play against cricket clubs in Middle East i.e. Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait etc…, organize Inter-School tournament and conduct cricket coaching classes for sportsmen/students interested to learn to play cricket the right way as Community Service.
The founding committee members devote their time on an honorary basis as a  community service to promote cricket, to develop a healthy mind and body and to take part in competing with other teams. CPCA has 20 registered clubs who plays cricket  very Friday on the 4 grounds built for the games. The matches are played on cement pitch. CPCA has also developed a ground for Net practice for regular cricket practice  when the players are not playing in the matches/tournament. The cricket season in Saudi Arabia commences from September to May of the following year. CPCA also  organizes tape ball night tournament during the hot summer months. The cricket ground has been installed with complete set of floodlights.Interested clubs or players who would like to join CPCA to play cricket or to learn how to play cricket are welcome to contact the Executive Committee members of CPCA.
Asif Saleem
Phone 4785800 Ext 268,540
Fax 4785800 Ext 259