Farewell Party in Al-Khobar
By Eng. Iqbal Ahmed

A FAREWELL PARTY was held at Marhaba Restaurants, Al-Khobar on 27 August, 99 which was organized by a group of NED Engineers Forum Members to say farewell to the families of Messrs. Jawaid Inam, Karamat Ullah and Amir Ur Rehman, One of the Pictureswho are going back to Canada after visiting Saudi Arabia It was a well-attended function in which friends and families from Dammam, Khobar and Jubail participated. Even a NEDian guest from Dubai also joined the party.
An important feature of this gathering was that majority of participants
were either Canadian immigrants or would be immigrants. The discussion,
therefore, revolved round the pros and cons of migration to Canada,
living conditions there, job situation and personal experience of the immigrants.
All participants enjoyed sumptuous dinner served by the PoolSide location of Marhaba Restaurant. Wives and children had a nice time, meeting each other and saying farewell with promise to come back again during next summer vacation or even earlier.
Photographs were taken to commemorate this gathering which ended late at