By Syed Parwaiz Imam

RIYADH, Oct. 18 – In a major development for the Central Province Cricket Association (CPCA), a dinner cum meeting was held here with the Editor-in-chief of the Arab news, Khaled A. Al Maeena to apprise him of the progress of the game in the Kingdom in general and also to brief him on CPCA’s forthcoming 1999-2000 season.
The CPCA president, Wilfrid A. Paes also presented a detailed report on the upcoming tournaments like the Burger King trophy, Hollandi Bank Inter-school tournament, Saudi British Bank championship, Saudi American Bank trophy and the school children coaching clinic. In addition to these, there would be smaller events as well during the course of this season, said Paes.
The honored guest was impressed by the progress made by the body in such a short time. "He feels like padding up to become an active player once again," he remarked smilingly. Taking advantage of the opportunity and seeing the interest shown by Al Maeena in cricket, the CPCA president requested the him if he would accept the patron ship of the body. Amidst loud cheers, he said that "to promote and develop this game in Saudi Arabia, he will gladly accept to be its patron. All the CPCA officials thanked him for this kind gesture which would be beneficial to the game cricket in future.
In another major boost, he also announced holding of the Arab News Tri-city cricket trophy. The new patron stated that he would like to see the game progress in the Kingdom not only among the expatriates but also amongst the Saudis as well.
When asked about the tentative date of this tri-city gala and who would be the competing teams, Paes replied that "CPCA will be inviting Jeddah cricket league and the Eastern Province Cricket Association. The matches would be played on a round robin basis.
He added that while a tentative date cannot be set now as we need to work on the organizational aspect of the championship, however, Paes stated "that CPCA would hold the tourney sometime by mid January 2000. As this would be first month of the new millennium, it would provide the necessary boost to promote cricket in Saudi Arabia.
In the end, CPCA president and its executive committee members expressed great appreciation for Maeena’s gesture to sponsor the Arab News Tri-city cricket trophy.