By Syed Parwaiz Imam

RIYADH, Dec. 21 – The first ever cricket coaching camp for the young ones which was attended by children of various nationalities and held under the supervision of Central Province Cricket Association (CPCA) at the Al Sulay ground ended its first session on a highly successful note.
The activities at the coaching camp would now resume after the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays on January 13, 2000, said Wilfrid A. Paes, the president of the body. Many parents and the participating children interviewed expressed satisfaction of the coaching techniques and were positive that it will bear positive results in future.
They appreciated the sincere efforts of the coaches namely Alan Smith, a West Indian and the two Sri Lankans, Aruna Singha and Jonathan who supervised children between age groups of 14-16 years, 11-13 years and 6-10 years respectively on four grounds and one practice pitch. Those who provided them support were Raza Mehdi, Razi Mohiyuddin, Raza Khan and Asghar Ali.
Words of praise were also aired for the CPCA management committee led by W. A. Paes and assisted by Asif Saleem, Abu Fahim, Nasir Ali Khan and Bader Mohiyuddin in making this event get going.
Although no Arabs have yet to join, it is however, thrilling to note that in addition to the participants from regular cricket playing nations, some surprising entrants have been an Italian and Americans.
A grade six student of American school, Mehdi Bundeali who is now 11-years old said, "sport has no nationality. I love cricket and spend long time playing every day. I am great fan of this game and hope to become a test player for the USA team in future. My passion has grown since I got a formal training organized by CPCA."Italian Dano Carbone, born in Malaysia, has lived abroad with his father. He has now been playing this game for the past four years in the Kingdom and got familiar through his friends. Expressing his views, he said, "that I am enjoying and wants to devote more time. Though my British school has a team but I prefer CPCA coaching camp."Saad Muhammed Khan said, "what I really enjoyed during the coaching session was that the coaches were very detailed on what to do and never put too much pressure on the young ones. They were also very patient with us and very well organized."
American Nicholas Sen learned about this coaching camp through his British school and from here he picked up the game of cricket. The 12-years old feel that he is definitely getting better and has great liking for it.
Another American in identical age group, Alexander J. W. Deuchar said, "I learned playing through friends at the compound in the Kingdom and now been playing for the past eight months. I am playing member for the British school team as well. He added, "that I am having good time."
In general, in addition to the fun and excitement, this get together has displayed a sense of brotherhood, friendliness, team work amongst them and they are all ready for the next round after the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays.