By Syed Parwaiz Imam

RIYADH, Dec. 21 – Saudi Arabian top seed, Badr Mogaiyl played a major role in Diplomatic team capturing the 1999 Fall Nike Riyadh Team Tennis League (RTTL) Division 1 title when they defeated Najd club by 48-43 in their last league encounter.
The defending spring season champion, Camel International Cargo fell way behind and the second place went to Najd club in this top flight. A total of 48 teams spread over six division based on their strength of play, competed in one of the biggest city gala which began last September.
In a massive colorful awarding at the Najd compound courtesy of Mike Maddock - the champions, runner up, most organized team, best players and best sportsmenship prizes were given away glittering trophies, shields and Nike sports products.
Abdullah Al Dossary, assistant managing director of Sport Ghornatah, the agent of Nike products in the Kingdom, said in a message read out on this occasion, that as a leading commercial organization, they will support the sports activity of RTTL in future. He congratulated the veteran chairman, Farouk El Laithy, members of the executive committee, team captains and the participants for the hard work and deep interest for making the season successful.
Thanking the sponsor Sport Ghornatah and Dossary, El Laithy paid the tribute for making this a memorable night due to their full cooperation. He also aired words of thanks to all those who lend a helping hand for the success of 1999 RTTL Fall season and all the past and coming seasons to be one of the greatest sports events.
He concluded by saying, "this success came from the participants themselves, who developed and promoted the league to meet all the needs and condition of having a meet suitable for the expatriates as well as the Saudi nationals."
El Laity as a chairman headed the organizing committee. He was well assisted by Mattock, Salem Bitar, Tariq Javed, Rally Della Cruz, Noli Mendoza, Ed Doom, V. Alleger, S. Gatchalian, Manny Lector, Amor Robles, H. Simolde, Chito Abreau, Larry Bustamante, John Lagat.
The registration for the 2000 Spring season is on and February 4 has been fixed as the deadline. Entries can be dropped at the Riyadh Intercontinental sports city center or faxed to 401-0004, said S. Gatchalian.

All recipients of the awards with their team members:

Division 1: champion – Diplomatic (Badr Mogaiyl, Salim Bitar, Shameem Islam, Muhammed Sheikh, Trana Leif, Garry Ogaick, F. Ogaick, R. Tufenkeji, S. Dawson); runner up – Najd club (Joey Samia, Kit Sagnit, Willie Biay, Redentor Luangco, Saeed Rahman, Jessie Paningbatan, Rudy Ancheta, Darren Bunker, F. Loveridge, L. Maddock, G. O’Reilly, M. Aquino); most organized team – Diplomatic; best players – Badr Mogaiyl, M. Aquino; best sportsmenship – Alvin Ebreo, R. Tufenkeji.
Division 2: champion - Allied Medical (Ato Bautista, Winnie Garibay, Dan Marqueses, Numer Villar, Ronnel Argonsino, Rodel Salvatierra, John De Ocampo, Ric Villa, Jehad Muhammed, M. Sahi, A. Lopez, L. Manzano, B. De Leon); runner up: Akar Net (Nilo Eugenio, Bader Saedan, Robert Driquito, Lito Hoyumpa, Nelson De Leon, Felix Pacleb, Rene Menciano, Tony Berdin, C. Arrastia, J. Borjal, J. Estero, M. Yapsangco); most organized team – Akar Net; best players – Rene Matute, M. Yapsangco; best sportsmenship – Rolly Biag, D. Johansen.
Division 3: champion – Talaramex (Rolly Dela Cruz, S. Gatchalian, Efren Veraydo, Dan Castro, Thad Flores, Reno Punay, Jess Butalid, Ali Kaseem Hamadi, M. Dujale, R. Viado, W. Evans); runner up: Pedco Philip Holzmann (Alex Domingo, Alfred Clague, Efren Navidad, Lito Punay, Larry Barcelona, Tony Briones, Ed Jarin, Larry Passion, J. Aguilar, J. Valdez, L. Clague, M. Manalansan); most organized team – Al Ghaban Group/Eagles; best players – Lito Punay, H. Simolde; best sportsmenship – Efren Veradyo, R. Viado.
Division 4: champion – Lockheed Martin (Victor Siaotong, Tom Silvederio, Nicol Sandigan, Edwin Llamada, Romy Ansiones, Ray Rubio, Danny Maun, Bob West, J. Alimpuangon, M. Baltazar, B. Flores, C. West); runner up: E. A. Juffali and Brothers (C. Bago, Benjamin Gonzales, Felix Pepito, Bong Caogdan, Jave Alquilita, Ely Sabello, Roger Balo, Cielo Bago, Dodong Escabarte, M. Magbanua, N. Flauta, V. Sabello, A. Misola); most organized team – Tennis Phoibics I; best players – Joie David, H. Agustin; best sportsmenship – Ed Palad, H. Agustin.
Division 5: champion – Tennis Phoibics II (Ponchito Abreu, Joey Salem, Ding Quiambao, Alan Roldan, Norman Espejon, Nilo Guerrero, David Fritzgerald, Rudy Pranga, Rudy Magsanoc, Fe Roxas, F. Diaz, J. Embradadora, G. Taaca); runner up: Vinnell (John Lagat, Manny Caban, Esmie Bacud, Chris Agulos, Jun Urgel, Diony Baring, Fels Ocomen, Dion Solidum, J. Saguban, S. Agulos, L. Veloso, S. Gesawi); most organized team – Security Forces Hospital; best players – Alan Roldan, Fe Roxas; best sportsmanship – Tala Rahal, L. Veloso.
Division 6: champion – Al Kharj Military Industrial Corporation hospital (Adonis Nismal, Nilo Cabug, Joevicto Esmabe, Raffy De Leon, Terry Arellano, Ali Goraidi, Hussein Onezi, L. Manzanares, L. Galpao, P. Boncalon, L. Terrestre); runner up – Insurance hospital (John Umawing, Bobby Deocareza, Winifredo Cahilog, Albert Abuen, Roy Jaen, Ernie Cordial, R. Vasques, D. Orozco, P. Baricaua, T. Unite); most organized team – King Faisal Specialist Hospital; best players – Bernie De Castro, I. Lata; best sportsmanship – Paul Pagulayan, C. Cabanes.