Reaserch by Eng. Iqbal Khan

RIYADH, March 9 – The young and agile Romy Payong of the Western region recorded a facile victory over the veteran last year defending champion Ben Torrefiel to capture the prestigious annual 1999 Kingdom-wide Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi (BSF) MD Cup tennis crown here.
Jubilant champion, who returned to Jeddah with a huge glittering cup and a gift certificate, beat his fellow countryman from Philippine by 6-3, 6-3 margin. The loser who hails from the head-office in the Central region just could not stand the pressure of long rallies and wise placings of the victor. However, he had beaten Rene Matute to qualify for the Masters round which was held earlier at the hotel Al Yamama court.
At the colorful awarding cum cocktail party that followed, the chief guest Bertrand Viriot – managing director who was assisted by Amr Al Taher – CHR division manager, presented awards to the Kingdom-wide Masters Cup champion, the runner up and to the Central region winners of various categories.
To make things lively, many door prizes through the draws were given away to the lucky winners. These included mini phone sets, Minolta cameras and digital SF 6500 dairies, said Bal Villena of the organizing committee while outlining the details.
The organizing committee, which managed the show, was Romy Ramirez, Villena, Romulo Payong, Mustafa Aba Hussein, Rady Manebo, Ric Singson, Willy Siose.
Member of the various special committees who assisted during the course of the event were Nabil Hussaini, Naaman Yassin, Roman Ramirez, Adil Ihsan Ul Haque, Idrees Ansari, Manny Obligado, Jerry Villanueva, Willy Hamony, Deo Pelaez, Ding Quiambao, Elser Penamante, Willy Tamonte, Vir Navarro, Danny Perez, Roy Mangantulao, Ador Laxa, Serge Ariola.
In their concluding speeches, Viriot and Taher while congratulating the winners appreciated the high standard of the game witnessed in the competition. They praised the sportsmanship of the champion who flew in from Jeddah and returned home victorious.
Thanking the management in the end, Villena said that their great support has made this annual gala a great attraction, popular and has been successfully running for the past many years.
All recipients of the Central region MD Cup prizes are:

Class-A singles: champion - Jun Tingzon, runner up – Manny Obligado.

Class-A doubles: champion: Rene Matute - Nawawi Mabaning, runner up: Ben Torrefiel - Ador Laxa.

Class-B singles: champion – Willy Siose, runner up - Mon Santos.

Class-B doubles: champion: Angel Bamba - Deo Pelaez, runner up: Ding Quiambao – Art Bumatay.

Class-C singles: champion – Syed Shafakatulah, runner up – Danny Perez.

Class-C doubles: champion: Leo Legazpi - Prabhat Srivastava, runner up: Qazi Gaffar-Joey Culla.