Research by Dr. Qamar Saeed, Karachi

as per United Nations declaration
1.The child shall be brought up in a spirit of understanding,friendship,peace and universal brotherhood and shall not be exposed to racial,religious or other forms of discrimination.

2.The child shall be protected against all forms of neglect,cruelty,exploitation and traffic and shall not be permitted to employed before an appropriate minimum age.

3.The child shall, in all circumstances,be among the first to receive protection and relief.

4.The child is entitled to free and compulsory elementary education and such an education   as is in his best interest for which the parents are to be responsible.

5.The child is entitled to grow up in an atmosphere of affection and oral and material security,with public authorities taking care of children without families or other support.

6.The physically,mentally or socially handicapped child shall be entitled for special treatment,education and appropriate care.

7.The child shall have the right to adequate nutrition.housing,recreation and medical services,including special health care and protection and postnatal care for the mother.

8.The child shall be entitled to a name and nationality.

9.The child shall enjoy special protection to be able to develop in every way in conditions of freedom and dignity.

10.All children irrespective of their race,color,sex or creed of their parents shall be entitled to these rights.