Washington DC (USA)

A strong Pakistani American Community of over 100,000 in the metropolitan area of Washington DC will be celebrating Pakistan's Independence Day like every year. This event is one of the largest Pakistani Community gatherings in the US. The program includes live performances by famous Pakistani artists, especially coming from Pakistan for the event, Pakistani Food, dresses, music and more. According the sources, in 1998, the participation
in the event was around 80,000 and it was about 60,000 last year, even though, last two (peak) hours were rained out. We are expecting a much bigger gathering this year.
Pakistan is a country situated in Southeast Asia. The official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The name Pakistan means Pure Land. Pakistan is an interesting country, very rich in cultural heritage and human resources. It offers a great variety of scenery, which changes southwards from the highest mountains of the world to the hills of fairly high altitude towards the west. The northern region offers wild rivers, beautiful valleys, snow covered peaks and eternal glaciers. There are dissected uplands and fertile plains in the middle, sandy desolate deserts and arid plateaus towards the south- sandy silver white coastal beaches, lagoons and mangrove swamps and sea in the extreme south.

This August 14th, 53 years would have passed since Pakistan emerged on the world map. It was the fruit of the continuous efforts and struggle of the Muslims in South-Asia for an area which could be called their homeland, a land which would be a living example of the Islamic system and way of life.
It is now 2000. Times have changed, people have changed, and so has Pakistan. We are in the new millennium, and Pakistan is ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. We have progressed from barren land to become the seventh nuclear power in the world, the only Muslim State in the world to indigenously produce nuclear weapons.
The Pakistani-American community of the Washington DC Metropolitan area has been celebrating Pakistan Independence Day for the last 15 years at the Washington Monuments and it has always been the event to look for. This year the community will be gathering again to mark this historical day and event. And this year, it will be different, better and with a style.

The event will also be on-focus internationally through our website,  A brief history of the event and up-to-date information on the upcoming program will be posted on this website. For the last two years, Pakistan Day festival has been streamed live on the Internet in real audio and video format. That was due to the efforts of Naju Villiani of PakistanVision.Com and Mohammad Munaf of This year also, Inshah Allah, we will do the same.
Every year, on Pakistan Day Celebration, many artists come from Pakistan, especially to perform in the event and show their gratitude to Pakistan and the Pakistani American community in USA. To perform in front of a huge crowd is an honor for an artist and knowing that the Pakistan Day Mela in Washington DC is one of the biggest Pakistani Event in USA, their performances are always at there best. Pakistan Day Festival has been honored with the performances by Vital Signs, AWAZ, Shazad Roy, Abrar ul Haq, Hassan Jhangeer, Alamgeer, Pathany Khan, Reshma, Ali Haider, Umar Shareef, Anwar Maqsoood, Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kiana, and countless other artists. These people have performed and want to come back again and again.This year also, Pakistan Day festival will be glittered with many famous Pakistani Stars.
The Pakistani-American community in the metropolitan area has been doing the above-mentioned program on the Washington Monuments Ground for the last 15 years. It had been an outdoor (Open Air) program with no entry fee. So far the local (ethnic) sponsors, with no major corporate sponsorship, have primarily supported the program. Even then, this program has always been an eye-catching event and people from different parts of USA come to participate in the festival.
If you are in Washington DC Metropolitan area or near by, watch out for this great festival. For more details, visit our website at