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Research Arif Kaleem (Khobar K.S.A)

In order to meet a current temporary demand for highly qualified experts in information and communication technology, up to 20,000 foreigners with a university or polytechnic degree and a place of residence outside the European Union / European
Economic Area can be granted a work permit for a maximum of 5 years. This also applies to foreign students graduating from German universities or polytechnics (Fachhochschulen) in courses specialising in the area of information and communication technology. If foreign applicants do not have a relevant higher education qualification, they can also obtain a work permit if on
the basis of their outstanding specialist knowledge they are guaranteed an annual salary of at least DM 100,000 gross. The conclusion of a written employment contract in a language understood by the employee is required.

In the case of applicants who have no knowledge of the German language, it is sufficient if they have a good command of English.
Workers are being sought in the occupations of information and communication technology, for example for jobs as

  • system, Internet and network specialists

  • software, multimedia developers and programmers

  • developers of circuits and IT systems

  • specialists for IT consulting.

    On 1st August 2000 the changes in the law necessary for the expert workers to be admitted to the
    German labour market should enter into force with a duration of 3 years.

    Work permits may on principle only be granted if no preferential workers in the joint EU/EEA labour market are available.
    Employers are therefore advised to report their personnel requirements to the Employment Office - if they have not already done
    so - in order to be able to begin granting the work permits rapidly after the change of the law enters into force.

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