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Urdu Television Network (UTN)
A press release
The first purely entertainment oriented Urdu channel has begun test transmission and will launch officially with a proper program line up on Tuesday July 11th at 6:30 pm UAE standard time.

UTN has a programming mix that comprises of Pakistani and Indian software with a greater emphasis on Pakistani programming. There is a lot of performing talent in the region but only a small part of it gets recognized or proper exposure. This is particularly true of Urdu language programming which does not have much of a platform for exposure.

UTN will provide viewers with entertainment in the Urdu language 24 hours a day. Initially overnight transmission will comprise of song capsules.

Beaming from AsiaSat 3S 105.5 degrees East, on transponder number 1V, the downlink frequency is 3660 megahertz. The downlink polarity is vertical and the transmission is analogue, free to air.

There will be no news telecasts or programs bearing any political or current event information. The format is non- stop alternate entertainment.

UTN is based in Sharjah and the playout and uplink will be from Singapore. Mr.Khalid Bhaimia, the Chairman , at a recent press conference promised that UTN will provide high quality plays, drama serials, Urdu movies, music and comedy. Viewers of UTN will be treated to a feast of Urdu language programming which they have not had an opportunity to see before in this part of the world. will provide weekly schedule of UTN on its site. Please check out our Hope Page.

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