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South Asia Information Technology Literacy Program
It is a great pleasure to announce that Hidaya Foundation
volunteers in Silicon Valley, California--the heart of INFORMATION
TECHNOLOGY--have started a program to lend computers to needy educational
institutions and non-profit organizations in South Asia. The program is
named "South Asia Information Technology Literacy Program." This program
will undertake several projects. It's first and model project is "Computers
For Pakistan". Later on as we get experienced and we have enough inventory
of computers, we would start additional projects, such as Computers for
India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, etc.
We have already conducted several meetings in this regard and have come-up
with a plan. We will need help and support from all over the world to make
this project and program a success. We will be in need of the following:

1- volunteers who can reach out and get computer-donations (Workstations,
Laptops, Desktops Pentiums only, Monitors, Modems, etc.) from individuals,
corporations, organizations, etc.
2- volunteers who can provide their expertise and/or services for shipping
from USA and other countries to Pakistan Hidaya collection station in
3- volunteers in Pakistan who can help us get the shipment cleared from
customs and other legal requirements
4- volunteers who can help us refurbish the systems in Pakistan
5- volunteers who can help us identity needy educational institutions and
non-profit organizations
6- volunteers who can help us distribute, where the Project Organizing
Committee wants the systems to be distributed

We would like to request your help in making this project a success.
For further questions please contact
Hidaya Foundation  is a US based non-profit 501 (C) (3)
charitable organization with tax ID# 77-0502583. Its mission is to implement projects in rural and economically depressed areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, where very few non-profits work. Currently It is implementing various projects in the rural areas of Pakistan with the help of its sister organization Hidaya Trust, which
is registered in Pakistan. Please send your donations payable to Hidaya Foundation at P.O. Box 5481, Santa Clara, CA 95056-5481, U.S.A.

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