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Students Career Counseling
Source Arabnews (The Largest English newspaper in the Middle East)

RIYADH, July 31 – A new career counseling service, free for parents and the students, has been launched for the Pakistanis world wide at the internet website . The ContactPakistan counseling team (CPCT) includes some of the world re-known professionals, who are committed in promoting and enhancing the learning process for all students. In this context, this new service has been added to the web site, said Tahir Butt, the brain behind CPCT.
He added that plans are also underway to arrange on-line chat sessions with the counselor on one-to-one basis. Currently, social and academic counseling is available for Pakistanis back home and abroad on carefully selected various educational departments through web site. Career Counseling section also provides links to carefully selected educational institutions inside and outside Pakistan.
The departments in which students can take advantage of include electrical engineering, physics, journalism, media, internet related technologies, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, petroleum refining industries, design engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, medical post graduation, biological sciences and forensic sciences.
Special discounted books from the Kutubnuma, a famous Pakistani bookstore can be bought by our CP registered users of our services. All are free to register by visiting the website  

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