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Pakistanis in Eastern Province Celebrate Pakistan Day
By Mohammad Ishaq Naseem Rana
Correspondent Eastern Province K.S.A

August, 2000 - The 54th Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated on Thursday August 17, 2000, with great fervor by the Pakistani Community under the auspices of "Pakistani Community Council" (PCC) the representative body of about 14 different social organizations of Pakistani Community in the Eastern Province.
The Ambassador of Pakistan HE Khalid Mahmood was the Chief Guest of this elegant ceremony. Ishaq Rana, Senior VP, of PCC presided the function. Whereas Mr. Jawaid Inam, GS, PCC performed as stage secretary. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary and Mohammad Naseem Pasha Vice Presidents of PCC organized the function. More than 100 prominent personalities of Pakistani community coming from all walks of life attended the ceremony.
A student Yaser Ayaz started the program with the recitation from the holy Qura’an. The half portion of this ceremony was reserved for the bid farewell welfare to HE the Ambassador who is returning back to Pakistan after completion of his assignment. He remained in the Kingdom for 4 years.
Mr. Khalid Mahmood thanked the PCC for him for this happy occasion and holding a farewell party for him. He praised and admired the Pakistani Community in the Eastern Province being the reason that they always hold national level events on a single platform i.e. under umbrella of PCC that has provided a great help to Pakistani Embassy in carry out its duties. I have no hesitation to say that they are number one in the Kingdom. Al-though I have seen here in my 4 years terms that all Pakistanis are country-loving people and whenever I needed them they have come forward to help whether it is Debt retiring program, self-reliance or Drought, they have contributed generously for their homeland.
He shared with Pakistani community the feelings that Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very cordial and brotherly relations with each other. We always stand together shoulder to shoulder on all matters and time has proved that we are the best brotherly nations that can depend on each other. The Servitor of two holy Mosques King Fahd love Pakistan and Pakistanis and we should and we are be proud of that. He stress Pakistanis to abide by the laws of land and prove yourself trust worthy. Talking on Independence Day, he said, we should not be disappointed. Our routes are strong and we are nuclear power in the world now. Nobody can dare to look at us with bad attentions. He also thanks the PCC for according him such a nice farewell. He said I would remember you and Saudi Arabia that has been the climax of my foreign service.
The other speakers highlighted the Islamic spirit and democratic struggle for the achievement of Pakistan and million of sacrifices given to liberate the homeland by our leaders and people. All paid tribute to them. They stress the need of nationhood, national unity, integrity and solidarity. The speakers also recited poetry on this happy occasion. They included, Mushtaq Ahmad Malik, Patron In-chief of PCC, Mahmood Anwar Shah, Deputy GS, Hussain Haider, Secretary Technical, Hussan Nazeer Jafri, Legal Advisor, Zahoor Ahmad Choudhary, Ejaz Tahir, Professor Mohmmad Wasil Usmani and Zain Siddiqi recited poetry on this occasion and roused the feeling of nationhood in the hearts of audience.
Speed Cash of Saudi American Bank had donated few electronic items for this event, which were given to the winner in a draw. Also Khalil Choudhary+Atta Ullah Niazi and Syed Waseem Haider presented the Ambassador personal gifts.
At the end President of the ceremony Mohammad Ishaq Rana, congratulated all the Pakistani on this happy day and thanked the HE Khalid Mahmood the Guest of honor and guests for attend this function. He gave a message to the Pakistani community that; we have to pledge the unity, welfare, and well being of Pakistan. God do not help those who cannot help themselves. It is we and we only who can take Pakistan a nuclear Pakistan as a strong nation in the 21st century. Never think what Pakistan has given you, think, what you have given to Pakistan

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