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Pakistani Students Excel
in Cambridge Exams
Pakistani International School (English Section)

News Courtesy Furqan Ahmed - Riyadh Daily

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August 2000 - The students of The Pakistan Embassy School (English Section), Riyadh, achieved a wonderful result in this year's June 2000 I.G.C.S.E (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examination, conducted by the University of Cambridge, London.

Eraj Adeel secured six A*'s and two A's on an eight point scale of grades, being the highest amongst the girls. She will be receiving a distinction from the Cambridge University. The other outstanding students amongst the girls were: Hina Naseem (6A's) and Somira Soomro (5A's).On the other hand, Hammad Zia stood first amongst the boys by securing 7 A's. While the other outstanding students amongst the boys were: Shahbaz Salim Malik (5A's) and Shaan Hussain (4A's) Top position holders Eraj Adeel, Somira Soomro and Hina Naseem expressed their desires to become engineers.

Eraj AdeelEraj Adeel said: " My ambition is to become a software engineer because this is the age of computer technology and I wish to excel in this field in my future academic strides."

SomiraSomira soomro said: "IT has made tremendous progress today and we cannot lag behind in this age of stiff competition, therefore I have planned to take up engineering.
Both Eraj Adeel and Somira Soomro idolized their fathers and planned to follow their footsteps

Hina Hina Naseem said: "none of my family members are in this field of engineering and I wanted to take up something different, something challenging so hence I decided to become an engineer."

ShahbazAll of the students were aware of the future challenges in the field of computer and IT. All of the students, along with their parents, praised the school's efforts in achieving such brilliant grades. Somira soomro said: "We really owe these grades to our teachers and the school because they worked so hard that we did not feel the need of tuitions."
Each individual student had different hobbies and interests from swimming to cooking and from watching TV to reading books.


The PrincipalThe school's headmistress, Mrs. Nighat Wali said in and interview: "My focus has been to foster integrated efforts among teachers, students and their parents to elevate the standards of education and overcome all problems in an amicable manner."
She commended the efforts and dedication of her teaching staff, who are well qualified and experienced, and their motto of enhancing the level of education at all times. "This was the first batch of school for I.G.C.S.E this year and the teachers had no previous experience of such competitive international examination but the excellent results gave them an assurance and a clear vision of their future planning and efforts in this direction" she noted. The teaching staff consists of: shama Fazli ( Maths), Lubna Jamal (English), Sajida Imran (Chemistry), Dr.Estella O'Brien (Physics), Dr. Shahida Hassan (Biology), Wafa Al-Saeed (Islamic studies), Naima Waqar (Urdu), Attia Nadeem (Pakistan Studies) and Amina Qader (Bussiness Studies)

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