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Pakistani Students Excel
in Cambridge Exams (IGCSE)
Manarat al Riyadh School

Press Release by the School management

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Students of Manarat Al Riyadh School (Riyadh) Achieve Remarkable Result September 2000. The Pakistani students in Riyadh have done generally well in the I.G.C.S.E (International eneral Certificate of Secondary Education)
Examination. The examination was held in June 2000 and conducted by the University of Cambridge, London. The Pakistani students of the Manarat Al Riyadh School in Riyadh achieved a remarkable result in this year’s

Amongst the girls, the twin sisters Maha and Basmah Pervez secured 4A*’s with 4A’s and 6A’s respectively. The other outstanding students amongst the girls were: Izza Aftab 1A* plus 6A’s and Yusra Shabbir 2A* with 3A’s.
All the above four girls viz., Maha, Izza, Basmah and Yusra passed with a placement in the “Distinction” category of the University of Cambridge examination.

All the girl position holders attributed their achievement to the hard work and the guidance of their teachers and parents. Maha Pervez and Basmah
Pervez expressed their desire to opt for the fields of business administration and management information systems (MIS).
Amongst the boys, Hanif Adil stood first by securing 6A*’s. The other outstanding boy students included Fouad Shahnawaz (3A*+1A), Ismail Hussain (1A*+4A’s) and Ammar Zahid (5A’s). The students who passed with a
placement in the “Distinction” category included Hanif Adil, Ismail Hussain and Ammar Zahid.

I aspire to be in the medical profession and plan to specialize in Oncology (cancer treatment) and thus make a major contribution towards the treatment and cure of this devastating disease affecting mankind."

Izza Aftab

Managing people and situations is a creative art
whether at home or at the work place. Managing
different people and situations is interesting as well
as demanding and requires special skills. I intend to
pursue my studies in management with specialization in
Management Information Systems (MIS). As a
professional manager I hope to make my contribution to
the society in improving the human condition.
Maha Pervez

Business Management, in my opinion, is a very
interesting subject. It teaches us how to manage
different situations and people, and how to be
creative. Hence, I plan to take up studies in
management and business administration and follow the
footsteps of my father.’

Basmah Pervez

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