Total 5 Projects each Pak Rs.35,000
19th April 2008

Rules for the help

1. Each deserving case will be given Rs. 35,000 as help for marriage.
2. Priority will be given to Orphan girls.
3. Second priority will be given to those families that are recipients of zakat from govt.
4. If father or brothers of the girl are working then help will not be given.
5. A committee of at least 5 elders from the village belonging to different clans / casts will be formed to recommend the most deserving cases.
6. The help money will be given to the family in lump sum in presence of the elders to make purchases themselves.
7. Receipt will be taken from the family and it will be signed by the village elders as well.
8. That receipt will be sent to Contact Pakistan by Pravalli welfare trust.
9. Photograph of the money handing over and marriage will be provided to Contact Pakistan.

Total Expenditure on one marriage visualized

Bride’s Clothes (5/6 pairs) 
Furniture items for village
Kitchen items
Hospitality of guest

Total per marriage


Accountability to Donors before ceremony


1.       We will provide contact details, with tel no of the bride family. In addition we will provide Tel contact of the elders of the village who decided about this deserving case.

2.       Receipt of the money being handing over will be provided to Contact Pakistan/Donor. 

Accountability to Donors after ceremony

1.  Photographs of the marriage ceremony will be sent to Contact Pakistan/Donor.

2.  Letter from the couple thanking the Donor will be sent to the Donor.

Contact Details

Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad

48-B, Askari 2, Chaklala scheme 3,

Rawalpindi – 46200. Pakistan

E Mail;

Tel : + 92 (51) 5505397.

Mob: (+92)  0333-5195933. 

Bank Details “Pravalli Welfare Trust” A/C No  - 20556-5  National Bank of Pakistan, Shalimar Plaza Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan.
How to Participate? As each project is of fixed amount, only one donor will be accepted per project. Therefore, to avoid any confusion please send your initial confirmation / desire to help by emailing @

100% Accountability Provided by Contact Pakistan

A CP Recommended NGO
NGO verification Case Study Document
(PDF Format)
Other CP projects by this NGO

Appeals published are verified and 100% subject to accountability if requested

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