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Drawing Competition for Children age 5 – 14 only
Ten short listed entries will win 1 month 256k DSL !!
Drawing to depict Pakistan and mode of celebration 

First Prize        Three Month's 256k ADSL
Second Prize   Two Months ADSL
Third Prize       One Month ADSL plus
Plus Certificate of Recognition from Contact Pakistan

Terms and Conditions
1) One drawing per contestant duly signed by Father or Mother confirming that its originally drawn by the child.
2) Short listed entries can be requested to prove drawing capabilities in presence of CP team.
3) Only CP members or their family members can participate. If contestant age is over 10 years then he/she must first become CP member and submit their work with their own personal code.
4) Drawings are to be scanned and sent to by 8th of August 2008. No graphic touching is allowed. The file size must not be more than 1MB per drawing and the image size must not be more than 800x600. You can be requested to send the original art work by surface mail so do not lose your paper drawing.
5) Winners will be selected by CP global team.
6) In the email provide participants name, relationship with CP member, CP member email address, CP member's personal code and a phone. Entries without required information will not be entertained.
7) Only one entry per one personal code.
8) Winners will be announced on 1st of September 2008.

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