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Radio Contact Pakistan Live Calls Quiz Show

The number to dial is (01) 293 4468
Mark your Calendar
4pm-5pm Friday 8th August

On Friday 8th of August 2008 the show will start at 4pm and our lines will be open till 5pm. During this time you can call us any time provided line is not busy. Best would be use a phone with re-dial facility.
If you are calling from outside Riyadh region then you will be required to add 01 before dialing the number 293 4468. All connected calls to this number will be recorded.

How to participate in Live Calls Quiz Show
Bonus Every caller wins instantly One Month DSL connection before even the first question asked!!
Please Read the below Carefully before dialing the number!
1) Using any land or mobile phone dial (01) 293 4468.
2) If line is not busy with another member then you will be greeted by the program host.
3) Once asked the personal code (Already allotted and sent via email to all members), please mention the personal code (Already Sent) which will instantly reward you One Month DSL Connection before even a question is asked!!
So every caller will get minimum of one month free DSL.
4) You will have one minute to correctly answer as many questions as many you can. The start time will be advised by the host and a buzz will advise the host and the caller when the time is up. Questions will be based on History and places of Pakistan
5) Each correct answer will get you One Month Free DSL connection along with 1 month free connection already rewarded once you provide the personal code.
6) Listen the question carefully as it will not be repeated. If you do not have the answer and would like the next question to be asked say "PASS" and the host will ask you the next question. By not doing so, time will keep on ticking and host will not ask you the next question unless he gets a reply of the question.
7) For each question answered correctly will earn you One month DSL connection. For example you answered 6 questions in one minute and all questions answred correct then you will have 6 months DSL free of any charge. Plus One month bonus that you already earned by calling !
8) You may like to have a favorite patriotic song played for you, time permitting. So do not forget to request if you like. Remember request is not covered during the Q&A session. You can request this when you call in or before hanging up.
9) If a question is asked or during asking the question or while you are answering and one minute time is up then timer will stop till you finish your answer.
10) Winners will be announced and prizes will be dispatched on 1st of September 2008

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