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Date: 10th October, 2007

Sub:     2nd Pakistan Specific Week, Catalogue Show Proposed to be held from 3-7 November,2007.

In a drive to strengthen Saudi – Pak special economic relationship, the Consulate General of Pakistan is holding the "2nd Pakistan Specific Week, Catalogue show” from 3-7 November, 2007 at the premises of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jeddah.
2      The show will project the positives and strengths of Pakistan in Trade, Investment and Services sectors and it will also provide an opportunity to the Pakistani firms to introduce their products in the Saudi market.
3      Catalogues, brochures and samples will be on the display during the period from 4-7 November, 2007 in the chamber’s building at mezzanine floor and the representatives of the participating firms will be available for further information, discussion and one to one meeting.
4      Various trade delegations from Pakistan are participating in this show which includes a delegation of women entrepreneurs from Pakistan. Pharmaceutical firms from Pakistan will also introduce their products in the kingdom.
5      The Trade Missions of the OIC member countries, representatives from IDB, ICD and ministries will also be invited to visit the show and participate in the panel discussions & interactive debate on the inter and intra trade facilities.
6      In the global village of today there is a greater need for strong and closer economic and commercial relationship among the brotherly Muslim countries and this exhibition would  go a long way  in  promoting and strengthening these relations.
7      The catalogue show is open to all the importers, investors and business community of Saudi Arabia to view the Pakistan’s strength & potentials for a quality production.
8      It may be added that the first ever Pakistan specific week, catalogue show was held in October 2005, which resulted in a trade boost up and confidence building among brotherly countries, that led to many business ventures among different companies.      Best Regards,
Fahad Choudhary,
 Trade Development Officer.

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