Issue #79 1st April 2005
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1st April 2004

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The members of Bazme Shero Sukha Al Khobar, colleagues and relatives congratulate Safdar and Anila. They are bless with a baby boy on 19th March 2005.

A Segment by Ali Asif Rasheed

Assalaam-u-Alikum, Could you please advise me on the basic principles of distribution of inheritance among the legal heirs according to Pakistan's Islamic laws. We are four brothers, One sister and a mother. Our Late father died in 2002 and left property behind in Pakistan. I will appreciate a detailed response.
Amir Rather, UK
According to Islamic law, wife gets 1/14 and sons get double the amount of daughters' inheritance. In olden days when there were annas in one rupee, wife got 2 annas and the rest of the heirs got from the residue according to  mathematical calculations of sons getting the double available to daughters. The specific shares are given in Sura Nisa of Holy Quran.
Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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My mother
( Sajid Afzal - Owner and Moderator of )
Riyadh passed away on last Friday (25.03.2005) in Karachi, Pakistan .  It is too sad but laws of the ALLAH  S.W.T.  are absolute  and we have to bow before HIM  .    May ALLAH  S.W.T. give her soul in peace and eternal rest in JANNAT AL-FIRDOUS .

Mohammad Habib Khan

who passed away on Feb. 21, 2005 at work in Safaniya, working with Aramco. Members have requested for his mailing address.
Condolence Messages to the grieved family can be sent to the following address:
Vill. Khiyan, P.O.Khaigala, Via Rawlakot, Dist. Poonch,
Azad Kashmir

Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe


- 1 quantity Seekh Kabab
- 1\3 cup oil
- 1 medium onions skinned and finely chopped
- 2 tomatoes, roughly chopped
- 1 level tsp. coriander powder
- 1 tsp. chat masala
- 1 level tsp. garam masala
- 1 level tsp. chilly powder
- 1\4 level tsp. turmeric
- 1 tsp. salt
- 2-4 green chilies finely chopped

1. Prepare the seekh kabab mixture according to the instructions. Mold the mince mixture into kabab and put aside.

2. Heat oil in a heavy based pan and stirring frequently, fry the onions to a light brown color. Add the tomatoes, chili powder, salt, coriander powder, garam masala, chat masala and turmeric. Stir well. Still stirring frequently, fry the onion mixture for about 7-8 minutes or until the tomatoes are reduced to a pulp. Add a little water, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Keep frying until the oil begin to separate.
3. Place the kabab carefully in the sauce. Cover and simmer gently for about 15-20 minutes so they absorb some of the sauce. Add little water if necessary.
4. Serve with Chapati. or Nan
Try our Makai ki roti and sursoon ka saag

Peaked cake?
Peaked top in a cake could be because of too much gluten being developed in the mixture either due to using too hard a flour or by overbeating. It could also be due to oven temperature being too high.
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 on Pakistani Cuisine
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Atkins Diet Tips and Secrets for Success

1. If you have muscle cramps and brain fog during Atkins diet, remember that potassium is an important mineral that gets flushed out of the body quickly. Put down the banana (NO fruit during induction) and take 90 mg of potassium supplement. It will start to work within an hour.

2. Eat enough calories. Try to get 8-10 calories per pound of current body weight every day. Some Atkins diet follower even recommend as many as 12 calories per pound. If you consume too few calories, your body will go into "starvation mode" and weight loss will slow or stop.
3. No low-carb shakes or bars during Induction, they stall or stop weight loss in most.

4. If you must have no-carb chocolate, heed the warning on the label. Excess consumption is the whole bar. Eat ONE small piece at a sitting until you know how isomalt affects you. Be aware that no-carb candy slows weight loss in most and stops weight loss in some.

5. Some people do better on NutraSweet (Aspartame) than on Splenda. If Splenda gives you headaches during Atkins diet, try NutraSweet.
6. Remember that Atkins diet is all about learning how different foods affect you so that you can decide which foods to remove from your diet and which you may enjoy regularly.

7. Drink enough water. At least 68 ounces per day. Some recommend 100 ounces per day, and Atkins diet enthusiasts like to say "Drink half as many ounces of water each day as you weigh in pounds." Drinking your water aids in lipolysis and in eliminating ketones. Yes, you do literally urinate you fat away!

8. Use ketostix regularly, at the same time, every day. Any color on the stick means you are in ketosis. Darker does not mean better, it means you need to drink more water.

9. Caffeine slows or stalls weight loss in some, but not all people. If it doesn’t affect your weight loss, have your coffee in the morning.

10.Remember that those who have followed the Atkins WOE will have far better muscle and bone density than those who haven’t. You may end up weighing 20 lbs more than the next size 8, but you’ll be just as small! Size is what matters!

Dear Members, We like to thank following CP members for coming forward and contributing to help a Pakistani in need. Please note that despite of all the efforts brother Roshan did not survive and passed away on 19th of March 2005. May Allah bless his soul.

1. Amount:1000 SAR  Sayed M.H.S Mudhafar 
2. Amount:750 SAR    Syed S Zaidi 
3. Amount:2500SAR   Said M 
4. Amount:200 SAR    Shahid Mahmood 
5. Amount:500 SAR    Name not mentioned

Radio Contact Pakistan
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Zarori Baat
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Pakistan Day Special - Listen some of the most popular mili songs. Program includes your questions and our answers and a special interview to celebrate Pakistan Day.

Riyadh News Bulletin
Play time 30:00 Mins

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This is Radio Contact Pakistan - The Riyadh News presented by Mrs. Narjis Asif and Ali Asif.
Bulletin includes all news from Riyadh that are also available in Urdu text plus a milli song sung by Faiz of Riyadh.
Funkar key Saath
Play time 23:00 Mins.

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Naveed hosts Aqeel Qureshi who shares his semi classical and Punjabi songs with us.
A delight for those who like semi classical and Punjabi folk songs.

Cooking With Bj Show
Play time  40:00 Mins.

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Here comes Dr. Atkins Diet Plan - A series of episodes in which Bj will explain what is Dr. Atkins diet plan and how you can adopt this diet plan using day to day Pakistani food recipes. First episode offers introduction and a number of ideas on how to adopt Pakistani recipes shuold you wish to go Dr. Atkins diet plan.
Caution Check your doctor before starting any diet plan.
Hum Pakistani
Play time 28:00

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CP Riyadh newsletter editor interviews Dr. Shahid who is working in a leading local hospital.
Dr. Shahid explains the community what to do in times of medical emergencies. We request all community members to listen to this program. It is very useful for whole family and can help to save lives.
Community is invited to produce and present their radio programs

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Reports from Madinah



 New Asian Earthquake Warning
This news clip is inserted before the 29th March earthquake

A build-up of stress on faults in Sumatra following the Indonesian earthquake is likely to trigger another large quake and perhaps a tsunami.

Royal Navy, UKThat is the claim made in Nature by a team from the University of Ulster, UK. The slip that caused last year's devastating quake placed increased stress on the Sumatran fault and on the adjacent undersea Sunda Trench. A new rupture could trigger a magnitude 7-7.5 quake on land and a magnitude 8-8.5 quake beneath the sea, they say.
The 2004 earthquake occurred when the deep, flat Indian plate slipped under the Burma plate. Major earthquakes tend to cluster in these subduction zones where two or more plates of the Earth's crust grind and overlap. When a quake takes place, the displacement causes the surrounding crust to become distorted. This places stress on other fault lines and structures in the area. Researchers from the University of Ulster at Coleraine used information about displacement following December's magnitude 9.0 quake to calculate the stresses it placed on the surrounding region.

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Dear Sir, Responding to your information for helping to Mr.Roshan Akhtar, with the help of my friends I deposited SR-2164( two thousand one hundred and sixty four riyals) in the account of Mrs.Farhat. Please inform her to confirm. May Allah accept our contribution and give him good health. Best Regards, Mahmood Alam Khan Riyadh.

JazakAllah Khair Bhai - May Allah reward you for this good deed. As you probably got our second alert in which we announced the unfortunate death of Mr. Roshan. Anyway your contribution will be still a great help for a family in grief.
Please convey our regards to all your friends who helped you to help another Pakistani in need. May Allah accept our good deeds inshaAllah. Regards CP

I donated SR2500 in the account of Farhat Jehan on 19-Mar-05. When I called the home number I came to know that Mohammed Roshan passed away in the same day in the morning. May Allah bless his soul in peace.
With best regards Masood Said Asst. Group Director Industry Alhamrani Group of Companies.

We are thankful to Masood bhai who broke this unfortunate news to us so that we could send the 2nd alert and also talk to the family in grief. Bhai thank you very much all what you did. May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive us all. Regards CP
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Thai king aims high over drought
Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej is to oversee personally an artificial rain-making project in a bid to end a severe drought in the country.

Graphic showing how clouds are seededHe is expanding a cloud-seeding technique he patented in 2002, which involves aircraft releasing a chemical into clouds to induce rainfall. He suggested the idea as most of Thailand's 76 provinces face their worst drought for several years. An additional 17 aircraft have been drafted in for the scheme. It has also been expanded from 10 to 22 bases across the country.
"The king has set up a centre for rain-making at Hua Hin [his seaside residence] and will personally command the centre to help alleviate drought," Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin Chidchob told the AFP news agency.
Cloud-seeding involves firing particles, usually silver iodide, into clouds to encourage water vapour to gather round them and eventually fall as rain. King Bhumibol Adulyadej's technique involves using two aircraft to seed warm and cold clouds at different altitudes. This technique is said to be particularly successful because it can more precisely target areas where the rain is to fall. The monarch is said to have suggested his rain-making technique after expressing his concern about the drought during a meeting with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The drought has affected more than 8.3 million people, and 10 areas in the northern province of Chiang Mai have been declared disaster zones. It also hit Thailand's fourth quarter economic results by significantly affecting output in the agricultural sector.

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". Children can ask all those odd questions and we will try to bring them answers. Asking question is rewarding as well.
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 Thank God it is Saturday! 

A hearty salaam to all! Hope you all are geared to start your new academic sessions with new zeal & zest. Those who were not able to make up to the mark to get in new classes must not lament over what has happened as there is no use crying over spilt milk. What is now required is that you don't repeat your earlier carelessness of not being regular in your studies. Also learn from the mistakes you make. But don't quit for you fail not when you are unsuccessful, rather you fail when you give up.
There is an article in the English textbook of Intermediate, where the writer has expressed his special happiness that he felt as a student on the last weekday each week. Most of us experience the same. After all, weekends provide with the desired break from the tiring, hectic and monotonous routine of weekdays. The writer has further written about the gloominess he felt on the first day of every work week. Once again, many of us will also find ourselves in the same category. Perhaps, this is universally observed thing; no wonder we hear the term TGIF- Thank God its Friday (Friday being the last weekday in most of the countries).
There is nothing wrong in being excited about the weekends and the relaxation they bring with them. However, the work week shall also be received with thrill. Yes, yes… you are asking what is there to be glad about workweek, when what lies ahead of it are full five days of work and load, piles of homework, peer competitions and assessments. The answer is simple. Think of those children who are deprived of their right of going to school. There are plenty of kids out in the world who have not been to school ever. The reasons for it are many. Some children are not able to go because of the deplorable financial condition of their family. Some poverty stricken families have to send their children to work and earn rather than sending them to school to learn. Some third world countries have villages that host no school. The children of such areas are hence unable to attend school. Some families simply do not allow their girls to go to schools/colleges. There are many children who long to be able to go to school but their circumstances do not permit. They pray to get an opportunity to be able to learn and enjoy the school life. Have you ever noticed the children at the road sides, with selling commodities in their hands, wistfully looking at the passing cars and school vans carrying students to and back from school? Often we fuss and nag about things that so many others are praying for. The workweek hence shall not be met with apathy. Rather we shall be thankful to God for providing us the opportunity to attend school. School has so many excited things about it. We meet our friends; we benefit from what is taught to us by the dedicated teachers; we have exciting school function to participate in and enjoy. The list of nice things about school is long. It is just the attitude that needs to be changed. Every picture has two sides. It is how we view- that matters.
So dear folks, do not be sad after the weekend. Rather be thankful to the Lord for the opportunity you are being blessed with. Have a nice workweek!
Till next time…

Mrs. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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