Issue #80 15th April 2005
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15th April 2004

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Ali Asif Rasheed

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Liaqat Anjum

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Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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A Segment by Ali Asif Rasheed

Saeed Ghori,
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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe

Handi Saag Chicken

-1/2kg Chicken
-2 Onions (cut into slices)
-1/2tsp Turmeric powder
-Red chillies(half ground) To taste
-1Tbsp Ginger+Garlic paste
-Garam masalah To taste
-salt To taste
-Green chillies To taste
-1 cup Ghee
-1 cup Curd
-1/2 cup Fresh cream
-1/2Kg Spinach
-2 cups Water
-2Tbsp Maithie(dried and crushed)

1.  Take chicken in an earthen pot.
2.  Add salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, green chillies, onion slices, ginger and garlic paste, spinach and water to it. Cook until chicken and spinach get tender and water becomes homogenious with spinach.
3.  Add ghee, Cook and keep stirring for 5 minutes.
4.  Add curd and maithie. Cook until the oil separates.
5.  Add cream, cover and cook on very slow heat(avoid boiling) for 10 minutes. And then add garam masalah to it.
Can be garnished with butter lumps. Serve with Makai ki roti(bread made of corn flour).

Suffering from acidity?
Chewing on a few tulsi leaves will relieve burning, nausea and gas. For those with a sensitive stomach - add tulsi in any recipe using tomatoes.
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Cancer: The facts

One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our life.
The disease tends to affect older people - but can strike at any time.
Excluding certain skin cancers, there were more than 270,000 new cases of the disease in 2001 - and the rate is increasing by about 1% a year.
Some cancer, such as breast, are becoming more common, while new cases of lung cancer fall away due to the drop in the number of smokers.
However, while the overall number of new cancers is not falling, the good news is that successful treatment rates for many of the most common types are improving rapidly. BBC News Online has produced, in conjunction with Cancer Research UK, a guide to some of the most common forms of cancer and the treatments used to tackle them.
To learn more about different types of cancer, and to read the experiences of patients, Click on any of the following!

Animal laughs
Labrador, BBC

no joke says expert

Many animals may have their own forms of laughter, says a US researcher writing in the magazine Science. Professor Jaak Panksepp says that animals other than humans exhibit play sounds that resemble human laughs.
These include the panting sounds made by chimps and dogs when they play and chirping sounds observed in rats.
This suggests that the capacity for laughter may be a very ancient emotional response that predates the evolution of humankind, says Panksepp.
Research suggests the capacity for human laughter preceded the capacity for speech.
Professor Panksepp, of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, US, explains that neural circuits for laughter exist in "ancient" parts of our brain, whose general structure is shared amongst many animals.
Young chimps "play pant" as they mischievously chase and tickle each other.
And when rats play, they make chirps which some scientists associate with positive emotional feelings.
Rat, PAWhen rats are tickled in a playful way, they become socially bonded to humans and are rapidly conditioned to seek tickles, the US neuroscientist explains in Science.
The chirping sounds could be provoked by nerve circuitry in the brain which releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. These dopamine circuits also light up in the human brain during human amusement.
"Such knowledge may help to reveal how joking and horsing around emerged in our expansive higher brain regions," Professor Panksepp writes.
"Although no one has investigated the possibility of rat humour, it it exists, it is likely to be heavily laced with slapstick."
Other researchers prefer to view laughter and joy as uniquely human traits.

We would like to thank Tanveer bhai from Riyadh who provided a computer to a needy Pakistani in Karachi. May Allah accept your good deeds.
At the same time we would like to remind our members that please DO NOT commit yourself to an appeal unless you are sure you can be of any help. This simply wastes everyone's time and resources!

Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide

Zarori Baat
Play time 50:00 Mins.

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Always wanted to know what to look in a digital camera? How to find the right camera for yourself, all such questions are answered by Sanober bhai who talks to Tahir and give all what is needed to buy the best camera in a reasonable price. Bonus songs are included plus your questions are answered.

Riyadh News Bulletin
Play time 30:00 Mins

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Mrs. Narjis and Asif Ali bring you complete two weeks coverage of Pakistani community news in Riyadh.
Funkar key Saath
Play time 32:00 Mins.

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Naveed hosts this program and like always introduces you to a new funkar. This time he introduces you to Akhlaque Butt who sings some of the best songs ever produced in Pakistani filmi duniya!

Cooking With Bj Show
Play time  27:00  Mins.

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Here comes Dr. Atkins Diet Plan - 2nd episode of three in  which Bj will explain the second phase of Dr. Atkins diet plan and how you can adopt this diet plan using day to day Pakistani food recipes. First episode offered introduction and a number of ideas on how to adopt Pakistani recipes should you wish to go Dr. Atkins diet plan.
Caution Check your doctor before starting any diet plan
Community is invited to produce and present their radio programs

If you face difficulty in listening programs live from server. Getting jerks and breaks then here is a solution for you. Do not left click on a Windows media player link. Just right click and select option "Save Target as"
This saves the program audio file on your local hard disk. Once file is downloaded simply play the file using your media or real player.



Reports from Madinah



Make Yourself Useful
You don't have to give up a high-paying career to serve humankind.  There are plenty of ways to volunteer.
Misbah Chaudhry is a proud family member of Contact Pakistan offering legal assistance to community here interviewed by a leading newspaper in the US.

The main reason people don't volunteer their time and energy to a worthy cause is because "no one has asked them to," said Mary Sullivan, director of volunteer development for Metro United Way. Consider yourself asked and join the more than 20,000 individuals that Sullivan's agency has connected to volunteer opportunities each year, or seek out such an experience on your own. Misbah Chaudhry, 33, did just that after emigrating to the United States from Pakistan, where she was an attorney involved in domestic violence, abuse and neglect cases.

Chaudhry said she developed the desire to volunteer because of the "discrimination and inhumane treatment" she witnessed in her native country.
"You see the people standing by the side of the road and asking for help," so you give it, she said. As a trained volunteer for Court Appointed Special Advocates, Chaudhry serves as a voice for neglected and abused children.
"CASA volunteers are appointed by a family court judge...and work as an official part of the legal system, alongside prosecutors and lawyers," she said. "In my case, I feel that I have those skills and education background and knowledge that I can be helpful to other people."
Everyone has something to give, Sullivan added, and the volunteer opportunities in the community are limitless. "You name it, we have it," she said, "or if we don't have it, we'll help you find it." No matter how you want to give your time, Chaudhry said you'll find fulfillment." For me, I get satisfaction when (because of her efforts) you see some kid at a place with a skilled future," she said. "I think that is enough."

Credit Angie Fenton Friedman Photo by Matt Stone

Sanober Irshad offers you exclusive write ups on how to decorate your home.
All tips and valuable information in one write up.

Baggage Rules of Pakistan 2004 - 2005
Link shared thanks to community member Wajahat Gul

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 Celebrating the Wonders of our Earth 22 - April 
Dear folks
, hope you all are enjoying the going spring season that’s soon to be taken over by summers. The beautiful blossoms and freshness of plants and greenery…Isn’t it all amazing and the effect that they have on us is enchanting? Yes, indeed it is. Our Earth is a planet of many splendors. It is our duty to preserve the Earth's beauty for generations to come just as they were preserved for us.
To inform the masses about the environmental concerns which are threatening our earth, and to create awareness in them of the moral duty they have toward earth, Earth day is celebrated each year on 22nd of April.
Earth is one of the solar planets. Sun is the star of this solar system. Among the nine planets of this solar system that are known to mankind, Earth is the only one that supports life. Most planets are either too hot or too cold. Mercury, for instance is too close to sun and hence because of the immense heat life cannot exist there. Next is Venus. Venus is not so hot like Mercury, but because of certain gases in its atmosphere, life cannot survive. Earth is the planet at the right distance from sun, with temperature and all other factors that are suitable for life. Mars and the planets at farther distances from the sun do not have suitable heat that is needed for life.  So our Earth with the right blend of everything important to life is the only planet inhabited.
There is a natural eco-system that is maintaining the balance of life here. But man in his blind craze for industrialization has badly affected this system. True, that industrialization revolution has brought many comforts and luxuries in the life of man, but with it also came many environmental hazards. The poisonous gases emitting from factories, the combustion of fuel in vehicles, the discharge of acidic wastes in waters, the turning of agricultural areas into industrial zones, the cutting down of forest to set up more cities…Just like the merits of industrial revolution is non-exhaustive, so are the demerits.
It is need of time that we realize our duty in saving our Earth. First step towards it is to educate ourselves about the earth and its processes, its wonders and its richness. Then we have to analyze the potential threats to the environment and help create global awareness about it. We shall do whatever is in our range. Small concerns, like about maintenance of cleanliness, using recycle paper and products, raising voice whenever required to support the environmentalist's movements, pushing our government to make sure that all industries comply with global “eco-friendly policies" … can be some of the tasks that one can do.
Hence, we all must be motivated to work toward assuring an Earth on which succeeding generations can live and prosper.
Each and every person has a pledge to Earth. We admire earth’s beauty and use its resources. In return, we shall be the vigilant protectors of our own corners of the Earth. In this way, we can ensure a peaceful Earth for generations to come.
God bless us all. 

Mrs. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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