Issue#143 1st April 2008
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Exclusive Recipe

Arabian Salad

- 1\2 cup crushed wheat (Borghol)
- 3 bunches of parsley
-  4- 6 tomatoes
- 2 large white onions
- 1\2 cup olive oil
- Juice of 3 lemon or to taste
- white pepper

Soak the crushed wheat in plenty of water for 15-20 minutes or until soft. Drain and place in a large bowl, add lemon juice and mix.
2. Finely chop the parsley and place in a colander and wash under cold running tap to remove dirt. Rinse well and add to borghol.
3. Finely chop the tomatoes and onions. Add these to parsley mixture and mix well
4. Add olive oil and toss gently. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer taboule to a serving dish and decorate with lettuce leaves.
Serves: 4

Overripe and difficult to use tomatoes ?
Dip them in cold water, add some salt and leave overnight. They will be fresh and firm to the touch next day.

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Tumour woman's death not natural
Chantal Sebire

A French woman with an incurable tumour who lost a legal challenge seeking euthanasia did not die of natural causes, her postmortem has found.
Former schoolteacher Chantal Sebire, a mother of three, was found dead on Wednesday after a court rejected her request to let doctors help her die.
Ms Sebire's tumour had left her blind, disfigured and suffering intense pain.
The case has sparked intense debate, with politicians calling for France's euthanasia law to be changed.
Legislation adopted in 2005 allows families to request that life-support equipment for terminally ill patients be switched off, but does not allow a doctor to take action to end a patient's life.
TV appeal

Dijon prosecutor Jean-Pierre Alacchi, who is dealing with the death, said there was no specific cause to explain her death.
Tests were under way to find out whether anyone helped her die, he said.
Ms Sebire, 52, had appealed on French television last month for the right to die, saying she could no longer see properly, taste or smell. She described how children ran away from her in the street.
But a magistrate in Dijon said the case could only be rejected under French law. This prompted Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot to call on Thursday for a review of the law.
"[Ms Sebire] has raised extremely serious questions of life, suffering and death," she said, quoted by Le Monde newspaper.
Meanwhile former Socialist Prime Minister Laurent Fabius has proposed a bill allowing patients in very exceptional cases to benefit from "active help to die", the newspaper said.
Ms Sebire suffered from an extremely rare form of cancer in the nasal cavity known as an esthesioneuroblastoma.
Only 200 cases of the disease have been recorded worldwide in the past two decades.


Safe-Surfing Rules for Children

  1. Never give out the following information to anyone you meet on the Internet or on an online bulletin board:
    • full name
    • phone number
    • date of birth
    • social security number
    • address
    • name of your school
  2. You cannot be sure who will read this information, and you can't be assured that this information won't be posted somewhere. Whenever you can, use a screen name. We encourage you to do so.
  3. If you ever see something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, tell your parents or teacher right away.
  4. Never agree to meet in person someone you've met online unless you check with a parent first. If your parents agree that you can meet someone, do it in a public place and bring a parent along.
  5. Before you explore a link off any site you're visiting, check with your parents to make sure it's O.K. to explore that link.

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Mobile calls on Emirates flights

Dubai-based airline Emirates has become the first commercial airline to allow passengers to make mobile phone calls during flights.
Emirates Chairman and Chief Executive Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, 2000Emirates said the first permitted mobile phone call was made on a flight between Dubai and Casablanca. The aircraft, an Airbus A340, is fitted with a system which stops mobiles from interfering with a plane's electronics.
Emirates plans to extend the system to more aircraft and later this year add BlackBerry and other data services. According to the airline, the mobile service will only be activated when the aircraft is at cruising altitude and the cabin crew will be able to monitor and control the use of the system. Passengers will be able to receive and send text messages, but the crew will be able to prevent voice calls at certain times, such as during night flights. Passengers will also be requested to keep their phones on "silent" mode, said the airline.
High demand

Emirates said it decided to introduce the use of mobile phones in its fleet after experiencing high demand for the phones already installed in aircraft seats. The airline had to obtain approval from international air safety organisations before adopting the system, which was developed by the AeroMobile company. "We have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that all safety and regulatory issues have been fully addressed", said AeroMobile Chief Executive Bjorn-Taale Sandberg. Emirates flies to more than 60 countries and is owned by the government of Dubai
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 Conserving Water 

Fellows, hope you are all well and well prepared for the upcoming annual exams that will start in about weekís time in most schools. Best of luck.
Friends, we all know water is one of the basic necessities for life. Whether it is humans, animals or plants, all need water to ensure their survival. Like all other resources of this world, water supply is also scarce.
Sadly, most of us misuse water. Often in home, water taps keep dripping because they have not been closed properly. Many a times, there are leakages in water pipes and taps which need repair but are often ignored, thus causing water loss. One tempts to ignore them thinking that it is just a drop tipping. But it is seldom realized that every drop of water means a life for some living being. We all know that on Day of Judgment we will be asked how we spent all the blessings and resources that God bestowed us with. Water is also one of them. What will we say if we are found guilty of wasting water that meant life for some one else who died due to thirst. Lack of water cause crops, fields to dry and wither out, thus aggravating the problem by causing food shortage. Just see how all this system is connected with each other. A little correction at step one, can stop the disaster that keeps multiplying. Thatís why it is said nip the evil in the bud.
In winters, often taps are allowed to run till warm water of geezer reaches. If all the household members practice this, just imagine the huge amount of water thatís wasted. Again, when we are brushing teeth, tap is made to keep running-another misuse of water. Women when washing, keep tap open when they are scrubbing the utensils. The right way is to dampen the crockery etc. and then scrub them with damp soapy sponge followed by rinsing in running water. Elite gentry daily get their car/vehicles washed which wastes a lot of water. This is damaging for the vehiclesí body as well. Wiping with cloth daily and once a week or fortnight wash is a better option.
It is said change start with oneself. So let us gear up to start conserving water.  We donít need to take mega steps to bring change. If each one of us out there corrects himself/herself, we will end up saving a lot of water. A lot of water is consumed in watering plants. The water that is used in washing vegetables can be collected and used for watering gardens. Same way, the water dripping from air-cooling splits can be collected and used to irrigate plants. Those of us who consume a lot of water during daily showers, can try to reduce the water wasted. I think using pail for bathing consumes less water than bathing under the running shower.
Fellows, above our just few remedial steps to help overcome the forthcoming water crises. If you have other suggestions to share with us, we will look forward to them. I end today, with a prayer that may we each start caring for the blessings of nature including water and use them wisely.
Till next time, Allah Hafiz
Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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