This is my first article for Contact Pakistan. At the occasion of Independence Day, I thought of sharing my opinions & observations with all of you.  

I am 32 years of age & represent the generation which has not seen the 1971 war and separation of East Pakistan. We were young enough to have idea about Indian nuclear test in 1970s. However, we came to know about all these incidences from our history books, newspaper articles & television geo-political analysis.  

What has happened since 1947 onward is that the generation which we inherited at the time of independence did not fulfill its responsibilities in a very eloquent way. The first generation that came up after independence has a sense of pessimism and uncertainty. This generation most probably gave the highest number of corrupts & crooked politicians.  

Our generation was born under the shadows of uncertainty due to 1971 crisis, Indian nuclear test, Iranian Islamic revolution, Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, etc. But we were different from all previous post-independence generations because we knew from our very beginning that we are pure Pakistanis. We have to live & die in this country. Pakistan is our identity & motherland. Where ever we go, what ever we do we are Pakistanis.  

Still at the national level, the uncertain political landscape, financial uncertainty, security problems, & number of other social issues were always there. They have been the potential source for creating pessimisms. But after the nuclear tests and General Musharaf coming in power, we as a nation became more proud of our being Pakistanis. Being the only Muslims, whose country has nuclear capability. Then, it came a day when, we heard that Pakistan has got rid of all the pressures of IMF & World bank due to loans taken in the past. 

I am proud to be from the generation of new Pakistan. Pakistan full of hope, progress, prosperity, & opportunities. I am from that generation of Pakistan which is optimistic about the future of Pakistan. We have commitment with our country & we will continue to serve it in all possible ways, irrespective of the fact where ever we are or what ever is our profession.

Long live Pakistan! 

My Brief Introduction:
I am Mobin Sheikh, belongs to Lahore, Pakistan. I am a gold medalist MBA with majors in Marketing & many other professional qualifications in management, & IT. I am currently resident in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I am working in the capacity of Marketing Manager for one of the leading corporate group in Saudi Arabia. I am married with 2 sons.
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