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-1 Peach mango (peeled, chopped)
-1 Pawpaw (peeled, chopped)
-1 tbsp. Lemon juice
-4 Egg yolks
-2/3 cup Icing sugar
-1/2 cup Thickened cream
-1/4 cup Fresh coconut milk
-1 tbsp. Ground almonds
-Garnish Fresh fruit or mint sprigs

1. Puree the mango and pawpaw together with the lemon juice.

2.  Beat the eggs and icing sugar in the top of a double boiler until the eggs are pale and thick. Remove from the heat, pour into a bowl and continue to beat until the mixture is cool. Fold the fruit puree into the egg mixture and add the cream, coconut milk and almonds.

3.  Pour the mixture into a mould or freezer tray and freeze for 2-3 hours.

4.  To Serve: Dip the mold into hot water for 30 seconds before turning out, or scoop out as ice cream balls. Garnish with fruit or fresh mint sprigs.

To remove excess oil in any fried vegetables
Sprinkle a little gram flour over the vegetables. Gram flour absorbs the excess oil and makes the vegetable tastier.

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What are the risks? Dehydration:
One of the biggest dangers of a heat wave is the increased risk of dehydration. This is the loss of water from the body, and with it important blood salts like potassium and sodium which play a vital role in the function of organs such as the kidneys, brain and heart. It can lead to confusion, lethargy and problems with breathing and heart rate.
Heat stroke or exhaustion:
Under normal circumstances the sweat we produce when we get hot keeps us cool when it evaporates from the surface of our skin. However, on extremely hot days, or when we over-exert ourselves, this system can fail, and body temperature can start to climb to dangerous levels. This leads to heat stroke or exhaustion. This can cause headaches, dizziness and muscle cramps, but it can also be life-threatening. It is particularly dangerous because symptoms can come on very rapidly, and - unless you are watching for the signs - very little warning. Sunburn:
A sun tan may look nice, but it is actually a sign of damage to the skin. Not only is sunburn painful, it can accelerate the ageing process, and increase the risk of skin cancer, including the potentially fatal form, melanoma.
What is the best way to avoid problems?

Drink lots of liquids:

As you will be losing more fluid than normal, it is important to top up your supplies. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink water, and to sip it, rather than gulp it down. On an average day, a person weighing 58kg (128lb) should drink eight average-sized glasses of water. As a general rule, for every 2lbs (0.9kg) of body weight, you need one fluid ounce (28.4ml) of water. In very hot weather, consumption should be increased. However, drinking excessive amounts can bring problems of its own. You might think a cold beer is exactly what the doctor ordered, but in fact, alcohol dehydrates the body, and consumption should be kept to a minimum. If you can't face drinking lots of water, non-carbonated soft drinks, such as fruit juice, are a reasonable alternative.
Modify your diet:

Avoid hot, heavy food. Salt pills are available to replace minerals lost in the sweat. However, most diets contain more than enough salt, and so this is unlikely to be necessary.
Stay out of the sun:

The best place to be on a blistering day is in the shade. If you must sunbathe, then ensure that it is for short periods, and that you use sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15. If you start to feel queasy or ill then get out of direct sunlight as quickly as possible. The sun is at its most dangerous between 11am and 3pm.
Be sensible about exercise:
Do not exercise vigorously during the hottest times of the day. Instead, run, jog or exercise closer to sunrise or sunset. Take things slowly and adapt to the pace of life in the sun. If you feel breathless or your heart is pounding, stop what you are doing and try to cool your body down, for example, by taking a cool shower. Rest if you feel faint or dizzy.
Keep cool:

Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, such as cotton, so sweat can evaporate.
Dark, heavy clothes absorb heat, but remember that some thin materials do not provide a sufficient barrier to the sun's dangerous UV rays. It is also a good idea to wear a wide-brimmed sunhat, preferably with vents. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
Ventilate your home:

Keep windows open all day and all night and use fans. This is particularly important at night, when the body cools down. Avoid heat traps:
Try to avoid anywhere where shelter is minimal, and ventilation poor. Parked cars can be a particular hazard. If you can, try to stay in an air-conditioned environment. If you have no alternative, but to travel in a hot, stuffy environment - for instance on the Tube - then make sure you carry a bottle of water with you. If you face a long journey, it may be wise to plan breaks to go above ground for some fresh air.
Take special care of the vulnerable:

Those most at risk from the sun include children under four, people over 65 whose bodies adapt more slowly to the change in temperature, overweight people whose bodies tend to retain heat more and people who are ill. Babies are particularly vulnerable to heat as their sweat glands are not well-developed. It is important not to wrap them up in blankets or heavy clothing when it is hot - but it is equally important to ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.


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14th August oor Buchay RCP team talks to children of Riyadh and finds out how they will celebrate Independence day in 2007.
Zarori Baat A thought provoking interview with "Flag of Pakistan".
Aik Mulaqat A discussion on what have we achieved in last 60 years.
Ma'an Interview with senior citizen. She was actively involved in the social work during 1947 mass migration from India.
Mili Taranay & views of CP members Selection of Mili songs and views of Pakistanis living in KSA.


Back to Back calls of our listeners, conveying their messages on the Independence Day. From Last Year Archives
Independence Day Special Program includes views of Pakistanis in Riyadh on this special day, New Milli songs and all what you expect from this magnificent production produced by RCP Studio-2
From Last Year Archives
Independence Day Special Coverage by Narjis Asif
Interview with Bushra Khala who shares with us her memories of mass migration and how Muslim females were treated during the migration. Memories that we must not forget!
From Last Year Archives

Independence Day Special  Fatima invites Mrs. Raza Riaz and Mrs. Zahida Chudhary. The panel discussion covers the topic why Muslim communities of sub. continent needed a separate country and what direction we should make Pakistan a country that all of us dream of.
From Last Year Archives

Independence Day Special Tariq invites in RCP studio 4 Prof. Mashkoor who is a writer and above all a Pakistani who actively participated in the movement of our independence. He shares his memories of 1947 and the atrocities that Pakistanis faced who migrated from India. 
From Last Year Archives

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Through CP News Alert I learnt this morning that a Pakistani was seriously hurt in an accident near Quwiyah and his spinal chord was damaged. I was shocked to learn that the treatment cost is around SAR 80,000. As we all know that arranging such huge amount is almost impossible for a common Pakistani worker.  And how much depressed he would have been along with his family.  What I suggest that a collective effort is required by all of us to help out our brother at this time of need. I also suggest to open an account in a bank to meet this kind of situations in future. And it should be obligatory for every CP Community member to contribute every month a minimum amount in that account. By this way we will be able to help out needy brothers at the time of calamity instead of chewing collar of shirt or getting shocked at the eleventh hour. I am praying to Allah Almighty for soon recovery of Mr.Pervaiz Termizi and requesting all Community members to help him out by donating generously for his cause.
Jazak Allah Al-Khair. Wajid Farooq Management Accountant, Metito Arabia Industries Riyadh.

Dear Bhai, thanks for the email and your sentiments. May Allah SWT reward you for your good deeds. Your suggestion is valid but Contact Pakistan worldwide policy restricts us collecting money and then giving it away. As per our policy we can share any validated genuine case with the community and then leave it for each individual CP member to make up his/her mind if to donate. Where it helps the donor to validate the case on his/her own there at the same time we conform to our 100% transparency rule. So when such appeals are made, we leave it to members to decide, interact with the person and then help if wished and possible. Thank you.

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 Get Up
14th August is here and we are busy rejoicing the 60th Independence Day anniversary. As per routine, parade, air shows, display of weapons and the fireworks mark our Independence Day celebrations. Houses are decorated with cute, little green and white flags and the national flag is hoisted on almost every house and building I our homeland. Celebrating one's national days is a healthy sign that show that nation is aware of the importance of its independence. However, over the years sad trends have set in which mar the happiness of this special occasion.
It is seen that on the eve of Independence Day, many young boys drive about in motorbikes, wheeling. This activity cause incredible risk to theirs and others lives. These boys often block the road and cause traffic jams. Last August I was in Pakistan, and I feel sad to recall the hooliganism caused by a dozen boys on bikes. They had blocked a busy intersection causing traffic jam which lasted for over an hour. It was agonizing for others on road. There was an ambulance stuck in the traffic jam too. The boys had put music (not patriotic songs but of our 'neighbor's' films) and danced in frenzy. The next day, I read in newspaper about many motorcyclists and others who had died due to road accidents that occurred due to wheeling and other such frolics. Another sad trend is spending a huge amount of bucks to get brand of fireworks which go off with the deafening bang, without feeling any consideration for the discomfort they cause to elderly and patients.
Folks, I ask you… Is this the right way that a developing nation that is plagued by many social problems, celebrate their Independence Day? Is it just to waste our time in idle activities? Can we afford to spend hard-earned money in frivolous activities?
On 14th August 1947, we got freedom from colonial masters, but we are still slave to monsters of poverty, illiteracy, pollution and unemployment. The struggle has to continue. The zest and vigour that we find in ourselves on Independence Day shall fuel us to get up and work for our country. It is high time that each of us realizes his/her role and actively participates in making our country a developed, truly democratic and Islamic state. That was for what many lives were laid down and sacrifices made by our forefathers. Our nation had not recovered fully from the aftermath of the severe earthquake when another natural calamity of floods has affected many of our country men. Besides working for their rehabilitation, we have to work to improve in other sectors such as health care, education etc. We cannot shy away from our duty by saying, "I can't do anything, it is government's responsibility". No dear, it is our duty too. The Independence day has significance that goes beyond the ritualistic singing of national songs and chanting slogans. Our youth is our hope. Our nation looks up to them to fulfill the dream of a better and stronger Pakistan. So young folks, while you enjoy the celebrations, make a resolution how you plan to play your part in Pakistan's development.
Happy Independence Day. May Allah always bless our country and countrymen. Ameen!

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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