Issue#158 1st December 2008
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Audio recording from archives of 14th Aug. 2008

6 cups water
2 cups milk powder (full cream)
150 ml milk, evaporated (optional)
1/2 cup sugar
2 piece white bread, crust removed
2 - eggs, lightly beaten
100 grams butter
1 1\2 teaspoon cardamom, ground green
3 tablespoon pistachio nuts, chopped

How to Cook:
1. Combine water, powder milk, evaporated milk, if using, and sugar in a large bowl. Stir to dissolve sugar and powder milk. Keep aside.
2. Cut bread into small pieces. Then combine bread pieces and eggs in a food processor or blender and blend to paste.
3. Melt butter in a large heavy based sauce pan, add cardamom powder and bread paste. Stirring constantly fry mixture over medium-low heat for about 3-5 minutes.
4. Add milk, stir and cook over medium-high heat until thick, stirring constantly, about 20-25 minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl and chill about 6 hours or overnight. Garnish with nuts if desire.
This recipe serves 6 people.
Preparation Time: 20 minutes.
Cooking Time: 30 minutes.

Serving Options:
Serve Cold

Beef Bloom
 When beef is purchased in vacuum packages it appears a dark reddish purple. When the package is opened the exposure to oxygen causes the meat to turn bright red, and after a few days the surface will change to brown.

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Most young people are unaware of the serious damage junk food can do to their health, a survey suggests.

The British Heart Foundation poll found 73% of eight to 15-year-olds were not aware that a junk food-laden diet could potentially shorten their life.
Instead, 45% thought the worst that could happen was that they would put on weight, develop tooth problems, get spots or become unpopular.
Two thirds of children are predicted to be overweight or obese by 2050.
At present, almost a third of 10 and 11-year-olds are currently overweight or obese.
It is feared that today's children may be the first generation who live shorter lives than their parents. However, the BHF survey, of 1,100 children, found that 56% confidently predict they will live to be over 80, and 11% believe they will live to more than 100.
Ryan Bolton, 11, from Walsall said: "I know that eating junk food can give you spots and make you put on weight but I'm not really bothered about anything else. The future is too far off to worry about it."

Online game

The charity released an online game, called Yoobot, to help children make healthier food choices. Users create a mini version of themselves - the Yoobot, and then discover how exercise and diet impacts on life expectancy and wellbeing.
Once created, the Yoobot does not just live on the website, it also talks to its creator throughout the day using SMS and email.
It will complain if it's hungry, ask for junk food and generally make itself a part of the user's life. Mike Knapton, BHF director of prevention and care, said: "Today's junk food generation can't see beyond the burger box.
"They are missing the fact that eating unhealthily can have dire consequences on their long-term health.
"The Yoobot is an innovative way for children to explore the effects of eating a diet of junk food. The clock is ticking on the obesity time bomb and it is now more important than ever for children to be educated enough to take control of their diets.
" Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of the charity Weight Concern, said: "We have made progress in making young people more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. "But what we need to do now is to reinforce the link between lifestyle and health, not just weight but quality of life and life expectancy too.
"Ensuring the message is in on the right wavelength for youngsters is key, and this web-based programme can help us to achieve that.
"Young people will only change their lifestyle when they have a good reason to do so; it's important that we help them find those reasons.




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You are doing good job and I appreciate. However it can be further improved and consolidated. I have learnt that Now you have come with some sort of Marriage facilitator that is commended. HOWEVER
I have been here for more than 15 years but couldn't buy one home in Pakistan. You should advertise those property / estate agents who are trustworthy, gives special package to Overseas Pakistanis. Please do this as it will not only help Pakistanis here but would also add value in your exchequer. Thank you once again for your all efforts. Abdul Naser Rauf Al Khobar
Dear Bhai, Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. First to clarify one point in your email about "Marriage Facilitator", no sir we are not "The Facilitator". At CP we normally pick out a social issue and try to address it, resolve it or offer certain help. Marriage of young boys and girls who are born in Saudi Arabia is one such issue. We tried to address this issue by expanding the social network of community members. Sorry to report that we failed to achieve the desired results which eventually could have helped a lot. Firstly not too many parents came forward to help us out by joining us in this social networking exercise. Secondly who came forward were reluctant in providing certain information which could have helped our team in scientifically brining parents near to each other. All such information was to be used in the background without the knowledge of other parents. Anyway we tried to help but we could not due to less participation of parents.
Answer to your second question is that we have number of ads appearing in classifieds related to property in Pakistan. It is very difficult for CP to find an honest property dealer who operates in various cities of Pakistan. We do do have CP team members who are involved in this business but in Islamabad and Lahore only. We can always recommend their businesses to you if you like. Thank you.
Really, I am impressed the way you are thinking and want to make a difference in our community. I agree with you that in our community, we are not so united which really not helping us at all. I assure you that I will forward the address of our family to all my friends in KSA even though they are handful. Keep it up!  Fee aman Allah Khalid
Dear Bhai, thanks for your compliments. Indeed together we can make a difference. There is no reason to be disappointed, we are making a difference. Note that always bad things spread quicker and good stuff takes time as community members in general have lost their confidence due to various factors. Hang in there, Insha'Allah one day we will all be proud to be part of CP. Thank you once again.

All your points in the letter are right and carry weight but I wonder that only 20% Pakistanis are aware of CP and remaining 80% have no idea about CP. If it is true then they are missing a lot and we must do something to bring them under CP net. I believe that what CP is doing for Pakistanis , very few organizations do. I am sure members of CP will do their best to inform their friends and bring them in CP net. But one thing I must say that today's age is media and publicity age (true publicity of course) and CP should do something in this field too. CP must organize events (social - only professional) and they must be reported in local media. With best regards
Dear Bhai, thanks for your email and being proud to be part of CP. We all including you are making a difference in our lives by helping each other. Yes you are right if we have more physical events then we will also become more known to the community. The problem is that we can only have events that are very much targeted to address a certain issue. We can not be bothered by having music evenings or social events as for this there are number of organization that are very active. For such events it is impossible to prove transparency and accountability as such events either need sponsors or people have to contribute which is against the policy of CP. We can request contribution where we can provide 100% accountability to the money of our members. We know number of organizations / groups are conducting events by charging community but do they provide accountability to the money, obviously not as it is first very difficult and 2nd intentions are not "Social Work" but either to be in limelight or to make money out of community. Obviously we are not into this at all. Our best tool is to talk about CP, its cause and your participation when ever you are with friends. We do not wish to have crowd but only those who think like us. Thank you for your email.

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 More Blessed To Give Than to Receive 
Eid ul Azha is just about ten day ahead. The spirit of ‘sacrifice’ is the crux of this Eid.
Back in our school days, when I was in class three, one of our class fellow’s father suffered great loss in his business and their financial status became meek. We heard that her parents were thinking to pull her out of school because they could no longer afford to buy her books, stationary and pay the school dues. The time of the year coincided with Eid ul Azha. As our class teacher explained us about the true meaning of this Eid, she emphasized on the spirit of sacrifice and the importance of giving. At the end of the lecture, she asked if any one of us has any thing to help our distressed class fellow. And to this appeal all the pupils of the class participated. Next day, every one had something to contribute…may it be a book, a copy or simply a pencil. We, the students, told our teacher that each of us is ready to give in half of our monthly pocket money if that could make for the school dues of our friend. The teacher told about our spirit to our principal who readily excused the fee of our fellow… and like this our class fellow who was about to quit studies was able to continue. In two years time, their family’s financial status got better and her parents were them able to afford her studies. Today, she is a doctor.

The reason for sharing the above incident is to tell you how much importance our tiny little acts of generosity mean for humanity. We often assume that money exists for our own benefit, rather than for others. We know that possessions are for sharing, yet when it comes to our own affairs, we act as if possessions are for keeping. There are just so many reasons to give. Allah Almighty has made us among the blessed ones. Why shall we not thank Him, by extending a part of it to those who are not as fortunate? To give is not to throw money away, but rather to invest it for an overwhelming return because Allah has promised high rewards for those who give in charity.  When we give, it shall not feel like a burden but a pleasure because a true believer lives and gives with an eternal perspective. We all know that the life of this world is temporary and life Hereafter is for ever. We shall be unconcerned with how much we own in this life because our focus shall be on the eternal life to come.

Just give a thought to this quote, “Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have.” It is not that only rich can give. It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich. Each of us has something to contribute… it is not the material wealth that only one can offer to other, but a kind gesture, a soft word, a shoulder to cry upon, and so on… for after all it is more blessed to give than to receive.
See you next time,

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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