52nd Issue 15th February 2004
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February 03 2nd Issue

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Al-Khobar, Prof Tariq Javed Faizi is blessed with the birth of a son Mohammad Owais,
Who was born on 7th Feb.2004 in khobar. His brothers, grandfather, grandmother and relatives are very happy to hear the
news of newborn son.

Cooking with BJ.com
Exclusive Recipe

Rice with Meat
Arabian Style

- 1 kg. Lamb ( with bones ) cut      into large pieces.
- 1\2 kg. Tomatoes.
- 4 Onions.
- 4 Cups rice.
- 3 Glasses corn oil or melted     butter.
- 4 Cinnamon sticks.
- 4 Dried limes.
- 8 Cardamom seeds.
- 3 Chilli peppers (optional ).
- Salt

Wash and drain the meat.
Peel and chop the onions; fry until golden brown.Add the meat ,stir until brown; add the chopped tomatoes. Add boiling water and simmer over a medium heat until cooked. Add salt to taste.
Add the limes , cardamom seeds chilli peppers and cinnamon . Add s sufficient water to cook the rice .Clean and wash the rice. Add to the meat and leave until the rice is cooked.

totakay.gif (10312 bytes)
Boiling Pasta & Noodles
Boil pasta/noodles in plenty of water and remove just before it is fully cooked. They continue to be cooked even after it is removed from flame and drained.
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Massage Won't Help Chronic Pain
Depression Also Linked With Worsening Chronic Pain

Massage is commonly used to treat chronic pain. Although it may help in the short term, its long-term effectiveness is less clear, however. In fact, a new study shows that chronic pain could get worse after massage treatments, especially if the patient is depressed, writes lead researcher Dan Hasson, with Uppsala University in Sweden. His study appears in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.
Diffuse chronic pain is a common problem that is difficult to treat, writes Hasson. Studies of mental relaxation and massage have not been conclusive in determining which works best. Also, those studies have not shown whether patients get relief in the long term, he notes.
Massage vs. Mental Relaxation

The 129 patients in Hasson's study all had suffered from diffuse pain for at least three months. "Many of them suffered from depression and had several other diagnoses," he writes. Half the patients got 30-minute massages -- once or twice a week -- during the five-week study period. The other patients were asked to listen to a mental relaxation tape twice a week.
"During treatment, there was a significant improvement in all three main outcome measures: self-rated health, mental energy, and muscle pain in the massage group," writes Hasson. However, at the three-month follow-up, the massage group had deteriorated significantly -- reporting significantly worse pain. The relaxation tape group did not report changes in symptoms.
Those with increased muscle pain reported less mental energy and feelings relating to depressed moods.
Depression Leads to Worse Pain

His study supports the theory that depressive moods and lower mental energy are related to long-term worsening of chronic pain, writes Hasson.
The origins of chronic pain are more complex, possibly explaining why massage works best with injuries and other acute episodes, he says.
Credit Webmd.com

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the Law of Similars. The truth of this law has been verified experimentally and clinically for the last 200 years.  Let's look at an example: If your child accidentally ingests certain poisons, you may be advised to administer Syrup of Ipecac to induce vomiting. Ipecac is derived from the root of a South American plant called Ipecacuanha. The name, in the native language, means "the plant by the road which makes you throw up." Eating the plant causes vomiting. When a group of healthy volunteers took this substance to determine the effects of this drug, they found that the drug induced other symptoms as well. The mouth retained much saliva. The tongue was very clean. There was a cough so severe that it led to gagging and vomiting. There was incessant nausea. While it is expected that vomiting would usually relieve the nausea, this was not the case.
Such an experiment, using healthy volunteers, is called a proving, and it is the homeopath's source of information about the action of a drug.
Of what use could this plant be? If a person were suffering from a gagging cough after a cold, or a woman were experiencing morning sickness with incessant nausea that is not relieved by vomiting, then Ipecacuanha, administered in a minute dose, especially prepared by a homeopathic pharmacy in accordance with FDA approved guidelines, can allay the "similar" suffering.
Samuel Hahnemann described this principle by using a Latin phrase: Similia Similibus Curentur, which translates: "Let likes cure likes." It is a principle that has been known for centuries. Hahnemann developed the principle into a system of medicine called homeopathy, and it has been used successfully for the last 200 years.

Credit www.homeopathic.org

Back up your personal files or send video mail with MS Outlook goodies.

Although I enjoy testing any new email client I can get my hands on, I run Outlook 2003 at home. This solid, no-nonsense program works better than ever. But as we all know, even the best apps get better with extra goodies. So, on tonight's "The Screen Savers" I'll show you two invaluable Outlook add-ins.

Personal Folders Backup (Outlook 2000/2002/2003)
Each Outlook .pst file contains your Outlook folders, including your Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. You can have a single .pst file, usually called Internet Folders or Personal Folders, in your Folder list. You may also have an additional .pst file used for archiving called Archiving Folders.

Personal Folders Backup lets you back up any or all of these .PST files at regular intervals, keeping all your Outlook folders backed up and safe. You choose which .pst files you wish to back up and specify how often you want to back them up. Personal Folders Backup can also remind you to back up your files periodically, making it a giant organizational tool for those who use Outlook heavily and have lots of folder categories.

Once you back up your data, you can copy them to CD or DVD. The backups are exact copies of your original files, saved in the same file format.

Note: Personal Folders Backup only backs up .pst files. If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, make sure your server admin regularly backs up your server mailbox folders.

  1. Video E-Mail (Outlook 2003)
    Use a Web camera to send a video email to your friends and family. Clearly, you'll only want to use the tool with your real friends and family because of the attachment properties. Think of how happy grandma will be when she checks her inbox and finds a video check-in from you! You won't even have to call anymore. OK, maybe you'll still have to call. I'm not a miracle worker, people.
    Credit techTV.com


LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The secret of carrier pigeons' uncanny ability to find their way home has been discovered by British scientists: The feathered navigators follow the roads just like we do. Researchers at Oxford University spent 10 years studying homing pigeons using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and were stunned to find the birds often don't navigate by taking bearing from the sun.
Instead they fly along motorways, turn at junctions and even go around roundabouts, adding miles to their journeys, British newspapers reported.
"It really has knocked our research team sideways," Professor Tim Guilford said in the Daily Telegraph.
"It is striking to see the pigeons fly straight down the A34 Oxford bypass, and then sharply curve off at the traffic lights before curving off again at the roundabout," he said. Guilford said pigeons use their own navigational system when doing long-distance trips or when a bird does a journey for the first time.
But when they have flown a journey more than once they home in on an habitual route home. "In short it looks like it is mentally easier for a bird to fly down a road...they are just making their journey as simple as possible."

Credit Cnn.com

Abdul Rauf Mughal

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(Sohail Ali Khan, Press Attaché, 7th Feb. 2004) Provincial Minister and Head of Pakistani Haj delegation Dr Irfan Gul Magsi has welcomed the decision of Saudi government to compensate the relatives or legal heirs of those Pakistani Hajis who were died in Jamarat Stampede on 10 Zul Hijja. Three persons related to the Haji who died in stampede will perform Haj next year and all the expenditure will be borne by the Saudi government . This was disclosed by him while addressing a concluding press briefing before his departure to Pakistan last night. 

Dr Magsi, however, stressed the need to take  immediate steps to avoid occurrence of such tragic incidents in future. In his recommendations on Haj 2004 , he would suggest to the Prime Minsiter of Pakistan Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali to constitute a Ulema Committee to suggest means to counter such incidents and this Ulema committee should also benefit from the experience of other countries, he added. We will share our recommendations with Saudi Ministry  of Haj also. 

Dr Irfan Gul Magsi who is heading Ministry for Auqaf, Ushr, and Relgious Affairs in Government of Sindh informed journalists that he would submit his report to Prime Minister this month and will request for early beginning of Haj arrangements for Haj 2005. Dr Irfan Magsi told that he and other members of Haj delegation collected a lot of information on Haj arrangements and also visited a number of camps and interacted with Hajis coming from different parts of the country. He will incorporate all these observations in his report and will pinpoint the  shortfalls in Haj Operations and suggest measures to improve performance. 

Dr Magsi said that one of these suggestions would be to have a well equipped  media center in Haj operation where all communication facilities like fax, internet connection and computers will be available. These journalists will work to ensure better services to Hajis and will interact with haj delegation on daily basis and they will be provided briefing on daily progress. He noted that provision of information to the relatives of Hajis back home about their near and dear ones is an essential part of Haj operation. He admitted that facilities available to journalists were not sufficient and need to be organized. Especially, on the occurrence of such tragic incidents like Jamarat Stampede their role become very important in transmitting facts as quickly and accurately as possible.

Answering a question, Dr Irfan Gul Magsi appreciated the hospitality and arrangements made by the Saudi Government for the welfare and security of the hajis coming from all over the world. He congratulated leadership of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for ensuring welfare of Hajis and also lauded the announcement of the Khadimul harmain Sharifain King Fahd to constitute a high level committee to suggest measures for improvement in facilities for Hajis in Makkah, Madinah and Mashair al Muqaddasah. 

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Dear Sir, First, Through this mail I want to alert my brothers that "Pls. be alert during Domestic Flight in Pakistan because last month during my emergency leave I lost my Violet (purse) in PIA Flight PK 344 Karachi to Rahim Yar Khan and during searching and reporting to PIA  I come to know that this is a repeated complaint in Domestic Flights" so pls. Be careful when traveling Domestic Flights.
2nd I want your help to recover my lost assests, I registered my complaint at Rahim Yar Khan Airport and I sent several E-Mails to PIA authorities (Copies provided to CP ) so for no reply from anyone. I hope ContactPakistan.com will help me to find out my money and very important documents. Thanks and best regards, Mohammad Akhtar Hussain.

Dear Bhai, we wrote to all concerned and as expected we did not receive any reply from PIA Karachi station manager and others whom we copied the mail.
Well, thanks for sharing your problem.

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  • ·         Medical researchers contend that no disease ever identified has been completely eradicated.

  • ·         The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes dimples.

  • ·         No one seems to know why people blush.

  • ·         In 1972, a group of scientists reported that you could cure the common cold by freezing the big toe.

  • ·         The number one cause of blindness in the United States is diabetes.

  • ·         The adult human heart weighs about ten ounces.

  • ·         People who laugh a lot are much healthier than those who don't. Dr. Lee Berk at the Loma Linda School of Public Health in California found that laughing lowers levels of stress hormones, and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds have it best - they laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

  • ·         People who have a tough time handling the stress of money woes are twice as likely to develop severe gum disease, a new study finds.

  • ·         Between 25% to 33% of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

  • ·         Of the 206 bones in the average human adult's body, 106 are in the hands and feet. (54 in the hands and 52 in the feet)

  • ·         In 1815 French chemist Michael Eugene Chevreul realized the first link between diabetes and sugar metabolism when he discovered that the urine of a diabetic was identical to grape sugar.

  • ·         Approximately 16 Canadians have their appendices removed, when not required, every day.

  • ·         Sumerians (from 5000 BC) thought that the liver made blood and the heart was the center of thought.

  • ·         Men have more blood than women. Men have 1.5 gallons for men versus 0.875 gallons for women.

  • ·         The first Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages were three inches wide and eighteen inches long. You made your own bandage by cutting off as much as you needed.

  • ·         The human brain stops growing at the age of 18.

  • ·         In 1977, a 13 year old child found a tooth growing out of his left foot.

The Choices You Make
any of the things that bring you down are of your own choosing. You choose them because you assume there's nothing better available to you, but there always is something better.
Many of the things that bring you down are just old habits that you've never managed to break. You assume they are a permanent part of you, but they are not.
Sure it takes some effort to find and make better choices. Yet those choices are indeed there, and once you begin to find a few, a whole lot more will suddenly pop into view.
Yes, it takes time and commitment to overcome a destructive habit. Once you do it, though, you'll feel like you can take on just about any challenge, and you'll be right.
Think about who you really are, and what you truly want to do with your life. Let your best vision of who you are, and of who you can be, guide the choices that you make every moment.
Life can be easy, haphazard and empty, or it can be focused, directed and full. The choices you make will make you who you choose to be.

Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Ras Tanura, KSA

 REIKI - Natural Healing 
The National Institutes of Health Centres for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, has classified Reiki under “Biofield Medicine”. These are therapies intended to affect energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body. An increasing number of nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers are using Reiki in patient care at Hospitals; in emergency rooms, operating rooms, pain management clinics, psychiatric settings, nursing homes, pediatric, rehabilitation and family health care centers, Ob/Gyne, neonatal care units, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and organ transplantation care units.
Reiki combines with and enhances the effects of conventional medicine, reducing the side effects of chemical medications. Here are some of the conditions for which Reiki is extremely effective: pain, muscular pain or injury, headaches, migraine, arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, anemia, blood pressure (high/low), insomnia, fatigue, diabetes, low immunity, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, thyroid goiter, edema, pancreatitis, various heart conditions, cancers etc.
For appointments, please contact cell # 056463801 or email: lamees@kfshrc.edu.sa
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 Prevent Diabetes, Prevent Ageing
Diabetes is a subject very close to my heart. Having lost my father prematurely to this chronic disease, I know from first hand experience how crippling and destructive it really is. I was shocked to read that more than a third of the population born in 2000 will get diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, the type that typically arises from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, accounts for more than 90 percent of diabetes cases. If diagnosed with diabetes at age 40, men will lose 11.6 years of life and women will lose 14.3 years of life as a result of the disease. However, there are simple solutions that will prevent and even cure type 2 diabetes. By controlling excess carbohydrate consumption and exercising, the body has to normalize its blood sugar levels.  Unfortunately, many are offered a drug solution such as insulin injections for a disease that can be prevented. Making changes in your life will help to optimize your insulin levels. Blood sugar is only the symptom in most diabetics so the real challenge is to control your insulin levels. Once the insulin levels are stabilized it is common for the blood sugar to come back to normal levels. Exercise helps to combat Insulin resistance. By increasing the sensitivity of insulin receptors so the insulin that is present works effectively. Regular daily exercise can be as simple as a brisk walk for 30 minutes, an invigorating lunch-time swim or playing with children in the evening. Do whatever you love doing, but gets active!
Exercise will not only make your insulin work harder, but it will also reduce your body fat. It has been shown that lean mammals live longer. Eating less produces fewer chemical by-products, known as free radicals, which can damage cells but leanness may also play a role in promoting longevity. Recent research could result in a new drug that would fight obesity, and related illnesses like type 2 diabetes, by blocking insulin receptors in fat tissue. The drug would need to be targeted to fat only, however, as a loss of insulin sensitivity through out the body results in type 2 diabetes.
It appears that leanness is a key contributor to a long life, with insulin being the main reason. If you can understand insulin’s role in health, you can prevent diabetes, ageing and disease.  
You may  high insulin levels, if you have:
Excess Weight - High Blood Pressure - High Blood Cholesterol - Diabetes  - High Insulin Levels (above 5)
You can control your insulin levels by the following:
1. Increasing your activity and/or exercise, as mentioned above.  Muscle works on the simple principle, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  A lean body will make you live longer and help your body use insulin efficiently.
2. Reducing your intake of refined simple carbohydrates such as white bread, cakes etc. These foods cause a surge in blood sugar, which an alarm signal to the body to produce high insulin to stabilities it. Blood sugar drops very quickly which makes you even hungrier and so the cycle is repeated. This results in a cycle of over-consumption that leads to weight gain.
3. Eat foods that keep blood sugar stable, such as oily fish, lean meat, porridge and high-fiber foods. Always try to eat protein and/or fat with carbohydrates to dampen the insulin response.  Avoid eating unrefined carbohydrates on their own, as this will just cause the blood sugar highs and lows as discussed.
4. Avoid excess consumption of caffeine in tea, coffee, soft drinks. Caffeine also increases insulin levels, and if taken with sweets and carbs, you are doubling the dangerous effect of high blood sugar.
5. Try to prevent stress as much as possible. If you are highly stressed, make sure you take time out to relax, so the body can stabilize itself. Stress produces harmful hormonal reactions in the body, which also cause high insulin levels, so the cycles above continue. You may be wondering why a simple thing like sugar can be the cause of so much disease. I used to think this as well, because as a child, I loved eating sweets as a reward for being a good girl?  The immediate reaction is that sugar tastes nice and sweet, so it must be good.
However, you have only to see how sticky it becomes, especially when it becomes caramel or toffee. This is why it is so toxic in the body. It literally sticks to proteins and causes havoc to the cells in the body. High blood sugar is one of most degenerative factors in disease and ageing. So the answer is simple, prevent high insulin levels by controlling your blood sugar and you will prevent diabetes, disease and ageing.

All interviews will be conducted in confidence and
by segment In-Charge Qurat-ul-Ain Jalali


By S.A.J. Shirazi

The historic Derawar Fort, enormous and impressive structure in the heart of Cholistan desert, is rapidly crumbling and if the immediate preventative measures are not taken, the edifice will be destroyed and the historians, researchers and sightseers deprived of the view of the legacy of the bygone era.
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 The Spirit of Eid-Ul-Azha
Assalam-o-Aliakum. Dear ones, how are you? Ready, set, for Eid-ul-Azha celebrations?
Eid-ul-Azha is a festival observed throughout the Islamic world in celebration of Prophet Ibrahim's readiness to fulfill Allah’s commandments and his desire to sacrifice everything for God. During Eid-ul-Adha we remember the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and how he was willing to sacrifice the person he loved, because it was Allah's command. Allah asked Ibrahim to sacrifice his beloved son, Ishmael …and the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) did not even once think about questioning "why" or did not thought of saying "no". Even the son, Hazrat Ismael (peace be upon him), did not hesitate from fulfilling Allah’s command. They agreed to do as Allah wanted; they trusted Him and had strong faith in Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim tied a cloth around his eyes so as to avoid the emotional feeling that might stop him from executing Allah’s command, when he was to move knife on Ismael. Their faith was rewarded and Allah spared the life of Hazrat Ismael at the last moment. Just as the knife was coming down, Allah descended a lamb in the place of Ishmael and that's what Ibrahim actually sacrificed.
Eid-ul-Adha, is observed by slaughtering an animal like goat, sheep, camel. The meat is divided into three equal parts and each share is then distributing among relatives, friends and the poor. This is the festival that gives poor Muslims the treat to eat meat, which they are deprived of at their regular meals because of the soaring prices of meat.
Eid-ul-Azha is the time for the renewal of our promise to Allah that we shall be ready to sacrifice all we have for the sake of the Allah Almighty. What is sacrifice... Is it just slaughtering the goat, distributing meat  & having BBQ? No. Sacrifice is not just in the form of slaughtering animals or giving out money to the poor.
Sacrifice by definition is the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something more important or worthy. When we ponder thoughtfully over to the concept of sacrifice…we realize that the celebration of eid each year is actually to enhance our spirit for incorporating the approach of sacrifice in our every day life. It is every day matter. As the hadith says Allah does not need the flesh and blood of the animals you slaughter. It is our intention (niyat) that matters and how we extend this mood of willingness to sacrifice to our daily lives. We daily come across situations full of choices and decisions… and we all need to make some or the other sacrificial acts for others everyday. Try to get the spirit on this eid and to implement it all year around. You will feel the spiritual comfort and peace as a blessing from Allah.
May Allah make us one of His beloved slaves and accept our Ibadaats.Ameen! 
Mrs. Amna Tariq, Makkah

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Dear Community Member
Pakistan Embassy, Riyadh - KSA officers wives association would like to invite all community members (Families) for a charity Meena Bazar under the patronage of the Embassy of Pakistan.
You are invited along with your friends to join rest of the community and have some quality fun time!
Venue Pakistan Embassy Riyadh
Date 26th (Thursday) February 2004
From 3:30pm to 10:00pm
Adult SR:5 per person
Children SR:3

Stall Table 6 feet x 3F         SR:250
Last date for stall booking 18th Feb. 2004
Reserve your stall by calling any of the following numbers.
Mr. Arif  01 488-4111 (Commercial Businesses)
Mrs. Raza Otho 01 482-9383 Ext. 114 (Home Run Businesses)

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