Issue# 99 15th February 2006
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Galawat key Kebab

1- 1 kg. lean Mince ( beef or lamb)  
- 3 medium onions, skinned and thinly sliced

- oil for deep frying
- 1 tsp. cumin
- 1 tbsp. ginger paste
- 1 tbsp. unripe green papaya (ground)
- 1 tsp. garam masala
- 1 1\2 tsp. salt
- 1 tsp. red chili powder
- 2 tbsp. freshly chopped green coriander
- 1 tsp. finely chopped green chilies
- 1 tbsp. roasted chick pea flour

Heat oil in a heavy based sauce pan. Add onions and stirring frequently, fry for 8-10 minutes to a light golden color. Remove onions from oil and discard the oil. Put the onions in a chopper or food processor and blend to a smooth paste without using water.

2. Dry roast the cumin for a few minutes in a small heavy based frying pan until it gives off its aroma.
3. Thoroughly wash the mince and squeeze out any water (if there is water in the mince the kebab will split).
4. Put the mince in a bowl. Add all the ingredients except chick pea flour. Knead the mixture really well for a few minutes with your hands until the mince hold its shape.
5. Sieve in the chick pea flour. Knead the mince again until it feels dry to touch (add a little extra if necessary). Cover and leave to marinate at room temperature for about 35-40 minutes.
6. Break off large pieces of mince mixture. Wet your palms and place it in the center of your palm. Shape it into a smooth ball and then press it into a smooth flat shape.
7.Heat a heavy based frying pan and add enough oil to just cover the surface. (if there is too much oil, the kebabs will split.
8. Add 3-4 kebabs at a time and fry over a very low heat to a crisp golden color, turning them once. Keep hot while you fry the remaining kebabs.
9. Serve hot with Nan or chapati.
Did you try our GOLA KEBAB 

Okra will not stick
 to the vessel

Adding a spoonful of curd to the Okra while cooking while ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black.

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Laser Eye Surgery
Image of the eye

The surgery is intended to reduce a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

Doctors use a laser to permanently change the shape of the cornea, the clear covering over the coloured iris, and the lens, which is just behind the pupil of the eye.

What does the surgery entail?
The surgery is done as an out-patient procedure and takes about an hour. Local anaesthetic drops are placed in the eye being treated. A knife is used to cut a flap in the cornea. A hinge is left at one end of this flap. The flap is folded back to reveal the middle part of the cornea. Pulses from a laser vaporise a portion of this and the flap is replaced. An eye patch is usually worn over the treated eye for 24 hours. How does this improve vision?
People need to wear glasses for different reasons. Some people are said to be short-sighted or myopic. This is due to the cornea being too steeply curved or the eye longer than normal. Therefore, light rays fall in short of the retina - the area at the back of the eye that interprets the image - and results in blurred distance vision. Other people are long-sighted or hyperopic because their cornea is too flat or the eye is too short. This means that the light rays focus too far beyond the retina. Others have a condition where the cornea is oval shaped rather than spherical, called astigmatism. This produces two different focal points which can blur images at all distances. Laser surgery to reshape the cornea can help to correct these problems.
Will it help with age-related vision loss?
No. Laser surgery will not be able to cure age-related presbyopia and the need for reading glasses that people often develop in their mid-40's. This is because presbyopia is not to do with a problem with the cornea. Instead, it occurs when the lens becoming less flexible with age.
What are the risks? Complications occur in less than 5% of cases, according to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Some people have a problem with dry eyes in the months after surgery and artificial tear supplements might be needed in the long term. Many patients have experienced glare or halo effects when night driving, particularly just after treatment. This is more likely the higher the correction that has been made, but is rarely severe. In rare cases, excessive thinning of the eye wall can cause the shape of the eye to be unstable after treatment. Severe loss of vision is very unusual, but some patients could require corneal surgery or hard contact lenses to restore vision, it said.
Can both eyes be done on the same day?
Yes, but your consultant should outline the risks. In order to reduce the risk of cross contamination should complications arise, each eye should be treated as separate procedure.
How long will it take me to recover?
Most patients have a reasonably comfortable period after surgery and are back at work within a few days to a week. Depending on the vision correction attempted, driving may be unsafe for one to two weeks. Tinted glasses with ultraviolet protection are needed when out in the sun for the first three months


The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad!
Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating!
Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult!
The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders!
When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second!
A Boeing 747 airliner holds 57,285 gallons of fuel!


Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide
15th February 2006

 Tahir invites Sultan bhai to share his experience when he traveled back home availing Transfer of Residence entitlement. He explains us all the processes here and in Pakistan about shipping and custom clearance. Songs, and your email replies are also part of the program. Program also contains tips on getting Visit visa here to bring family members from Pakistan. All packed in this one hour program.


What could be better breakfast than having Bong and Naan in winter mornings. Bj explains all steps to make this desi dish. Download

With Naveed Ur Rehman

The craze of 80s "Nazia Hassan" is profiled in this episode. Naveed bhai plays her best songs as well. Do you like us to profile your favorite artist? Drop a line to Download

Usman bhai from Riyadh who works as a sales man and sings Ghazals in his spare time.

We invite our community members to send their personal recordings in this segment. This episode presents community member Aslam Sabir from Al Khobar who has sent two of his best sung tracks "Best of Salim Raza".
So what are you waiting for? Share your talent with rest of us. For details write to or call Naveed Bhai on 0504175346


Contact Pakistan is proud to announce the commencement of a new segment which is designed keeping in mind obstacles every parent faces while sending children for Higher Education in Pakistan.
Yousuf Almas (CEO of EduVision) has gladly accepted to write exclusively for Contact Pakistan community to talk and offer help on all such obstacles. Now you have a professional right next to you to guide through all the steps that one needs to take before a child gets admitted in any  Higher Educational institution of Pakistan. Click on the button below to read the latest write up or to ask a question. In this episode Yousuf writes about

Pravalli Welfare Trust

Started Various
Finished Various
Sponsored by Various
Supervised by CP Team in Pakistan &  Pravalli Welfare Trust

CP Recommends this NGO
100% Guaranteed Accountability Offered

You must have donated cash for those who look towards us for help. Thank you it is a noble cause.
But knowing the history of disasters and how some of us
unethically act even in such circumstances, it is your to right to demand 100% accountability of money given. So get out and go to those whom you paid your hard earned money and ask for statement of account. CP will be proud to publish such statements so more people donate to honest and transparent NGOs.
Click on the image to read one such report


It is easy to get angry with those who criticize you. But it is better to listen and to consider what they have to say.
If the criticism is completely misdirected and unfounded, then you can simply let it go. Yet often it can be valuable and productive to objectively consider what your critics are thinking. The worst response to criticism is to become angry, upset and defensive. For by doing so, you actually give more power and credibility to that criticism.
Instead, listen carefully and appreciatively to what your critics have to say. Even if the criticism is decidedly negative, somewhere there are positive insights that you can gain from it.
Don't let your ego prevent you from learning something valuable. Being receptive to criticism strengthens your confidence and can improve your competence.
Choose to know and understand what others think of you. Instead of getting angry and defensive over the words of others, choose to listen, consider and grow stronger because of them.

Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan,
Ras Tanura-KSA




Dear Sisters in Jeddah Ė I plan to form a group of interested ladies who would like to have a meeting once a while. Each meeting will have a training session in which all of us can help each other to learn skills such as all sorts of painting, cooking, stitching and other skills that a member would like to share to help the rest.Should you be interested in participating in these meetings then please contact Mrs. Anjum at 658-1707

Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
All reports are subject to editorial review.
Should you like to be our regional editor, drop a line to


Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
All reports are subject to editorial review.
Should you like to be our regional editor, drop a line to

Dear Tahir Bhai, Welcome back to Radio ContactPakistan. This is the program which we mostly miss due to wonderful multiple interesting segments with unique focus that actually fit our daily needs. I would like you to please consider having women segment where you could provide latest updates on women related activities in Riyadh. Our community is not aware of any such activities ( I am least assured there will be any such activities here in Riyadh, pl correct me if I am wrong) where women can participate in healthy events to have positive bearing on their lives ( I mean their family).  Also I would like you to shed light  on those institutions here in Riyadh where women can develop their career by getting some courses in different disciplines. From English language( TOEFL, IELTS, GRE ) courses to career building ( management , fashion designing, interior designing, beautician) courses, please give the detailed list of all those institutes where women can get admission and can use their spare time to add value to their skills. By introducing Eduvision you have done great job, how to be grateful to you for such gratis? and similar many things you  have introduced for this community. What you have done and intend to do, in return will get blessings from God and of course our prayers and best wishes are always with you and your family, pl continue good work. One day ContactPakistan will be highly recognized as worthwhile platform from where people can materialize their aims rather It'll help beaming vision to the right target. Thanks Zafar iqbal

Dear Bhai,  Thanks bhai for your kind words of appreciation. JazakAllah Khair. I have noted down your very valid and valued suggestions. We at CP like when community comes up with better ideas. The only issue some times bother which is lack of resources. As you know we are a Community Driven Community and in such cases community needs to revolve within its out resources and produce. Anyway, we will still check if there is a professional around who would like to guide and uplift community knowledge on the said subjects. InshaAllah we will be able to bring you the desired results. I thank you once again for both your appreciation and suggestions. Regards Tahir

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 Let Go Your Anger 
"I will not leave Akram who bullies around. I will teach him a lesson tomorrow." shouted Muneeb as he entered his home after having a lost fight with Akram.
Explaining to his mother, Muneeb told, "Akram is a bone in neck for most of the pupils in the class. He snatches the lunch of many children, kicks them around if they donít give in soon to his orders and is rude with them. Today he fought with me when I did not gave him my juice and in the attempt that he made to get it by fore the juice fell on his and mine clothes which infuriated him even more. He has to be stopped and I will do that".  Mother calmed him saying that it is better that the problem is told to class teacher or school headmistress. But Muneeb was adamant because he was mad with anger at Akram and in such anger pangs; he was not able to think straight.
So next day, Muneeb challenged the bully Akram. Akram being of stronger built was able to fight Muneeb down, who after severe blows went unconscious. Muneeb managed to escape unscratched while Muneeb had to be given medical aid.  When details were given to teachers, Muneeb was also held culprit for challenging the fight and both the boys had to face the penalties. Later Muneeb realized that had he acted wisely as told by his mother and let the teachers handle the naughty boy, Muneeb would have escaped many of the embarrassing situations he went through. But then he was so blind in anger before.
So dear kids, what do we learn from this account of Muneeb? Yes... never let anger control you. Anger is devil's friend. And we despise devil and all his friends. Right? When a person is in anger, his controlling strings are in devil's hands who makes him make all reckless deeds and all devilish thoughts start fuelling his mind.
Whenever you feel angered by something or someone, take deep breaths as it will help soothe your body. Drink water in at least three sips, as it is recommended by Holy prophet to sooth anger. Recite
آعوذ  بالله من ١شيطان الرجيم   as it makes us come into Allah's care and safe from Shaitan (devil). Anger is like a fire which does more harm to the stick it burns on, rather than anything it touches.
My dear friends let not anger grip you. Stay cool and think calmly. Try to forgive .If the situation demands remedy, get an elder person help you out. Donít ever try to take matters in your hand because the other person might escape but your hands will get dirty. Till we meet next, take care and Allah Hafiz

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

Riyadh Qaseem
Buriadh Al Kharj
Jeddah Makkah
Madinah Taif
Khobar Dammam
Hufuf Abqaiq Jubail


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 Shared accommodation Available in Jeddah
A fully furnished room available for bachelor on rent. Common sitting room & kitchen, provision of TV & Dish. Independent bathroom. Location Faisalia District-3 near Giant Supermarket. Pls contact 026708782- 0502509521
 House Available in Lahore
5 Marla House for Sales in shaheen Colony Walton road. Carpet Road, next street to Main Walton Road. Very near to Airport and DHA. Single Story 2 Bed, TVL, Store, Drawing Room. One study room upstairs. to be sold urgently. Please contact Khizer
Female Tutor Available in Riyadh
Experienced & qualified lady teacher is available to teach students from 5th to 12th standard at affordable fees with quality of education available at Hara near post office mosque.Please contact on mobile:-0508255219
 Wish to buy a Laptop in Riyadh
I want to buy a P4 Laptop with the following configurations: P4 with built-in modem AN,WIFI ,Blue tooth and CD R/W. Please contact me office number 01-4431439 or mob.0559789545. Thanks
Students of commerce from grade 11 to masters are welcome for free guidance in their accounting studies. Drop me a email should you need any help.
Muhammd Farhand Qamar 
 Looking for a family Apartment in Dhahran
I am looking for an apartment in Khobar / Dhahran area. Must be neat & clean family apartment of 2 bedroom. My housing range is 10,000 per year  Maximum.
Plz if anyone want to help me contact 0507897006.

Experienced & qualified Pakistani Lady Teacher is available to teach Students from Nursery to Grade 5 at affordable fees with quality of education available at Rawda II, near to Indian Embassy School for boys from Morning to Evening.
Please contact on mobile: 0501562003. Discount Center

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