51st Issue 1st February 2004
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February 03 2nd Issue

Central Region
Abdul Rauf Mughal

Eastern Region
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Western Region
Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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Saeed Ghori,
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CP Team member and HBL representative for
Eastern Region
Rashid-ul-Islam married to Huma Aysha on December 15, 2003 in Karachi.
CP family congratulates the couple and prays to Allah Almighty for a prosperous life ahead.

Cooking with BJ.com
Exclusive Recipe

Chicken Corn Soup

-1litre chicken stock
1/4 cup corn flour

-1\2 cup cream of corn
- 1\2 cup minced chicken
- 1\4 cup soy sauce
- 1\4 cup vinegar
- salt and pepper to taste
- 1 tsp. Ajinomoto
(Mono sodium glutamate)
- 1 egg white,

1. Bring the stock to boil. Stirring constantly, add minced chicken and cream of corn. Cook for few minutes. Add salt, pepper, ajinomoto and vinegar and cook for few more minutes.  
2. Dissolve corn flour in enough water to make thick paste. Stirring constantly, add corn flour paste into the soup. Cook for 3-5 minutes.This will thicken the soup.
3. Add egg white slowly, stirring all the time, until the egg white is cooked through.

4. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve with soy sauce, vinegar and hot sauce.

totakay.gif (10312 bytes)
Sore throat?
Drinking a glass of milk in which 1 tsp. "haldi" has been added and boiled will relieve and cure a sore throat.
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 on Pakistani Cuisine
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Remittance Card

Package of Incentives for Overseas Pakistanis sending remittance through normal banking channels
by Shahnawa Kamil, Al-Khobar

Further incentives / concessions of duty free Personal Baggage Allowance for Overseas Pakistani holders of Silver and Gold Cards have been announced in the Federal Budget 2003 - 2004. Therefore, following substitutions in the Package of Incentives have been made w.e.f. 1July 2003.

    1.      Duty free allowance of personal baggage of a value of US $ 800 during a calendar year, has now been increased to US $1000 for a Silver Card Holder.

      2.      Duty free allowance of personal baggage of a value of US $ 1500 during a calendar year, has now been increased to US $2000 for a Gold Card Holder.

      3.      Duty free imports of various electrical / machinery items such as DVD, CD Players, Tape Recorders, Sewing Machines and Gas Burners has also been allowed.

Choosing Skin Care Products:
Step 1: Assess Your Skin Type

You've heard all the commercials. You've seen the advertisements in magazines. Everywhere you turn, even on the Internet, companies are selling skin care products that promise to reduce aging lines and provide a younger appearance. All the information can be pretty overwhelming.
Confused? Follow these tips to understand which skin care products are right for your skin.
The most important thing to remember when researching over-the-counter skin care products is to trust yourself: No one knows your skin better than you. There are a lot of skin care products on the market and it's easy to waste a lot of time and money trying to find the best solution. So take a minute to educate yourself before purchasing skin care products. Remember, this information serves as a guide only. Be sure to check with your dermatologist or physician if you have specific problems with your skin.
Assess Your Skin Before You Buy
Before you consider buying any over-the-counter skin care products, there are a few basic facts about your skin you must know. These include:

  • Your skin type. It is oily, dry, normal, sensitive, or a combination?

  • Your skin complexion. Do you have fair skin that burns easily or light to medium that may burn? Or do you have a medium tone that usually tans or a darker complexion the only rarely burns? Or is your complexion so dark that you never burn?

  • Your skin concerns. Do you want preventative maintenance to avoid premature aging? Do you have a skin problem, such as persistent acne, age spots, melasma or rosacea? You may also have large pores, sun damage, facial wrinkles or fine lines that require special attention. Do you have eye puffiness or under eye bags that will require special care?

  • Your personal habits. Are you a smoker? Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Do you take a daily vitamin? Do you consume a well-balanced diet? All these factors will affect how you should care for your skin.

With this information, you can wisely sort through skin care products to find the ones suited for your specific skin type. If you need help, ask a skin esthetician at your local hair salon or skin care counter for his or her recommendations.
credit webmd.com

 Investment In Pakistan Stock Markets
I am interested in applying for shares of Sui Southern Gas co. I will appreciate if you could please advise of the procedure to do so while in Jeddah. Ghulam Murtaza, Jeddah.

Murtaza Bahi, Thank you, for the mail. The subscription of SSGC shares has been delayed and still no technical detail and other information is available. The tentative date for its subscription would possibly be in the second week of February. Any how we are close intact with the Stock Exchange, the moment we will get it; the same will be forwarded to you with other relevant information.
Qaiser Mushtaq Member Islamabad Stock Exchange
Chat Room Safety

Kids know not to talk to strangers, but all the rules seem to fly out the window when it comes to the Internet. Bad people online prey on unsuspecting youth, often gathering information through screen names, profiles, and information from conversations. Today I tell you how to protect your identity when you chat and reveal what to do if you think a stranger knows who you are. Information in your screen name, combined with information from your profile and the things you chat about, can paint a very telling picture of who you are. Here are a few common mistakes and common sense solutions.

  • Screen names
    When creating a screen name, many people use a combination of their first or last name, age, birthday, address, school name, or phone number. For example, you can assume a person with the screen name SFAbbey13 is a 13-year-old named Abby who lives in San Francisco. Football45 could be a person who plays football with the jersey number 45. Solution: Don't put anything in your screen name that strangers can relate back to you.

  • Getting too personal in your profile
    Many profiles ask for your name, address, phone number, age, gender, and personal news.
    Try to use sites that don't require personal information. Whenever filling out an online profile, remember: Less is best, and try not to reveal personal information.

  • Chatting with strangers
    When you decide to chat with a stranger, they'll typically ask you about yourself. For example, you'll see "A/S/L," which asks your age, sex, and location. When you answer, you reveal identifying information. Indirect questions, such as queries about the weather, sports, school mascot, school colors, and local cultural events, combined with other questions can also reveal your identity to a stranger.
    Chat with people you personally know from your family, school, or other community activities.

If you feel like someone knows who you are, or if you just feel uncomfortable, stop chatting and tell your parents right away.
Credit techtv.com


Two New Services for Our Members

Shahid Chohan Obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology from Manchester in 1992 and since then have completed several postdoctoral assignments in various universities of UK, Germany and Australia. He is in Australia from 1994 and have worked in the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney.
With all his academic experience, Shahid can advise international students for the choice of course, degree and the university or college in Australia.
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Dr. Jamshaid Sadiq Sulehri Graduated from AIMC , Started in Services hospital /Jinnah hospital, Lahore. Later moved to UK, worked for a while in Spain and resident of Ireland currently Participating in  European research for Stroke Treatment/management. He will be answering your questions related to Cardio stroke provided initial cardio reports / investigations are done.
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 The Annual Sports Day 2003-04 PISJ (Aziziah) Junior School
(By Sabah F. Siddiqi, Jan. 27, 2004) A FUN filled day at the Pakistan International School Jeddah (PISJ) in Al-Azizyah district carried on for four hours, exciting the audience. The annual sports day 2003-04 held recently, was attended by a crowd of more than 500 students, their mothers and school staff. The teachers organized the students’ sports day with the support of Nighat Wasee, the Physical Education teacher in charge. Vice Principal, Batoora Moattar addressed the young and the old at PISJ. Salma Khan, Anila Shoaib, Rukhsana Javed and Bushra Asif honored the program with their presence. The Chief Guest Anila Shoaib congratulated the staff and the students for arranging such a wonderful event. In her speech, she said, “Apart from the academics, the students must practice the needs of physical education.” She said this inter-house competition is based on the philosophy of performing.   “I am proud of my staff and students. They know very well how to manage their studies while arranging these programs,” said Moattar. She said this world is no less than a playground and we must know how to play in it. Moattar stressed the value of physical education. She told The Fun Times it is a record that this annual sports function has been regularly organized for the last 17 years. Rukhsana Bano, Surayya Khalid and Nuzhat Zubair conducted the program. The students participating in the march were also carrying banners, streamers and flags. The programs included marches by the girls representing their eight houses. Those names were Amina, Asma, Aisha, Bibi Maryam, Fatima, Haleema, Khadijah and Rabia houses. The houses for the boys were Khalid, Jinnah, Iqbal, Ayoobi, Tariq, Qasim, Bilal and Ghazali. The senior house mistresses for boys and girls, Rasa Farooqui and Nuzhat Zubair made the necessary arrangements for their teams. The programs were followed by varying races, musical chairs, gymnastics, jumping races, spoon-frog, tiger races as well as some welcome songs.   The conductors repeatedly mentioned the name of Nighat Wasee who provided strong support to the students and gave regular physical education classes. Deeba Raja, Rashida Saleem, Rana Almas, Shazia Roohi and Munir Kausar presented the programs individually.  “Winners are the winners, but losers are not the losers, in fact the losers are the learners,” was the theme of the whole program.Senior teachers Salma Masood and Naheed Naeem called the event “memorable.” The overall results of the girls’ houses were Haleema House, Mariam House and Amina House as first, second and third respectively. The winners from the boys’ houses were Iqbal, Khalid and Jinnah houses as first, second and third respectively.
Some of the winners were Azizah Ali, Aliyah Ali, Khadijah Khokhar, Saniya Aijaz, Bushra Nasir, Nayab Rafique, Aqsa Majeed,Uzma Riaz, Gul-e-Lala, Kiran Tahira, Mariam Suleiman, Aroosa Rasheed, Ruqayya Rasheed, Nawal, Warda, Fatima, Mehwish, Rizwana, Aisha, Effat, Aqsa, Ahmed Hasan, Hasan Sohail, Osama, Faisal, Hasan Ali, Shehryar, Nasir, Fahad, Ateequllah and Jamshed.


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Get it done
Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Your actual efforts are often much less tiring, much less draining than the anxiety with which you surround those efforts. Just imagine how much you could accomplish if you could work without the friction of your own negative thoughts. How much time and energy do you waste, worrying that the task is too difficult or complicated, or that it's beneath your dignity? How many moments do you devote to anger, resentment and anxiety when you could be spending those moments getting the work done? Focus on the effort, let go of your need to resist it, and give it your very best. Think of what a privilege it is that you have the opportunity to make a difference. Rather than being annoyed at what you must do, be enthusiastic about what you can do. Rather than making yourself and others miserable about it, put your energy into getting it done in the best way you know how. Instead of putting it off until later, thus allowing your worries and anxieties to grow stronger, go ahead and get it done. When you release the anxiety surrounding the task, you'll suddenly see that there's no reason to avoid it.
And you'll see that there's every reason to go ahead and get it done.

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 More About Aromatherapy & Reiki
Having given a brief explanation of Aromatherapy and Reiki in the last newsletter, allow me to introduce myself as you and I embark on this journey exploring Natural Healing.
I am Lamees Siddiqui, Aromatherapist and Reiki Practitioner, certified in Level I & II of Reiki and Aromatherapy from the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy in Canada. I have a small home based business in Riyadh where I offer aroma products and personalized treatments (for ladies only). Each session is carefully tailored keeping in mind the medical background and requirement of the client.

Let us begin our exploration of Natural Healing by understanding "Reiki". Reiki is a "user friendly", safe healing technique. During a Reiki Session, the client remains fully dressed and either sits or lies down in a comfortable position. The practitioner places his/her hands on various energy center positions on the body. As soon as Reiki starts flowing, the receiver notices either heat, tingling, coolness, vibration, trembling or magnetism. After a one hour session, most people feel fully relaxed or energized. There is a considerable reduction in pain, stress, anxiety, depression etc. after just one session. Serious health conditions require a minimum of ten or more sessions.

Reiki does not have any negative side effects; however, the first few sessions of Reiki can start a strong healing process within the body which might cause some discomfort, for example, a person with Arthritic Joint can have an increase in pain after the first few Reiki treatments. Reiki will be increasing the circulation of blood to a joint that has had poor circulation for a long time. The sudden increase in circulation can be painful at first but the end results are great ! Reiki helps dramatically in recovering from a surgery. It reduces the amount of scarring, pain and healing time.
For appointments, please contact cell # 056463801 or email: lamees@kfshrc.edu.sa
10% discount for CP members
In next few issue Lamees will be writing more on these subjects - Watch this space!

Khyber Pass

By S.A.J. Shirazi

Associated with (and named after) Khyber Fort in Arab peninsula that was conquered by the Caliph Hazrat Ali (AS) in early days of Islam, Khyber Pass in Pakistan is amazing defile that has seen and made history for centuries. From Central Asia to South Asia, the pass has held open the route for many, who ventured to reap the fortune of the extensive plans in the Subcontinent.
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 Caring for Patients 
Dear Young ones
Assalam-O-Aliakum. Hope you are doing well and enjoying good health…Emmm.. “health” yeah and that has got something to do with our topic of this issue.
Health is one of greatest blessings of Allah. Like many of Allah’s blessings, we take health for granted too. But we realize its importance when, God forbid, we fall ill.

Life is a gracious gift and a precious gift from God, the Creator, and we aught to do our best to keep our selves fit and healthy. According to experts of Medical and Health Care poor eating habits, lack of sufficient exercise, taking too much stress and other carelessness cause a variety of health problems. If people were a bit more careful about these more than half of people's medical problems could be avoided Despite our best efforts to stay well, nearly all of us do fall sick, may it be for a short time. Our environment is contaminated and toxic. Anxiety and stress, normally complained about, all add up to the unhealthful conditions. Still some might get injury in accidents at work, on the road etc.

While caring for our own and others emotional and physical health, we shall also show concern for those who are not well. Caring for the sick and injured is a great virtue.
Sick and injured people suffer pain and emotional blow down. There are times when recovery is out of reach. Suffering is part of the human condition. Patients need support and care from us.
 Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, “Feed the hungry, visit the sick and free the captives”. From another hadith, we come to know that angels pray all day for forgiveness of man who visits the ill person in morning and all night for the one who visits in the evening. Visit to patients shall not be too long or such that it causes inconvenience to the patients or his attendants. The visits are meant to remind the person on bed that we are with him/her in times of worry as we are with them in times of happiness.
Often patients are in dire need of moral boosting. We can do so by telling them that Allah is Shafi (who gives cure) and that each minute they spend in pain or illness is being rewarded. Patience and endurance are highly regarded and highly rewarded values in Islam.  Sometimes pain does not lessen .At such time the patient shall be reminded that accepting and standing unavoidable pain will be to his/her credit in the hereafter.
It says in Quran "Those who patiently preserve will truly receive a reward without measure". At another place it says  "And bear in patience whatever (ill) maybe fall you: this, behold, is something to set one's heart upon"
Hadith from Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him says  "When the believer is afflicted with pain, even that of a prick of a thorn or more, God forgives his sins, and his wrongdoings are discarded as a tree sheds off its leaves."
Morally boosting & caring is a surely a virtue and rewarded by God in this world and in the hereafter. Visiting, caring and helping a patient is not taken as a debit but as an investment by a believer. And Allah surely will reward it, InshAllah.
I would wrap up by quating Leo Buscaglia
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."  

Mrs. Amna Tariq, Makkah

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 I'm trying to find a friend
Name:                       Captain Shahid Rizvi     
Wife's Name:             Ghazala Rizvi
Original Job ( Ex ):    Captain PIA
Second Job: ( Ex ) :   Flying for Saudia ( Airlines )-Based in Saudia City - Jeddah
Present : No idea but he is in KSA.
Write to
 Tutor Available Jeddah
Excellent experienced & highly qualified lady tutor is available in Jeddah to teach English, Math & Science subjects for grade 1 to 12. morning to evening
Jeddah, near Madina road
Contact: 057505178
E-mail mkj61@hotmail.com

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