Pravalli Welfare Trust Projects Report


We have completed following three works in the month of Nov to Dec. With this total works completed have become 65. We thank our brothers and sisters for continued support.


55. Skill Development Center in village Kalanda. Donate by Mr Anis Ahmad

56.  Road between Palkot and Jokha Dist. Abbottabad. Donated by Mr Sardar Haidar Zaman (UK)

57. Water Supply Scheme Narwala. Donated by Mr. Anis Ahmad.

58. Establishment of Girls Middle School Mairlan  Inaugurated on 09 January. Classes will start in April after winter vacations.

59.  Establishment of Girls Middle School Kangrotar. Inaugurated on 09 January. Classes will start in April after winter vacations.

Earth Quake Victims Support


60.       Donated 10 hospital Beds and 12 Bed Sheets to PIMS hospital Islamabad as there were many patients lying on the floor.

61.       Distributed Rs. 57,000 among the patients in Abbottabad and Battagram hospitals on Eid and following day.

62.       Rs 48,500 given to people whose houses have been affected due to earth quake.

63.       Arranged Sehri and Iftar for 200 displaced people living with Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad.

64..      We are sponsoring 33 effected families for next FIVE months during winter. We pay them Rs. 1500 per month. These are the families that are not living in the Tentage villages and are poor folks high up in the mountains with their herds.


65.     Provided Financial Support for purchase of cooking utensils for Havelian Camp.


We are planning to support about 50 children who have been orphaned during the earthquake. They will be financially adopted by the donor who will keep a watch on their progress. At this moment of great crisis due to earthquake in Pakistan we are doing our bit to mitigate the sufferings of our brothers. We expect support of our benevolent brothers. We will provide each donor address, Tel No of a nearest relative of orphan, photograph of the orphan and details of class and school he/she is studying. He can talk to the child on telephone or visit him whenever he/she likes. 

Donors to please visit our site.