49th Issue 1st January 2004
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January 03 1st Issue

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Abdul Rauf Mughal

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Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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World's Tallest Man

World's Tallest Man
Part of Riyadh Eid Mela Report

Dr. Farheen Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. Qutubuddin Khan of Saudi Aramco, Resident of Al-Khobar, KSA got married with Khurram Akhtar Jamilee, Chartered Accountant Son of Mr. & Mrs.
Nasim Akhtar Jamilee on
November 29, 2003
in Karachi

hi, I am a US citizen who just married my Pakistani husband early this year, due to certain problems, he can't come to the US. I am thinking to apply for residency in Pakistan, do I qualify? do I have to live there on a daily basis, since i might want to  keep my job (cyclical) here. what about our children here, can he apply citizenship of Pakistan?
Sarah. USA
You can get visa for coming to Pakistan easily, simply give a call to Pakistan embassy or check with your travel agent. When you are in Pakistan you would get Identity card and then nationality on the basis of your marriage accepted legally. Your children can also apply for citizenship when then arrive in Pakistan like you. Then you can go back to USA and retain job.
For further details ring me 9221-4927381 at your US times preferably on weekdays when your phone charges would be minimal.
Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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Cooking with BJ.com
Exclusive Recipe

Stir Fry Lamb Chops Kidney Heart & Brain

- 4 lambs kidneys
- 2 lambs hearts
- 2 lambs brains
- 4 lambs chops

- (1) 1 tsp. garlic paste
- (2) 1 tsp. ginger paste
- (3) 1 tsp. chili powder
- (4) 1 tsp. whole red chili crushed
- (5) 1 tsp. coriander crushed
- (6) 1 tsp. cumin seeds
- (7) 1 tbsp. dried fenugreek leaves
- (8) 1\4 tsp. ground mace ( javetri )
- (9) 1 tsp. ground  turmeric
- (10) 1\2  tsp. ground cinnamon
- (11) 1\2 tsp. aniseed 
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1\2 cup oil
- 1" fresh ginger cut into thin stripes
- 2-3 tbsp. fresh coriander leaves
- 2 green chilies
- 1 tbsp. lemon juice
1.Remove excess fat from the meat. Wash and pat dry. Cut the kidney and heart into small pieces. Leave the lamb chops whole.

2. Boil 2 cups of water with 1\2 tsp. of turmeric. Add the brains and boil for two minutes. Discard the water roughly chop the brain and put it aside. 
3. Put the kidney, heart and chops in a sauce pan. Add garlic ginger paste, chili powder, crushed chilies, crushed coriander, cumin seeds, fenugreek leaves, mace, turmeric, cinnamon, aniseeds and salt. Cook for 5-10 minutes. No need to add water as the meat will release its own water.
4.Heat oil in shallow, heavy frying pan or a griddle or tava and add onions and stir fry for few minutes then add tomatoes brains and kidney mixture. Stir fry for about 5 minutes on high heat. There are special knives that are used to stir fry kat-a-kat but you can use any spoon that has sharp edges. While stirring also chop the meat. Once you feel that chops are tender and can be easily cut into small pieces add brains, chopped coriander leaves, ginger stripes and chopped green chilies. Stir fry for about 8 more minutes. Just before taking of from the heat add lemon juice.
5. Serve hot with nan or chappati. 

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Sunken cake?
Sunken center in a cake could be due to too much sugar, shown by a sticky center and very brown crust. It could also be due to too much baking powder or undercooking in a low temperature oven.

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What Are Symptoms of Teething?
Symptoms include:
• Increased irritability
• Placing objects or fingers in the mouth and biting down on them
• Increased saliva or drooling
• Loss of appetite or becoming choosy about foods
• Tender and swollen gums
• Rash on cheeks or redness in the area of the cheeks near the affected gums
• Restlessness
• Ear pulling, which may be a sign of teething or possibly an ear infection (make an appointment to have your child seen by your doctor or pediatrician)
Teething does not result in fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. If your child experiences these problems, contact your physician.
What Can I Do to Ease

Teething Pain?
Some suggestions include:
• Massaging your child's gums with a clean finger or the back of a small cold spoon
• Allowing your child to bite down on a chilled (but never frozen) teething ring. A frozen teething ring can damage the gums.
• Using an over-the-counter teething ointment to numb the gums. Ask your dentist or doctor for some product recommendations.
• Allowing your child to suck on a cold, wet cloth
• Teething biscuits or cookies and frozen bananas are not recommended. These objects promote tooth decay and may cause your child to choke.
Credit WebMd.com


Background check
Shop only at reputable stores. If you don't know how to spot a legitimate site, read techTV article, Shopping Sites and Product Reviews You Can Trust.
If you've never heard of the company before, ask around before sending in your credit card. The National Fraud Information Center keeps an eye out for shady Internet dealings and offers consumer tips on its website. Always look on a company's website for a phone number and call it to make sure there's a person on the other end.
Secure servers

Most legitimate merchants offer secure transactions. One way to check whether you are in a secure zone is to look for the s after the http in the URL. If it looks like https, you're secure. Or you can look for the key or padlock icon in the lower left-hand corner of your browser window. If it's broken, you're not in a secure location.
You should also make sure you install the most recent updates for your browser. A website can do everything to protect you, but a browser security flaw can still puts your computer and personal information at risk.
Charge it

Use a credit card rather than a check or your ATM card when you shop online. By law, you are liable for no more than $50 for unauthorized charges, in the unlikely event that someone does steal your account information. Designate one credit card for online purchases so it's easier to track the activity. Make sure your card has a low limit and carefully track your account activity. Never give your bank account number to an online merchant.
Healthy skepticism

Trash email from unknown addresses promising wealth and glory. Also, it's easy to fake an email address, so pay more attention to the message contents rather than to the domain it supposedly came from. Ignore sites promoting the latest and greatest way to make thousands of dollars a week.
Secure your hard copies

You'll want to keep a copy of all your transactions. Great. But when it comes time to get rid of your records, don't just throw them away. Shred anything that contains your personal information so that someone going through your trash can't use your information.
Credit TechTV.com

People at particular risk of acquiring hepatitis C

1. Recipients of blood transfusions prior to 1990. Before 1990, most new cases of HCV in the U.S. developed after blood transfusions. In 1990, a screening test for HCV was developed, significantly reducing the chances of acquiring the virus through transfusions.
IV drug users. Risk of infection due to IV drug use still remains high. Fifty to 80 percent of new IV drug users become infected within six to 12 months of starting to use IV drugs.
Intranasal cocaine users. People who share instruments for intranasal use of cocaine ("snorting") seem to be at higher risk of acquiring hepatitis C. The reason is unknown.
Health care workers. Physicians, nurses and laboratory personnel have a higher prevalence of hepatitis C than the general population. Exposure to blood products from poor safety precautions or from accidental needle sticks seems to increase their risk of acquiring the disease. The exact risk of acquiring hepatitis C from an infected needle is not known.
Dialysis patients. Hepatitis C can be transmitted through dialysis equipment that is not properly disposed of or disinfected.
Recipients of body piercing or tattoos. The equipment and supplies used for piercing or tattooing can be infected with HCV, but the risk of acquiring hepatitis C through this means in the U.S. is unconfirmed.
Children born to women with hepatitis C. Although transmission from mother to newborn child has occurred, the degree of risk is controversial. Estimates range from 0 to 18 percent. Co-infection with HIV increases the overall risk.
Credit WebMd.com


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 Launch of New Class "Economy Plus" by P.I.A
(Ali Asif Rasheed, Riyadh)- PIA has introduced a new class of Travel Economy Plus on all International / Domestic flight operated by Boeing and Air Bus Aircrafts. According to manager PIA, Riyadh following are the salient feature: -

  • Exclusive on Board Cabin Area
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Early Baggage Delivery
  • Selected Menu Choices
  • Additional Frequent Flyer Mileage
  • Pre Reserved Seating

He told that for reservation and ticketing “P” class to be used on the both International and Domestic sectors. Upper Desk of B-747 Aircraft has been designated as Economy Plus. However, following restrictions shall apply for passenger safety, in accordance with the Airlines existing policy. Incapacitated passengers shall not be booked / accepted for travel in Upper Deck. Unaccompanied minors under 12 years shall not be booked / accepted for travel in Upper Deck. Adults traveling with Infants shall not be booked / accepted for travel in Upper Deck. Economy Plus on all international flight is located in Non Smoking zone.




Episode 3
Few episodes from the founder of KSA newsletter that will make you think (for sure)

Importance of Congregational Prayer
Ziaul Islam, Riyadh

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Episode 23

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 Truly Shine
Do something difficult, something that will stretch you, something that will take your past what you already knew you could do. Choose a challenge that requires time, effort, dedication and commitment, and then see it through to completion. The most valuable experiences are not those that come easy. The things that mean the most are the things into which you put the most of yourself. If life seems too empty, invest more of yourself in it. Nothing brings fulfillment until you put yourself into it. That requires effort. And the more rigorous the effort, the more fulfillment it makes possible. Imagine how absolutely invigorating it will be to look back with satisfaction on a difficult and challenging job well done. Imagine the extraordinary level of confidence with which you'll then be able to look to the future. What a blessing it is that life can be such a challenge. For it is in working through those challenges that we truly shine. Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan Ras Tanura, KSA

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Shared by brother Rashid who works for Aramco and is based in Ras Tanura. Thank you sir!

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Ali Asif Rasheed

The majestic mountains of Pakistan have attracted people from all over the globe for centuries. They have won the fancy of adventurers, emperors, saints and scientists, traders and travelers alike.
The northern region of Pakistan is the meeting point of three of the world’s greatest and highest mountain ranges – The Karakorams, The Himalayas, and the Hindu Kush. These ranges put out hundreds of peak ranging from 6,000 to 8,611 meters above sea-level, including the forbidding and fabulous K-2, the world’s second highest mountain, regarded as one of the most dangerous peaks by mountaineers every where and the mysterious and lethal, Himalayan peak, Nanga Parbat, known as the “Killer Mountain”, to climber world wide. The local believe that a fine gossamer line is threaded through the incredible mountain peaks to keep them in place! Certainly, the hand of the Master Craftsman-the Supreme Power – is much in evidence here. There are altogether 14 peaks above 8,000 meters in the world, out of which 5 are in Pakistan.
These are:

      1-       The Majestic K-2,           (2nd highest at 8,611 meters)
The Nanga Parbat,         (9th highest at 8,125 meters)
The Hidden Peak,          (11th highest at 8,068 meters)
Broad Peak,                  (12th highest, at 8,047 meters)
Gasherbrum II,   (13th highest at 8,035 meters)

Of the 9 peaks outside of Pakistan, eight are in Nepal and one, the Shisha Pangma at 8,013 meters is in China. Besides these five over 8,000 meters peaks, there are also other breath taking landmarks to look for in this spectacular region- the over 7,000 meters peaks of Dasteghill Sar (7,885 meters). The Trivor (7,720 meters), the Kunyang Chich, (7,852 meters), the Kunjut  Sar (7,760 meters), the Muztagh Tower (7,284 meters), the Masherbrum (7,821 meters), the Ultras I & II at 7,284 meters, the Orge, the Spantik, the Gondoro, the Chogolisa, the famous Tirich Mir (at 7,30 meters), the highest peak of the Hindu Kash range) in Chitral and many, many more.The awesome Concordia. (called the seat of the throne of the mountain gods) the great white plateau of the snow lake, the three largest glaciers outside the Polar regions-the Baltore, Biafo and Hisper- the magical, ice blue lake Saiful Muluk are only some of the riveting sights that will remain etched in your personal treasure chest of life experiences.
Source: Pakistan International Airline. Website.


By S.A.J. Shirazi

Situated right on the Grad trunk Road, Hasan Abdal is less visited city. The town’s claims to fame are Cadet College and temple of Panja Sahib there. On the way Comfortably tucked in green hills north of Islamabad, Hasan Abdal town -- small, neat and clean in spacious valley
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Hello young Pakistanis, we hope that you would like the new setup of your section. We would like you to participate and make it much bigger than what it is now. Send us your stories, poems and drawings.

You Asked for it
". Children can ask all those odd questions and we will try to bring them answers. Asking question is rewarding as well.
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Some Cool Sites

Astronomy for Kids

Take a journey through the stars and visit the planets, solve word search puzzles, or send a friend an out-of-this-world postcard.
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Razi Adnan, 8m Jeddah

Hanaan Riaz 3M, Jeddah

Khizer Iqbal 3Y, Jeddah
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Where does the Wind come from?

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Dear children, hope all of you are fine. The end of another solar year is here. Time passes so quickly. Do not let time use you…rather you shall use the time. Allah has sent us into this world for a short time. We will return to Him after our death. We shall indulge ourselves into such deeds and actions that bring us Allah’s agreement and not His wrath.

Allah demands from us to respect our parents. In Holy Qur’an, goodness to parents is mentioned at eleven places. According to saying of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) Allah’s agreement is in father’s agreement and Allah is displeased when father is displeased with his child. Even if, God forbid, the parents are non-believer, still Islam does not permit the children to be disrespectful to them or to shout at them. If parents strive to convert their children to non-Islamic beliefs or they require something against Allah’s commandment, then Allah’s says don't follow them, but still be good to them. In surat Ban-e-Israil, Allah commands “…Whether one or both of them (parents) attain old age in your life, do not say to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor…” meaning that if parents reach their old age in front of children, and children feel irritated by any of their action or saying, still they shall not speak with them in harsh tone or scold them. Rather deal with them in most respectful manner and be good to them and pray to Allah: O Allah! Have mercy on them both, as they did care for me when I was young." 
Prophet’s companion, hazrat Abu-Hurera, relates that once a man asked Prophet (p. b. u. h.) that who deserves most of my good behavior. Prophet replied “your mother”. He repeated his question three times and prophet replied “your mother” three times. Then he again asked for the fourth time and Prophet replied “your father”.
According to another saying of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) “Good conduct towards father and mother is one of the deeds that win the highest favor of Allah”. The Prophet of Allah said: “Let that man be disgraced and disgraced again and let him be disgraced even more.” The people inquired: “O Prophet of Allah! Who is that man?” The Prophet stated “I refer to the man who finds his parents old in age – both of them or one of them – and yet did not earn entitlement to
Paradise by good service to them.” (Muslim)
Parental love is purely unselfish. Parents sacrifice their ease to bring comfort to their children. Children should to be respectful to their parents. Respecting parents mean acknowledging that they are senior to us, have more exposure to world and have lots more experience. This gives them an edge over the reasoning of a child who may be a toddler or a grown up youth. Even if a child disagrees with his/her parent, it must be done such that parent’s dignity is maintained. When disagreeing the child aught to note the tone of his/her voice and gestures. It's not only what you do for your parents that count only, but also how you do it. It is the manner as well as the substance.

So let’s strive to give our parents the respect and honor that they so much deserve for their tireless efforts for us. Our smiles, good manners, good academic results, as well as hugs and kisses bring them a world of happiness. And always remember parents in your prayers: “O Allah! Grant forgiveness to me and my parents and pardon all the faithful on the Day of Judgment.”

Mrs. Amna Tariq, Makkah

There is perhaps no more spectacular sight in space than the death of a star. This scene is called NGC 2440, and it is known as a planetary nebula. The term has nothing to do with planets -- the objects when first seen through modest telescopes looked like the fuzzy disks presented by planets.
NGC 2440, seen in this Hubble Space Telescope image, is one of the more chaotic structures known. The central star is in this case one of the hottest known, with a surface temperature near 360,000 Fahrenheit (200,000 degrees Celsius).
The complex structure suggests to some astronomers that there have been periodic outflows of material form the star, heading in different directions with each episode. The nebula is rich in clouds of dust, some of which form long, dark streaks pointing away from the central star.
NGC 2440 lies about 4,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Puppis. The image was released in 1999.

Central Western Eastern


Property in Pakistan      
Household / Furniture / Appliances 3 1  
CDs / Software / Books / Tapes 1
PC / Cell phone / etc. 3 NEW 2  NEW 1
Vehicles 3   1 NEW
 Tutor Available Riyadh
Riyadh-Canadian Montessori teacher: I provide enrichment and or tutoring for children to learn phonics (English-read, write and speak), & math for kg-1,2 ,grade 1.  The child will follow an excellent step by step interactive program that is fun and educational.  
Contact information: 2635306- Mrs. Ali
 Tutor Available Riyadh
Tutor is available for classes  1 to 5 for all subjects including computer training for all boys and girls at home .
 A Fun Place to Visit
City:        Riyadh
type:       Entertainment - Fun Park
visitor:     Mohd Sajjad
email:       kirn95@yahoo.com
Al-Mursa , located between Exit9 & 10 , No entry fees , fun games, water games and closed area for u to have dinner with your family approx cost for 4 people family is SR 200(Avarage)
Wonderful place to chill out
 I am ready to help the community
Assalam Alaikum - My name is Javed Iqbal and I am working in a company as a sales engineer based in Riyadh. I have done Masters in Computer Sciences and have more than 5 year experience in Business Development in IT sector. My area of specialization is Networks (solution, security & Management) and document management system with sound background of creating market for ERP.
I present myself an a volunteer if I can benefit my community in any manner. Javed Iqbal

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