Hussaini Sabeel Project
Water Supply Scheme at Village Durrah
Tehsil Hatian, District Muzafarabad AJK


This is a small project, relating to healthcare and specifically to the provision of clean drinking water to 110 house holds living in the hilly area about 2 kilometers uphill to Chakothi, which is 45 km away from Muzafarabad, the capital of Azad Jammun Kashmir. The October 8, 2005 earthquake has badly affected the area and because of the emerged cracks in the mountains, many of the springs disappeared and the older water supply schemes were badly damaged.

November 19, 2005 (Saturday)
Mr Imtiaz Ahmad, visited Centre for Information Technology (CIT), University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi and he was on Fund raising mission, for his village water supply scheme which was severely damaged. As now after Earth Quake many of old water supply springs have disappeared, and women have to fetch water from very long distances. He was asked to make a complete feasibility including requirements in detail. The appeal was forwarded to our members on CP and on this Earth Quake related blind Discussion list. Called Col Mushtaq sahib, but he was out to EQ affected areas, promised to be back on November 22, 2005, and then Imtiaz Ahmad should visit him. 

November 20, 2005 (Sunday) Announced the project on the list and requested for sponsorship. Received three responses, Syed Sajad Hussain Shah, CEO Pakistan Software Solutions, was first to respond and he committed to sponsor the project fully. So this project was committed to him, he proposed ‘Hussaini Sabeel Project’ as its name. 

November 21, 2005 (Monday) Talked to Engr Kazim Abbas, Newtech Pipe Manufacturers and he committed to provide pipes at rates lower than the factory rates as given to whole sale dealers. For 1½” pipe which is sold at Rs 27 per Running foot (Rft), is sold to whole sale dealers at Rs 20 per Rft, and he will charge Rs 17 per Rft. He also offered to get the survey of the site done by his staff and get us the exact measurements. 

November 23, 2005 (Wednesday) Mr Imtiaz Ahmad re-visited and was sent to Col Mushtaq sahib – who gave him forms and different documents which Pravalli Welfare Trust (PWT) gets from people doing such projects with them.
Col sahib proposed that ¾” pipe, instead of 1” pipe originally demanded, be used as the water source is perennial and would be available on 24 hour basis. Engr Kazim Abbass sahib – interviewed Mr Imtiaz and introduced him to Mr Amin ullah khan, who will go to Muzafarabad on November 24, 2005, can also visit village Durrah where this scheme is to be placed and will report back his findings on November 25, 2005 (Friday)

November 24, 2005 (Thursday) Mr Imtiaz and Mr Aminullah Khan left for Muzafarabad and from there onwards to Chakothee and Durrah to see the site. 

November 26, 2005 (Saturday)
Mr Imtiaz Ahmad and Mr Aminullah Khan returned from Durrah, Mr Khan confirmed that  

  • Case is genuine and people, especially women have to bring water from long distances
  • From Spring to Reservoir tank it should be 1” pipe of approximately 50 Rft and from Reservoir tank to village ¾” pipe should be laid and approximate length is 3590 Rft, which includes a mosque as well, about 500’ away from the village
  • The villagers are quite fluent with the technology and we don’t need to provide them any technical assistance for the installation and layout of pipe or for initiation of this scheme.

Requested to Engr Kazim Abbass, to provide us pipes at subsidized rates and also to persuade M/s Global Tanks to provide us tanks on subsidized rate and on urgent delivery basis. Mr Imtiaz insisted that as snow and rains are expected so he must take these things and reach Durrah at the earliest. He told that many drivers prefer to travel at night as there are lesser land slides, there are no traffic jams and is much quicker than day time. He told that normal rates for Muzafarabad are about Rs 10,000 for a pick-up, whereas Chakothi is 58 Km beyond Muzafarabad, and
Durrah few miles further more uphill on Kutcha track. I Called Malik Muhammad Aslam, Rawal Marble and he consented to send his driver and vehicle at night. Called Fida Butt sahib, Global Tank Manufacturers, the tanks will be ready and provided in morning. 

November 27, 2005 (Sunday) Mr Imtiaz Ahmad obtained tanks from Global Tank manufacturers, pipes from NewTech Pipe Manufacturers, purchased fittings from bazaar and left for Durrah in morning. It rained and they reached a Durrah after sunset. The driver stayed there and returned in morning. 

November 28, 2005 (Monday) The project work started. Local people did all digging and laying work free of charge. It was estimated as 2 or 3 days work, all pipe was to be buried at least at the dept of 1½ feet beneath the earth surface, to protect it from weather affects, and to avoid freezing of water in winters. On November 30, 2005, Mr Imtiaz rang and told that because of rains, the work is delayed by 2-3 days, and will report by December 2, 2005. 

December 6, 2005 (Tuesday) Mr Imtiaz came, brought in photographs of the work and reported that work has been completed and is ready for inspection. Col Mushtaq sahib deputed Mr Zahoor, from PWT, to visit, inspect and report about the project. Mr Zahoor managed to accompany Mr Imtiaz on December 13, 2005, he stayed there at night and came back with a set of photographs and submitted his report that work was successfully completed and over 110 houses are benefiting from this scheme and there is a strong feeling and need for similar schemes at other villages.  


Hussaini Sabeel Project (HSP) 

Water Supply Scheme 

Vill: Durra, Tehsil: Hatian, Distt: Muzafarabad

Sr No


As Sold to HSP


Pipes from Newtech (VHD) Pipemanufacturers, I-9, Ibd



 3590 Rft 25mm (0.75") Internal dia @ Rs 6 / Rft



 50 Rft 32 mm (1") internal dia @ Rs 10 / Rft



 Various Fittings 



Water Tanks from Nobel Royal Delux Master PVC Pipe, Rwp



 700 Gallons 01 no 



 200 Gallons 03 nos 



Carriage from Rwp-Ibd to Muzafarabad, Chakothi and to Durra



Documentation and Report priniting i.e. Urdu Wordprocessing



Photography - 2 films by Mr Imtiaz before and after HSP



Mr Imtiaz's visits to Rwp-Ibd Rs 1000. per visit for 4 visits



Monitoring team from Pravalli Trust (Mr Zahoor, travel + Fee)



Slab for HSP and its installation 




Total expenditure of Pak Rupees Forty-Eight thousands, Five hundreds and Eighty only.

Table 1: Expenses Details for the Hussaini Sabeel Project, Amounts in Pak Rupees.

Sr#1, Engr Kazim Abbas, provided us pipe at the rates lower than their factory rate which they provide to whole-sale
dealers. Eg 25 mm pipe they provide at Rs 8 per running foot, but for HSP they provided it at Rs 6 per rft. Also, he sent his sub-ordinate Mr Amin ullah Khattak, to survey the site and take exact measurements. Initially Mr Imtiaz asked for 3000 foot 1” pipe
only,survey, Mr Amin ullah Khattak proposed a 50’ 1’’ pipe for the reservoir tank and smaller size pipe for the rest of

Sr#2, Engr Kazim Abbas introduced us to Mr Fida Butt, who owns a factory, named Nobel Royal Delux Master PVC
Pipes and Global Tank Manufacturers, at Khayabaan e Sir Syed, Rawalpindi, who manufacture Tanks and requested
him Tanks at subsidized price. Mr. Fida Butt, also charged us rates which were below their ex-factory rates, and
further, he provided us tanks which were bigger in size than mentioned in our initial requirements. 

Sr#3, Malik Muhammad Aslam, Rawal Marble was requested, and he greed to send his loader to drop this material.
The carriage rates were almost double and about Rs 10,000 (from Rawalpindi to Muzafarabad) as the time wasted due to land-slides and bad road conditions. Also the cost of fuel in affected areas has gone up. Malik Aslam was very compassionate and sent his vehicle, with no advanced payment and on safe return charged Rs 7000 for the complete trip, which amounted him to two days.
Col Mushtaq from Pravalli Welfare Trust was very helpful in suggesting he mode, identifying the right size of pipe, providing guidance to Mr Imtiaz Ahmad, how to get work done, and finally for sending his supervisor to visit and report on the satisfaction of the

Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah, CEO Pakistan Software Solutions and Pak-Tigers Internet Service Provider, for providing
the complete financial support to accomplish this project for taking the virtual ownership of the project and transforming the Mr Imtiaz Ahmad’s dream to the real Hussaini Sabeel Project and empowering him to mobilize local resource to complete the project.  


  • Energetic people like Imtiaz need financial support to carry out such essential project
  • Professional guidance, others experience and technical support can cut down cost of the project and can add to its long life and higher quality
  • Information Technology tools can network people who can contribute in their own areas to achieve the targeted goals without burdening themselves or others
  • Sponsors like Syed Sajjad Shah can contribute financially to realize different projects with full commitment
  • Many of us, have never met face to face, but still have trust in each other, and for a cause like this, can comfortably join hands, slash our profit margins, spend our precious time, finance from ourselves and help things materialize in given timeframes and even uncertain deadlines like to finish ‘before it snows’
  • The project which if left to Imtiaz might have taken years, and masses might have suffered for all that time, but a little sacrifice of ours realized it in 11 days – from concept to the product.
  • Trust, Empowerment and Persuasion turned the dejected Imtiaz to a leader, now he is much more confident to take up more similar projects
  • This was one in thousand or tens of thousands projects, which is completed, whereas the rest all await your help. We need establish an infrastructure and identify more Imtiaz(s) to do such projects
  • Tahir Butt asked through for Rs 20K to Rs 50K projects, Pravalli Welfare Trust floated two and they were sponsored within few hours of announcement, we look forward that they are also completed in record time.

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