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Progress Report  Dated 25th May 2006
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Description of Work and location


Work started on

Tel no of Contact on site

Money released

Present position



Water supply Scheme Darra, Chkhoti,  AJK


Mr Sajjad Hussain Shah








on 30-11-05

114 families are benefiting from the Project. They have been provided with clean drinking water for which women had to walk 2/3 Km on hilly terrain with heavy loads on their heads for every pitcher of water.


Water Bore at Narwara, Telsil Havelian, District Abbottabad


Mr Fadhil AlIbrahim Saudi Arabia


School Teacher Mr M. Yaqub 0345-2950134

Mr Sardar Munawwar 0992-811114

Rs. 5000


140 feet deep have been bored. Water was not struck.  Abandoned..

We do not give money in advance so that people remain alert and there is no chance of malpractice.



Now bore is being made at an alternate site in the same village.



We have struck water at the depth of 90 feet. It will be further bored to 120 feet depth and then hand pump fitted.

Rs. 10,000 more given,.


Hand Pump has been fitted. Improvement to area around the pump is being done, so that it is not slippery for women and children. Total money released is Rs. 15,000.  

Total payment made Rs. 15,000 out of total of Rs. 24,000. Rest of money will be given after facility is open to public


I visited the site. Photo of site taken on 05-05-06 is attached. The work has been delayed due to death of wife of Sardar Munawar, the man who is executing the work. I went for Fateha. They promised to complete the work by this Friday.

Additional Rs,

10, 000 Paid. Rs. 750 spent on plates.  The cost of the project is around Rs. 30,000 as against our estimated cost bof Rs. 24,000. It does not matter, Pravalli will bear the additional cost if brother  Fadhil AlIbrahim does not mind.  Around same will be cost of 2nd hand Pump.





Extra cost is due to additional cost of the Rig. It used to be Rs. 90 per foot but due to escalation of diesel cost they now charge Rs. 110 per foot. Also the pump used here is not what used to be used previously. This has been made on the design of UNICEF pump, therefore price is more.

I am getting the bills and will be handed over to Doc Afzal soon.  


Photo that I am attaching are not good. I asked them to take more new photo and send again.


Water Bore at Poorian Wala. Telsil Havelian, District Abbottabad

Mr Fadhil AlIbrahim Saudi Arabia


Mr Sardar Munawwar 0992-811114



Work is expected to be started  by 01-06-06

The work has been delayed due to death of wife of Sardar Munawar, and then due to harvest season. The rig is being used another party.


Water Supply Scheme for Chattan Wala, Galli. Telsil Havelian, District Abbottabad


Mr Syed Shahid Zaidi



M. Sharif 0992-505620

Qari Aurangzeb. 0301-5728809

Haji sultan. 0995-315151



Work on Main Tank has been started.  Rs. 12000 paid for main tank and Rs. 5000 for second tank.



Rs. 5000 money order sent for main tank.



Main Tank has been completed. Work on Second tank has been started

Rs. 3646 sent to complete payment of main tank.

Rs. 5,000 more  sent for second tank as half its work has been completed.





Total money released to date is Rs. 30,646. Only pipe is left to be sent. That will be sent when second tank is completed.

Pipe worth Rs. 28,600 sent.

Total money released is Rs. 59,246.


Both water tanks are ready. Payment for 6,500 feet pipe made to M/S New Tech Pipe Factory Islamabad.  4500 feet pipe sent. Rest will be sent when the village people lay this pipe and bury it in the ground where possible. Pipe has reached the village yesterday.

 Rs. 1000 spent for 5 plates. Received amount of Rs. 59,250.

Total completed cost will be around Rs. 63,669. It is Rs. 4,419 more then estimated. Pravalli will bear the additional cost.


Remaining 2000 feet pipe also sent.