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Cream of Mushroom

- 2 tbsp. butter
- 1 1\2 leeks
- 450 g. button mushrooms
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 1\2 tbsp. white rice
- 2 cups canned chicken broth
- 2 cups canned beef broth
- 1/4 cup whipping cream
- 1/4 cup fresh coriander leaves, chopped 

. Half and thinly slice the white and pale green parts of leeks. Slice the mushroom and mince the garlic.
2. Melt butter in a large heavy based saucepan. Add leeks and fry for about 5 minutes, until tender. Increase heat to medium-high.
3. Add mushrooms and cook over high heat for 10-12 minutes or until they are soft and dry.
4. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add rice and chicken broth and beef broth to the pot.
5. Bring to boil, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for about 35 minutes or until rice is very tender. Set aside to cool slightly.
6. Place soup in blender and blend to a smooth puree. Return soup to the saucepan, add cream and stir well. If the soup seems thick add more broth.
7. Return pan to heat and simmer. Pour soup into the bowls and sprinkle with coriander leaves. (Soup can be  made 1 day ahead. Cool slightly, cover and refrigerate.) Reheat before serving.
Serves: 4

Keep garlic skins from sticking to your hands while peeling
Soak the garlic flakes in a cup of water for five minutes before peeling.

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 'raise risk of child eczema'

Children who are exposed to cats soon after birth may have an increased risk of developing eczema, a study suggests.

But the US researchers found that being exposed to two or more dogs at home produced a slightly protective effect. Eczema experts said it was too early to draw firm conclusions from the study, being presented at a US conference. But they said parents should not remove pets from households as children might go on to develop allergies later in life when re-exposed to pet hair.
The team led by paediatric expert Esmeralda Morales from the University of Arizona in Tucson followed 486 children from birth.
They asked parents how many cats and dogs they had in the house when the child was born. They then followed them up one year on to see which children had been diagnosed with eczema. Just over 27% of 134 children with cats as pets had eczema by age one, compared with 17.8% of the 286 without cats in their household. But of the 76 children living in houses with two or more dogs, only 13.2% (10) had eczema, compared to 22% (71 out of 324) of those who did not have the condition. Research leader Dr Morales said: "Other studies have found that having cats or dogs at home seems to be protective against allergic diseases, so we expected to have similar findings.
"Pets are a source of a compound called endotoxin, and if a child is exposed to endotoxin early in life, the immune system may be skewed away from developing an allergic profile."
She acknowledged the findings added more questions about pets and asthma and allergies.
Cat allergies

"Since there is a lot of contradictory data out there already, clearly it's a topic that needs further research," she said. The study is being presented at the International Conference of the American Thoracic Society on Sunday. Dr Sue Lewis-Jones, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokeswoman, said the study was interesting but that it was too early to draw conclusions from it. "There are many questions about the risk of exposure to pets and atopic diseases like eczema. "We should be cautious about removing pets from the home environment, because children who are currently tolerant of pet hair may go on to develop an allergy when re-exposed to animal hair at a later stage," said Dr Lewis Jones. "There is a lot of contradictory data around this subject and it is definitely one that would benefit from further research."

She added that forcibly removing a pet from the home could have an emotional impact on the child which may in itself worsen the eczema.
A spokeswoman for the Cats Protection League said: "As the researchers themselves say, most evidence shows that children who have cats as pets have a reduced risk of developing asthma and other allergies in later life, so this new piece of research is rather surprising."
She said further research to disprove this view was needed and that the league would be very interested in the results. Cat allergy is the most common pet allergy, affecting up to 40% of asthma sufferers.
It is caused by a tiny protein in a cat's skin flakes and saliva, which is deposited on the fur when the animal grooms itself by licking.
It can trigger an allergic reaction within minutes if it is breathed in by the allergy-sufferer.
The symptoms usually include itchy eyes, sneezing, asthma and the skin rashes typical of eczema.


100% Accountability Report
Latest Progress report on projects sponsored by CP members

So many of our dear members have written to us about Pakistan International School Riyadh and also about other Pakistani schools in KSA. We received comments / suggestions after we web cast on RCP interview of the Chairman of BOD PISR as well as after the alert sent about educational seminar and incompetence of BOD and the principal of PISR on accepting or rejecting CP offer of conducting the seminar. We understand and agree with most of the points that are raised by you. We fully agree that most of such schools are more busy in their internal politics than polishing the talented young Pakistani generation whom we owe a bright future.
Also some of you have requested CP to take a leading role in probing more into these schools to find what is wrong and what can be done to fix problems that these institutions are facing.
Please note that despite of the fact that we hold professional expertise to investigate and recommend solutions, our policy guidelines restrict us getting involved in such situations. As such issues can be addressed and resolved by BOD or the principal, his team and above all parents themselves. Also the reason is not that we are not capable of exposing such abnormalities, issue is CP role in our global standing as a virtual NGO. Therefore, all such comments/emails are not published in the newsletter nor we are discussing this issue any further. We offered some thing that might have helped hundreds of parents which was ignored by PISR which is fine with us considering level of professionalism while dealing with school management observed during the last few months. Now we have offered the similar event to other schools. We promise our members who have their children studying in PISR that when and if we have such a seminar in Riyadh we will make sure that you also attend and do not miss the golden opportunity provided by CP without any cost to school or parents.
It is a promise!

Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide
1st June 2006


Dr. Usmani answers your questions related to eczema. Gup Shup includes your phone calls and emails.
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Fatima Amir brings you the latest episode of Bint e Hawa. This episodes talks about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. She gives you tips on how to make children start loving fruits and vegetables.
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Nayara Noor is profiled in this episode. Find all about your favorite start and listen to some of the best songs she sung in her career.
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Aqeel Qureshi belongs to Lahore presently living in capital city of Riyadh. By profession he is a Civil Engineer and music is his past time hobby. He brings us couple Urdu and Punjabi songs that re-mix and composed by him.

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A cocktail of songs, news, views and special segment for Ladies. All in one new show "Riyadh Magazine". Check it out!

Riyadh region has so much to offer to its residents. If you are a person who loves to enjoy weekends by visiting new places that are unique and offer thrilling scenery then Asif and Narjis will bring you each week a new place to explore. Urdu Text

Narjis and children from Riyadh, Bachoon ki Dunya is a program exclusively produced for young children. Your child can also participate. for entry pass check out the ad in this newsletter. If you like your children to participate in this program then please contact Mrs. Narjis Asif on or dial Asif Bhai on 0506877030

How and Why Volcanoes Erupt


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Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
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Have a happy family life following below given tips

Forget your home problems, while you are in the office.
Donít think any problem happened in the office, while you are at home.
Donít discuss any official matter at your home with family.
Donít share with anyone in the office for your family matters.
Donít listen or except any rumors without real facts seen by your own eyes.
Always keep smiling either in the office or at home.
Give confidence to your family members, donít misunderstand & under estimate them.
Make friendly atmosphere at home.
Syed Abdul Rehman, Riyadh

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Leonardo da Vici
Belal Tariq

Class 8th Fairwind Senior School, Mississauga, Canada

 Be Good Anyway
Dear friends, how are you in this sizzling, blazing sun rays of hot June? Weather is getting tougher day by day. May Allah have mercy on us. Ameen.
Folks, today I want to share with you an extract from a beautiful poem written by Mother Teresa, Nobel Prize winner, for her service to humanity. Read each line with full concentration and you will find it rich in moral lessons.
People are often unreasonable, Illogical and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, They may be jealous; Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, People will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. 
Give the world the best you have, And it may never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, It is between you and God; It never was between you and them anyway.

Sometimes in our life, we come across people who have "Me First" rule by which they lead their lives. Such people put themselves first, fulfilling their desires and they would hardly care for others. However, we shall be nice to them and ignore their shortcomings because the good deeds we do are to please Allah and not for them.
Till we meet next, Masalama

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

Riyadh Qaseem
Buriadh Al Kharj
Jeddah Makkah
Madinah Taif
Khobar Dammam
Hufuf Abqaiq Jubail


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 Professional Computer Training in Riyadh
I'm Teaching MCSE2003 Practical in my home lab. The practical include How to install and Configure Windows2003 Domain controller, DNS, DHCP, RIS, RAS, Exchange 2003, ISA, DFS, Terminal Server, Antivirus Server, Configuring Wireless Networks etc.. Classes have begun and some new classes are scheduled, The price is reasonable. Amir, 0551158613
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Looking for Camary 2000 or 2001 in good condition. Please contact 0503654145
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 Looking for a Car in Riyadh
I am looking for a car which may be as follows
1- Hyundai sonata model 1997-1999
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