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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe


- 11\4 cup butter
2 cups crushed digestive biscuits,
2 large ripe mangoes
- 3 oz packet mango or pineapple flavored gelatin ( such as jell-o brand)
- 1 1\2 tsp. unflavored gelatin
- 1 tsp. tbsp. lemon juice
- 3 tbsp. sugar
- 2 8-oz pkgs. Philadelphia brand cream cheese
- 1 cup whipping cream
- 1 tsp. vanilla essence

How to Cook

Lightly oil a 9 inches (24cm) spring release cake tin. Line the base with greaseproof paper and grease the paper.
Make the Base:
2. Mix together the melted butter and biscuit crumbs. Press the crumb mixture into the base of the prepared pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Make the Filling:
3. With a sharp knife, peel the mangoes and scrap the flesh from the stone. Discard the stone and chop or mash the flesh.
4. Boil 1\2 cup water in a small saucepan, remove from heat, add jelly, gelatin, lemon juice and sugar, stir to mix and keep aside for 3 minutes. Return the saucepan over low heat and stir until gelatins and sugar is dissolved. Cool slightly, add mango flesh then refrigerate until thickened but not set, stirring occasionally.
5. Put the cheese in a large bowl and beat with an electric beater until smooth, about 2 minutes. With a balloon mixer fold the cooled mango mixture into the cheese.
6. Working quickly, in another bowl beat cream and vanilla until, it is the same consistency as the cheese mixture. Then lightly fold in the cheese mixture. Pour into the biscuit crust and refrigerate or chill until set, about 6-8 hours.
7. Carefully remove the sides of the cake tin then using a blade knife or spatula loosen the base and slide the cake off the base onto the serving plate. Decorate with mango slices, if wished.


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RSI danger from excessive texting
Mobile phone use is on the rise
Too much texting could lead to RSI warn experts

Support your arm on a chair or table to take the 'load' off the neck and shoulder muscles
Massage your arm from the wrist to the elbow at regular intervals and swap hands regularly
Sit in a neutral upright position - head over shoulders and arms comfortably near the body
Experts have warned of the dangers of overuse of mobile phones and game consoles in children after a young girl developed repetitive strain injury.

Isabelle Taylor, aged eight from St Anne's, Lancashire noticed pain in her fingers and wrists after sending up to 30 text messages a day. RSI is normally associated with office workers who spend hours hunched over a computer keyboard. But the condition is becoming common in children addicted to technology. Isabelle's mother Jane Taylor, 40, said her daughter was "constantly" texting on her mobile but that it wasn't until she was diagnosed with RSI that the extent of her texting became apparent. "She got the phone when she was six and she's constantly on it.
"I tried to take it off her but she started sneaking it to school. But then she started complaining about pains in her arms and hands a couple of months ago." Mrs Taylor has limited Isabelle's texting to 30 minutes before and after school and she is doing exercises to alleviate the condition. Sending text messages can lead to RSI because mobile phone users tend to hold down their shoulders and upper arms when pressing the buttons, cutting off blood to the forearm.
Technology overload

Dr David Cosgrave, who treated Isabelle said he sees two children a month with RSI from overuse of gadgets.
"A lot of youngsters who operate their Playstations or use their phones a lot can suffer inflammation which can be quite painful in the upper arms and wrists. "Many times these pains are put down to growing pains when there is actually something else causing it. Tim Hutchful, from the British Chiropractic Association said that text messaging regularly, over a long period of time, could cause repetitive strain which may cause both short and long term injuries. "As mobile phone technology develops, mobiles are getting smaller, with buttons closer together. Small, fine movements tend to aggravate more than larger movements - this coupled with the smaller buttons can lead to injury as smaller buttons are harder to activate. "When you are text messaging, you tend to hold your shoulders and upper arms tense. This cuts down the circulation to the forearm, when in fact it needs a greater than normal blood flow to achieve the fine movements of the thumbs and fingers." Earlier this year the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy issued guidance for mobile phone users on avoiding injury. Physiotherapist Bronwyn Clifford who helped develop the guide said: "Excessive texting and prolonged use of the buttons and dials found on an array of modern handheld gadgets, including MP3s, Blackberry devices and portable games consoles, can contribute to hand, wrist and arm problems.
"The small, definite, repetitive movements used to manoeuvre controls on these tiny handsets can begin to cause pain over time. "The thumb, while good for gripping, is not a very dextrous digit and is particularly susceptible to injury."

100% Accountability Report
Latest Progress report on projects sponsored by CP members

Radio Contact Pakistan

Radio Contact Pakistan is pleased to announce its agreement with Sahara Net, a leading ISP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, Sahara Net in its interest to promote community welfare services for expatriates in KSA would sponsor the hosting of RCP contents on its provided server with full technical support to maintain the infrastructure. Sahara Net also provides better bandwidth to RCP listeners if Sahara Easy net number for dial up is used.
To thank the management of Sahara Net in return to this community service we would like to request all our members to try Sahara Easy net number 366 0123 and feel the difference not only in the quality of RCP programming but also the speed while surfing the net.
We would like to thank Sahara Net for sponsoring this community project and we hope that our relationship strengthens in times to come to benefit both Sahara Net and CP community. If you are a corporate net user or individual DSL user then note that for the companies that are represented by CP members will have an exclusive discount and same applies to individual DSL user. For introduction of your company to Sahara and to get better speed and cheap price for DSL at home use, please write to

Programming Guide
15th June 2006

What will be our next topic?
An alert with phone number will be sent soon.

There is so much offered in this episode of Gup Shup. This time it is a solo from Tahir. The program offers more on the following along with some of the best songs!
- What is G3 phone service offered by STC and what one needs to do. We talk to STC on this and get you all the information you need to get connected.
- IT Forum establishment for CP members who are from IT and Communication fields. For this we talk in detail with Team member who is managing this project.
- A bit more about the 2nd June mega health event that CP members enjoyed and benefited in Riyadh.
Plus some for favorite songs, all bundled in one episode.

Fatima Amir brings you the latest episode of Bint e Hawa.
Discussion with few mothers about how well our children get adjusted when they go back to Pakistan. Very interesting and facts based episode.
Mothers, please do not miss this episode.

The one and only Rangeela is start of the show in this episode. Listen to his songs and some clips of his popular movies. All packed in one show " Aik Funkar" produced and presented by Naveed ur Rehman.
Drop a line to

What are you waiting for? Share your talent. For details write to or call Naveed Bhai on 0504175346

Community member Faiza, sings along with her brother. She belongs to field of Teaching and producing music is her hobby. Faaiz Zahoor her brother working in Security Dept of a company in Riyadh is a seasoned singer and has often performed on RCP. Let us listen to the music produced by both young and talented artists.

Riyadh Magazine

A cocktail of songs, news, views and special segment for Ladies. All in one new show "Riyadh Magazine". Check it out!

Riyadh region has so much to offer to its residents. If you are a person who loves to enjoy weekends by visiting new places that are unique and offer thrilling scenery then Asif and Narjis will bring you each week a new place to explore. Urdu Text  | Map

Narjis and children from Riyadh, Bachoon ki Dunya is a program exclusively produced for young children. Your child can also participate. for entry pass check out the ad in this newsletter. If you like your children to participate in this program then please contact Mrs. Narjis Asif on or dial Asif Bhai on 0506877030

SO WHAT IS G3 Mobile Phone
What does it offer?

Business Plan - The Industry

So Many of you write to us about the email received by which the recipient of the email has won Millions of Dollars
Lottery scam, money orders scam, advance fee scam, beware!

Audience Views about the Seminar


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Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
All reports are subject to editorial review.
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Embassy has launched its site for Pakistani in Saudi Arabia. Following are forms that you can download and with a PDF reader load and then print. For further details visit embassy site.

New Passport/Addition Copy
Report of Loss of Passport

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani’s
Visa Application Form
Passport Renewal
Affidavit of Loss of Passport
Pakistan Origin Card  
Life Certificate Letter of Authority

I am absolutely stunned to listen to the interview of Chairman BOD PISR as well as editorial note in the last newsletter about the response of school principal towards offered made by our great CP. Will there be a time when our Pakistani brothers and sisters would unite for the greater cause of developing our next generation to meet the challenges of 21st century? Malik Ashraf Jan, Riyadh.
Dear Bhai, we appreciate your email, listening to our web cast interview with the chairman and reading KSA newsletter. We are in no position to comment how these schools are operated, it is entirely up to parents to get is driven professionally as they ELECT the BOD and BOD decides how and who to manage activities related to the academia. But we do agree that matter is serious and our embassy officials need to look at it more closely, also promised in media by our newly appointed ambassador.
As usual CP professional help in regard to establish procedures and controls to make sure that school is operated following international standards is always available, of course if requested. Regards

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History for Kids
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 Mistakes-No, Just a Bad Experience
Dear folks,
Hope you all are hail and hearty, and enjoying your summer vacations. As we all know, “To err is human”. Even the most successful men are not sans of follies. But it is the response to mistakes that varies. The reaction to mistake committed distinguishes a wise man from the common lot. Wise men learn from their mistakes. They take mistakes as a bad experience and from the experience they extract lesson for themselves.
If we aspire to reach high, there will be times when things won’t work out as expected. Here one must not despair but shall show patience. One must learn from the experience and one day success will be achieved.
The man who invented light bulb tried one thousand times but failed. It was 1001st time that he tried, did he succeed. He is said to have commented about this as, “I have come to know that there are one thousand and one ways to make a bulb, but only one way works.” See his positive frame of mind.
So dear fellows, bare this in mind that we shall never feel intimidated by mistakes. We must try and not leave trying because of the fear of failure. One must extract lessons from experiences and try to avoid them in future. Till next time, take care

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

Riyadh Qaseem
Buriadh Al Kharj
Jeddah Makkah
Madinah Taif
Khobar Dammam
Hufuf Abqaiq Jubail


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Vehicles / Motorbike 3 NEW 1 NEW 2

 Is Any Girl from KSA Joining Army Medical College Rawalpindi this year?
I shall be joining AMC in September inshaAllah. Girls who are also joining AMC may contact to form a group from Saudi Arabia. Please send your first contact email to

 Looking for an apartment in Madinah
Would you plase call me if you get information about a small FAMILY flat is AVAILABLE for Annual Rent. I like to live near educated Pakistanis or Indians good Muslim neighbors. Muhammad Mohsin 0502481451
 Special Discount for CP Members in Riyadh
We are running a construction supplies establishment and we do have ceramic tiles, wall & Floor, terracotta and all other types all sizes and porcelain tiles as well from Portuguese, Spain, UAE & China, we also have sole agency of laescandella Clay Roof Tiles-Spain and Borja-Spain, Terral France. In our factory we also create latest and beautiful models of Marble decorative wash basins.
for further details;
fax.01-4958039, mob.0500828993
Special discounts for Contact Pakistan members
 Learn Oracle in Riyadh
It is no more difficult to learn oracle now because and an engineer working with STC is here to help the community to upgrade theier knowledge. I can teach the following Subjects: Oracle 8i SQL  Oracle 8i PL/SQL Oracle Developer Form I Oracle Developer Form II Oracle Developer Reports
You may contact me at 0507050411
Courses OCP 10g, 9i, 8i, 8  and MCDBA offered in Riyadh
Please call me if you are interested to learn any one of the courses offered. Fee will  be charged according to students financial conditions and also will be helped for job. Even without fee someone can learn if can not afford (but serious for learning) Kashif Manzoor Meo 0509368196
 Learn Oracle in Riyadh
Learn Oracle Developer 6i/10g  &   Oracle 10g
Preparation for OCP Each Book 600 SR. Short course   (50 Hours)1500 SR. Project         (One Full Project) 2500
Having 7 year experience of  working and teaching in the kingdom. Currently working in multinational  software company as oracle Developer. DATABASE 10g Admin I Only in 800  SR.  0551158613
 Apartment Available in Sulaimania Riyadh
I am about to leave this apartment which is located in Sulaimania, 30th Street. It is 2 room, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Annual rent is SR:11,000. I have some remaining rent on the apartment. If you are interested to takeover then please contact Akram, 0502154984.
 Professional Computer Training in Riyadh
I'm Teaching MCSE2003 Practical in my home lab. The practical include How to install and Configure Windows2003 Domain controller, DNS, DHCP, RIS, RAS, Exchange 2003, ISA, DFS, Terminal Server, Antivirus Server, Configuring Wireless Networks etc.. Classes have begun and some new classes are scheduled, The price is reasonable. Amir, 0551158613 Discount Center

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