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Engr Arshad Baig Chugtai
a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from NED Engineering College now NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, is going to have a heart bypass surgery on May 29, 2003 in Karachi and request all friends and those who live in Makkah and Madinah to pray for his health and successful surgery.

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Stuffed Mirch Pakora

Basic batter
- 200 g. gram flour, sieved (besan)
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1level tsp. bicarbonate of soda

- 1 level tsp. cumin seeds
- 2-3 drops of Yellow food color

- about 300 ml warm water

Ingredients for stuffing
- 6 large size green chilies
- 1 small onion, skinned and finely chopped
- 1 tbsp. tamarind juice
- 1 tsp. Red chili powder
- 1\2  tsp. salt 
- 2 tbsp. pomegranate seeds, ground
- 2 tsp. chat masala

1. Place the gram flour and the remaining dry ingredients and food color in a bowl. Pour in the water gradually and beat to a smooth and thick paste. The consistency should be like thick pancake batter. Leave aside to rest for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile prepare the stuffing. Mix together the chopped onions, chili powder, salt, pomegranate seeds, chat masala and tamarind juice. Wash and pat dry the chilies. Make an incision on one side of the chili lengthwise and remove the seeds. Stuff each chili with good amount of stuffing and keep aside.
3. Heat oil in a deep fryer or a karahai to smoking point, then reduce the heat to medium.
4. Dip each chili into the batter and coat it thoroughly with the better and then using your fingers lift it out of the batter and at once drop them into the hot oil. Be careful not to splash yourself with hot oil. Fry 2-3 chilies at a time. (Don't try to fry too many at a time.) Fry for a few minutes, then carefully turn them over. Fry the mirch pakoras for 5-8 minutes to a crisp golden color, drain thoroughly with a perforated slice. Then place them on absorbent kitchen paper.  
5. Sprinkle with chat masala.
6. Serve with Nan, Podinay Ki Chutney and Sweet tamarind chutney

totakay.gif (10312 bytes)
Have honey for an itchy throat?

Having honey will relieve the itchiness as it moisturizes the throat passage and has curative properties.
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Muslim scientists and scholars have contributed immensely to human knowledge especially in the period between 8th and 14th century CE. However, their contributions have been largely ignored, forgotten or have gone un-acknowledged.
I would like to share my few collections through CP. So, people can read fascinating accounts of some of the most talented Muslim scholars in history whose contributions have left lasting marks in the annals of science, astronomy, medicine, surgery, engineering and philosophy.

Mohammed Obaid -  Al Khobar
With thanks to Author
Irfan Sattar,
PhamEvo(PVT) Ltd.

This issue
Abdul Rehman Al Sofi

How to lower stress in your life

Work and home both have you stressed out. You feel like pulling your hair out. Both places are really beginning to get to you. Having stress from both places is making your entire life be stressful. How do you get a stress free life? The first thing you need to do is organize your life at work and home. Being unorganized is usually the main reason we are stressed out. If both work and home has no structure and you are doing things at the last minute, it will develop into stress. Organize your home structure where you have a time and place to do everything around your home. By coming in or being at home and doing fifty million things at one time, you usually don't complete anything. Not completing things can leave you feeling frustrated and incomplete which leads to stress. You start feeling like things are piling up on you and you begin worrying that nothing will ever get finish. Having structure with the things you do and being able to accomplish them is the main way to get stress out of your life. The same thing goes for work. Stop and organize your work environment first. Then structure your work routine whereas you do have a routine and not doing everything whenever you get a chance. In work and home there will always be some unexpected things to happen that you haven't plan for. But if you have most of your daily routine organized and structured things won't get out of hand so much when the unexpected do pop up. Another way to keep stress out of your life is to allow some down time for yourself at work and home. At home have some days where you don't do anything but relax. Don't feel like you have to be doing something in your home everyday seven days a week. Do what you have to do, when you need to do it and then take some time for yourself when you need that also. The same thing goes for work. Take lunch on days when you are not too busy and try to take breaks as often as you can. Use your vacation time to get away from work, if only for a few days. Stress in our lives comes from not organizing our life and taking time for ourselves. Once you structure your life and take some time that you need for yourself, you will start having a stress free life that you can enjoy at work and home.  

If your Windows XP system has sound, you can place a volume control icon in the Notification Area (the area of the Start bar by the clock that used to be called the System Tray). Simply open the Control Panel and then open Sounds and Audio Devices (under Sounds Speech and Audio Devices). Click the Volume tab, then check (click) the box next to "Place volume icon in the taskbar." Click OK to make the change effective. When the icon appears down by the click, just click on it once to bring up a simple volume control, which is a slider that can be moved up or down. Clicking on it twice will bring up the a more detailed volume control window.
Did you try it?

Start your day with breakfast

Breakfast fills your "empty tank" to get you going after a long night without food. And it can help you do better in school. Easy to prepare breakfasts include cold cereal with fruit and low-fat milk, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, whole-grain waffles or even last night's pizza.

Safety Rules for Cars

Wear your seat belt from beginning to end. A seat belt must be worn during every car trip. It should be fastened before the car is even in motion, and should be left on until the end of the trip.
Use all seat belts. Most cars have lap and shoulder belts that buckle as a unit, but some have two separate belts, one lap and one shoulder. Some have a lap belt only. Teach your child to look for and secure every belt.
Never share seat belts. It may seem like fun, but two kids should never buckle up as a pair.
Sit in the back seat. Kids 12 years old and younger should always ride in the back seat, ideally in the middle of the back seat. This protects them from possible injury when a passenger-side air bag deploys. Explain that air bags could seriously hurt a small child because they are designed to protect a person with a much bigger body. Play it cool. Kids should understand the importance of staying calm and low-key in the back seat. If they are jumping around or yelling, it can distract the driver and put all the passengers at risk.
Follow the rules in every car. Kids need to follow the rules if they are in a friend's or relative's car, even if other passengers don't follow the rules. If your child is asked to sit in the front seat of someone else's car, she should politely decline the offer and tell the driver that she would prefer to sit in the back seat.

June 2003 - Ebad Ur Rehman is an ex-student of Pakistani School at Al-Khobar. He graduated from Al-Khobar in flying colors and at present studying at Hamdard University. He has written a little introduction of the University and the department he is studying. This introduction will be very helpful to those parents who are planning to send their kids to Pakistan for further education. Ebad will be very helpful to the parents who need any additional information about the University.  
Click here to read all about Hamdard University


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Pakistan Writers Club Celebrates Anniversary of Local Urdu Newspaper
(Ali Asif Rashid, Riyadh)- A magnificent ceremony, arranged by Pakistan writers club, was held in a local restaurant in Riyadh to celebrate the 9th anniversary of a local Urdu newspaper. The ceremony was attended by notables and writers from Riyadh. Manzar Hafiz Mian, community welfare attaché, embassy of Pakistan was the chief guest while Shamshad Ali Siddiqi was honorary guest. The ceremony was presided over by Haji Ahmed Abid Lohar and conducted by Sabir Hajazi. Dr. Mohammed Asif Qureshi, Mohammed Akram Fazal and Prof. Rana Majid Hussain participated on special invitation. The ceremony started with the recitation from the holy Quraan by Qari Shafiq followed by Naht e Rasool. Syed Rashid ul Hassan in his address introducing the members of the club highlighted the services rendered by Pakistan writers club since its emergence in 1992. Speakers namely Naeem Awan, Shakoor Mughal, Adil Minhas Lahori, Ijaz Tahir Awan, Mohammad Farook Khatak, Shamshad Ali Siddiqi expressed their views and paid rich tributes to the services of the staff of newspaper and submitted their suggestions for the further improvement. Chief guest in his address appreciated the efforts of the newspaper and Pakistan writers club and asked journalists to work harder as it is just the beginning of urdu journalism in the deserts of Arab. Haji Abid Ahmed Lohar thanking the guests and Saudi government said,” Pakistan and Saudi Arab have deep and strong relations in all fields”.
Detailed report with more images in Urdu Click here

Muslim World Desperately Needs Unity and Alliance: Speakers

(Ali Asif Rashid, Riyadh)- Bazm e Yaaran Watan Riyadh held a debate “we and our responsibilities in Islam”. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Burni was the chief guest. The seminar was presided over by Dr. Shabir Karim and conducted by Shaukat Kirmani. Suleman Iqbal recited from the Holy Quraan. Shaukat Kirmani in his opening statement said,” entire Islamic world is in its bad patch and no one knows how long will it stay”. Safdar Hussain Noorani, Mohammed Hussain Nasir Alah Abadi, Naseem Kazmi, Ali Asif Rashid, Mirza Asif Ali Baig, Manzar Zaidi, Syed Tanveer ul Hassan, Syed Rashid ul Hassan expressed their views on the above topic. They said that the Muslim world desperately needs unity and alliance to regain its Old Glory that we have in the past. Dr. Burni in his speech said the solution of all problems faced by the Muslim world is hidden in Quraan and the life of Holy Prophet. We can once again emerge as ruling power if we follow the teachings of Islam, he added. Dr. Shabir said, “ The life of Prophet Mohammed PBUH is a model for us to follow. The reason for our decline is that we have deviated the path showed by Islam. Special prayers were offered for the unity and prosperity of the Islamic world at the end.  
Detailed report with images in Urdu Click here

 A. G. Khan (Late)
It is an honour for the Pakistani nation to have sons like A. G. Khan!
(ContactPakistan.com Community)
He was a true Pakistani, a selfless volunteer and a social worker. All cherished his administrative calibre. He was a determined caretaker of the oppressed and the needy. A devoted father and a compassionate head of his family, he was respected among all. He was a sportsman too. Above and all he loved Allah and His Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Likewise, he considered that every human being belonged to him and he belonged to everyone. The Pakistani community at Jeddah would always remember him as one of the founding members of the community school in the city (now PISJ), the Jeddah cricket club and also the “Anjuman-e-Khuddam-e-Hujjaj”. He was equally popular among Saudis and non-Saudis. In recognition of his services abroad, the President of Pakistan awarded him Tamgha-e-Pakistan. Unquestionably this was A. G. Khan who died on Saturday, the third of May 2003, after a three-week hospitalisation at Bugshan and King Fahad General Hospital for paralysis.
 May Allah bless his soul.
“Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return!”
A Tribute to this Great Pakistani by ContactPakistan Community in Urdu

Ambassador Meets the staff, teachers, parents and the community
At Pakistan International School, Jeddah-(Azizia)
 By Syed Ashfaque Mazhar 
The School

School is a sacred place! Special care must be exercised in all deeds and actions at all levels, which subsequently affect the future generations. The amount of work, good moral character, devotion to duties and self-motivation are the essence of a personality. The conduct, the behavior and the moral character of teachers in general and controlling authorities and the management in particular should reflect the future core product that is the model passing out to new generations.
The Pakistan International School, Jeddah (Al-Azizia) is one of the most renowned and recognized name among educational institutions for the children of Pakistanis living abroad. This institution has been serving the community relentlessly – within its limited resources – and spreading the light of knowledge and wisdom for more than 40 years.
The Golden Era

The school has passed many excellent and horrific phases of destiny. Once, when the school had been under the control of devoted, sincere and talented educationists, they established solid administrative and academic foundations in such a professional manner that the school functioned smoothly for several decades.

The General Atmosphere

There was a time when the school enjoyed the strength of over eleven thousand students. Classes were over-flowing with students. In some case, there were over sixty students in a class. The results were marvelous. The administration was hard working and friendly, and their doors remained open for the community as well as their own staff.

The Ambassador

H.E. Abdulaziz Mirza, the Ambassador of Pakistan at Saudi Arabia, organized meetings with the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents and community members. He patiently listened to them and assured that
the steps are being taken to improve the quality of education and parent-teacher relationship. He also assured that the welfare of the teachers would be cared, the jobs will be secured and better teaching environment will be provided. Soon he will meet the managerial staff members of the school and board of directors in this regards. The Embassy will also hold the meetings with Ministry of education to facilitate the vagueness and/or the absence of set governing rules.The community, appreciate the sincere and involvement of Embassy. May Allah guide us and bless us for the interest and zeal of the betterment of community (Ameen)

Syed Abdul Hameed Aajiz - (A brief life sketch)
(CP - Jeddah) He was born in a scholarly educated family in Gorakhpur in the year 1923. Majnoon Gorakhpuri, a renowned Urdu poet, scholar and a critic was a student of his father Syed Abdul Qadeer.
After his high school education he joined Royal Indian Air force in the year 1940. But he left the army services after world war2 and became active member of Muslim
League under the dynamic leader ship of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah.
After the independence he migrated to East Pakistan in the year 1947 and joined East Pakistan Railways where he remained until the fall of East Pakistan. During his long stay there he remained attached with Bazm-e-Adab Chittagong for the promotion of Urdu in Bengal. He always remained instrumental in organizing seminars and “Moshaira” for the Bazm-e-Adab.
After the ill-fated event of December 1971, he was put to jail for the love of Pakistan. Later he was released on account of his deteriorating health and came down to Pakistan and settled in Karachi.
His whole life is full of events, which has contributed greatly to his poetic instincts. All his writings reflect the tide of his eventful life. His hearts and mind are very sensitive to his environments, which he conceives and puts them very magnificently in words.
Click here to Read his Contribution in Urdu

 Care Bears Field Trip
(CP Jeddah)
Care Bears International, a Jeddah-based elementary school, undertook a leisure trip to ‘Happy house’, a fun park on Saree Street on the 17th of April 2003. Care Bears International was founded by Mrs. Tanveer Raza who, having taught the Pakistani community for over 10 years, understands the flaws in our educational system.  She vowed that she would provide the community with a model school that would turn out intelligent and creative children who can contribute to the future of the country. The Care Bears International regularly conducts field trips, which are educative as well as fun trips. This time the trip was to Al Rayah’s ‘Happy House’. There were various colourful computer animated games and fun rides, which the children enjoyed to had fun. The first one was a glimmering ride where undersized cars were attached to a central pole. When the ride started, cars circled slowly with the rainbow coloured lights flashing and a fun fair melody playing. Gradually the cars picked up speed and rotated faster and faster until they zoomed past. When the ride ended a loud cheer of the children revealed how much they had enjoyed. Before the children could get over the excitement of the first ride, the boys and some lively girls took on the challenge of ‘dodging cars’. An all-time favourite but not recommended for younger kids. It is a small car one can steer and accelerate, but with no brakes; the only way to stop is with a BUMP!! Contrary to the name of the game, it seems that the children prefer to crash in to each other rather than dodge one another. Anyhow, the students enjoyed the cars and survived them – full of excitement. The younger children could treat themselves with a jumping castle – a privilege not granted at home. Another favourite was the ‘Pirate Ship’. The ship sways to and fro like a pendulum. It gradually gets higher and higher, a ride for those who can control their stomachs. Once the children had exhausted their physical demands they indulged themselves with a hot crispy pizza and some refreshing orange juice.
The teachers and students enjoyed tremendously. With splashes of colour, sounds of laughter, and excitement of winning, they spent a morning that special to all in everyway. Not only was it a rewarding break from the hard routine of tedious school life but was also a moment of unity for the children as well as the teachers.

AIK SHAER AIK SHAM - Evening session with Zain Siddiqui
(Mohammed Obaid – Al Khobar) An evening session with full of thrill was held in Al Khobar. The Event took place on 15th of May’2003 at Mouhawis Compound Auditorium. Friends Forum & Overseas Pakistani Writers Forum of Eastern Region hosted this session “AIK SHAER AIK SHAM’ [An evening with a poet] in the honor of prominent poet
Zain Siddiqui. The Friends Forum had conducted similar sessions earlier with prominent literary personalities like Zaka Siddiqui, Syed Younus Ijaz and  Iqbal Qamar.
The remarkable event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by “Naat”  A tribute to Mohammed P.B.U.H.

The stage secretary  Gulrez Butt started proceedings with the introduction of the chief Guest of the event Zain Siddiqui. An old companion  Gulrez Butt highlighted some of his poetries and praised his contribution in Urdu Literature. During his speech many of audience presented flower bouquets to  Zain in the appreciation of his contribution.
Sajid Abbasi of Pakistan Community Council presented a plaque of appreciation to  Zain for his dedicated service to the Urdu literature.
The poets and other literary personalities paid a mark of respect to Zain Siddiqui for his marvelous contribution in Urdu Adab [Urdu Literature]. The well know singer of Eastern Region  Bakhtiar of Friend Forum organized the musical event of the session.  Bakhtiar Ahmed has composed most of  Zain’s Ghahzals music. He sang many Ghazals of Zain at this session. His tremendous performance cherished by the audience. The other EP Artists Tariq Syed, Ijaz Gul and Naveed Sanjari were present on this occasion and they also sang Zain’s Ghazals, which were also composed by  Bakhtiar. They made this evening more significant. The audience enjoyed every moment of this function.
Several poets from different regions of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in special evening session to pay respect to Zain’s contributions in literature. Few prominent poets and literary dignitaries among them were Dr. Abid Ali, Iqbal Maisoori, Mahmmod Shahid, Shahnawaz Kamil, Dr.Naz Muzaffarabadi, Imram Bilkhi, Shuaib Bilgirami, Professor Hussain Sahar, Kawish Abbasi, Iqbal Qamar and Dr.Ghani Asim.

Prominent community members were invited. Few among them were Waseem Haider, Eng. Javed Inam, Engr. Rizwan Ahmed,  Sajid Abbasi, Niazi and Rashidul Islam.
The mass gathering of Pakistani community was attended enjoyed the session with Zain’s Siddiqui. The chief guest of the event thanked the host for an arrangement such significant evening & audience for the their mass attendance. 
Click for Urdu report and complete Pictorial

 FREE REMITTANCE - Great impact on Remittance Transfer to Pakistan

(Mohammed Obaid - Al Khobar) To facilitate Pakistanis living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Habib Bank Limited Pakistan with the cooperation of Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation has started a free of charge remittance service to Pakistan.
According to this scheme any one can transfer money to Pakistan through Al Rajhi Bank with out paying any transfer fee. This scheme is applicable to Pak Rupees amounts bigger than USD100/- and sent for family maintenance purposes.
To get the impact of the project CP Team visited different cities in the Eastern Region and interviewed lot of Pakistanis on site. It was noticed that the community is happy and getting all the benefit of the scheme. Visiting Al-Rajhi center in Al-Khobar it was noticed that the remittance is increased to a reasonable extend. Talking to the community members from all walks of life it was noted that all the Pakistanis are very happy with the services of HBL representatives all over the Kingdom and they have stopped using “Hundi” Channel and started sending thru proper banking channel.
ContactPakistan Community hopes and pray that this scheme will stop the illegal channels and proper banking channels will benefit the Foreign Reserves of Government of Pakistan which will benefit in the prosperity of our beloved country Pakistan, Ameen.

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Question on investment in Pakistan answered by our expert Qaiser Mushtaq
I am a Telecom. Engr. and already 52! Need an advice for investment from retirement point of view. Thanks. Ghulam Murtaza, Jeddah
Murtaza Bahi, Thank you, for your mail and question. Actually four type of investment can be possible in Pakistan;
1.     Bank's / Govt. Saving  Schemes
2.     Foreign Currency Investment.
3.     Stocks & Shares.
4.     Property / Land.
This all depends upon your need and requirement also the amount available for investment. We suggest you that your investment should be diversified. So it would be appropriate if you could have 25% in each category. For the moment we are specifically giving guidelines and advice in Pakistani Stock and Shares as this field is highly technical, rest three categories are simple and every layman can do with there on choice by doing comparison. So we can guide you more in Stocks if you have interest. Regards,
Qaiser Mushtaq Member, Islamabad Stock Exchange Ask a question

I feel so proud to be part of CP community where we are making a difference!
My question is that why ContactPakistan.com (The largest virtual community center for Pakistanis in the world)  site look is so lousy. Why it is not like other site, attractive and offering services like chat and entertainment pages. I am really confused, please do reply.
Name to be withheld, Jeddah.
A valid question and hey never hesitate to write because we can not get better without our members help. We are proud to have you part of our family.
Your question is very common for us to receive as so many members ask us the same. Please note that we are entirely a different setup. We are not a portal/site in the sense normally community sites are taken. We are a virtual community center that provides virtual services that we feel are essential for every human. We do not look for popularity by offering chat servers or other entertainment services because we think that our limited resources require us to concentrate more on services that our community needs. For the same reason we do not mind carrying a 5 years old design and never have world news or other services that are offered by sites. Yes, if and when a community member would offer his/her volunteer services to change CP look and feel, he or she would be welcomed by the team.

Send your question

Tips - For Dry and Dead Hair
By Alia Naureen

v     Try to avoid the daily use of hair dryer. 
Use the conditioner of a good company 
Henna is the best conditioner. Apply it on your hair and wash it after three hours.
Mix an egg yolk in yoghurt and apply it on your hair. After 20 minutes wash it. 
Massage your hair with mustard or coconut oil. Soak a towel in mild hot water and squeeze it. Take it around the head. Do it twice.  Let the hair dry for 30 minutes. Then wash the hair. You will feel a pleasant shine in your hair.
Credit to Alia Naureen, Riyadh. Alia a graduate from Women college Rawalpindi and has specialized in Skin, Hair and beauty care. She will be contributing her experience from this issue. We welcome her and thank her for helping the community.

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To carry the dust to Multan

By S.A.J. Shirazi

A city of saints and monuments, Multan has been around since the time of Hazrat Noah (A S). Under the various Hellenic forms of ancient designations (Kasyapapura, Kashtpur, Hanspur, Bagpur and Mulasthan) Multan figures out in works of historians like Hecataeus, Herodotus and Ptolemy. It has been an empire, a kingdom, a province, a state, a capital and now a divisional headquarters. The best thing about the city is its perpetuity. Visit Multan and you will find out why people love to carry the dust to Multan.
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Rainbow - Why do we see seven colors?

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Published for the benefit of young children
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Astronaut R. Mike Mullane

Liftoff is the true story of the author achieving his childhood dream of flying into space.  The story blasts young readers into space and thrills them with the fear and excitement of riding a space shuttle and watching the earth from 300 miles in orbit.  This is an educational, inspirational, and motivational story.  With flashbacks to his youth, the author emphasizes his "normal" childhood.  He wasn't academically gifted.  He wasn't an athlete.  He wasn't popular.  Yet, he was able to make a dream come true.  Mullane's message is that any child can aim for and achieve significant dreams. Here is episode 1 for you.
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