A rainbow is a strange natural phenomenon. It's only seen during the day. At night, in darkness, it's not seen. For there to be rainbow there must first be sunshine. Also a rainbow is only seen when it is raining. So rain and sunlight are essential.
A rainbow is a very colorful arc which appears in the sky. It is formed when sunlight strikes a moving cloud or water drops. A curtain of rain hits the yellowy-white sunlight in a spectrum of colors. Then this magnificent colored band: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet is very spectacular. The colors of a rainbow can either be clearly separated or united together. When a rainbow shows clearly in the sky, there is often a second rainbow close by, with colors less clearly defined. If you see a double rainbow, compare the order of the colors. You will see that, in the second rainbow, the order of the colors is reversed.
How 7 colors are formed, lets do an experiment
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