CP KSA Health Seminars - 21st March 2008 - Riyadh

A Community Project of Contact Pakistan for its KSA Community

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First of all Thank you for Contact Pakistan Event Management Team for organizing this very informative and useful seminar for our Pakistani Community. Dr. M. Farooqui made very useful and helpful presentation on eye related deceases in very detail. Also he answered all questions patiently.
There were some short comings, like late start and some technical problems. Furthermore seminar was very lengthy, we should make it little brief, so can be more focus. In future if we can arrange such seminars in down down area, like Riyadh Palace etc, then attendance would be higher.  Anyway overall it was very useful and well arranged. Keep up the good work in take care of our community.
Best wishes and Jazak Allah Khair. Regards Haroon Moosa Banque Saudi Fransi
Head Office, Riyadh.

dear all , I really appreciate the cp community for organizing such a good seminar ,there were some delays and some other technical problems but this is not a big deal, a person like Dr Farooqi has covered his area so beautifully that all these small problems got disappear somewhere , I congratulate the team of CP and hope in the future also such type of community services will be done InshaAllah. best regards M. Iftikhar Abbasi

The seminar on Common Eye Problems held on 21 March 2008 was extremely well. Dr Farooqi's presentation was fantastic. Although it was a bit lengthy or Q&A during presentation made it so. I think the Q&A should be at the end of presentation. The presentation must be finished in a prescribed time. I think Obesity seminar should not be considered as delivered just because of a few Q&A. Therefore, being an important subject, I request to please organize obesity seminar again at some other time. Arrangements were quite good. Although the scheduled timing just after Friday prayer was not suitable. It was not practically possible for participants to reach at 1:30 PM, considering that prayer finished at 1:00 PM. I congratulate the CP team on arranging such a informative seminar. Hope the same spirit would continue. Thanks. Allahdino Channa

Dear Sir, Greetings, I personally feel pleasure and proud to attend the seminar. It was really a good and informative event but sorry to say, that our habit to coming late, we did not get the full advantage of our valued speakers. I hope that next time this will not happen if we learned the importance of time. I also try to work as volunteer but I did  not receive any reply from your side in this matter. Thanks and best wishes,
Iftikhar Babar

Seminar auditorium selected was very good & specious but wash room arrangements were very poor. It was told that second floor can be used for this purpose but it was closed for non-authorized persons. Disturbance due to electronic system, it should be checked before program starts. Question / answer time was given in schedule after the speaker address, but the practice of disturbing speaker was not controlled
The entrance of 15 less age children were strictly disallowed but opposite was seen in front of the seats that caused disturbance by moving those children around
The speaker should be given time to deliver lecture so that the next speaker speaker should have the ample/fixed time to deliver lecture, +/- avoidable. Heavy refreshment is not important, simple tea / coffee was sufficient to keep the people awake. the most important thing for which the attendees have spent their valuable time was the informative lectures as per the program announced. I hope this will be taken granted if any word or phrase written above is objectionable.
Best regards  M. Iqbal Querashi

The seminar was useful. but i have few suggestions maybe next time if there will be an upcoming seminar it would be better if the preparation would start 2 months earlier so that it would be much better.  before deciding which topic to be discussed in a  seminar why dont you guys make a survey.
and about the food it was very nice indeed but the problem is that not everyone has the same taste for food. the best way to hold a seminar would be to be prepared. Ms. Aisha Kabhir Hussein

~ End time of any seminar should be more, or could be mentioned as "end time
may vary as per presentation".
~ A small rehersal between team lead and volunteers might possibly be made
before seminar so that team lead can understand who can do what.
Khurram Ishaque