CP KSA Health Seminars - 21st March 2008 - Riyadh

A Community Project of Contact Pakistan for its KSA Community

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Program Details:
Date: 21st March 2008
Time: From 1:30pm to 6pm
Please observe timings and don't be late.
Venue: Saudi German Hospital auditorium, Riyadh
Dress Code: Formal (Business Suit or Shalwar Kameez with Jacket)
For ladies Abaya is a must!

Audience: CP members only Read Terms & Conditions

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The event will be held at Saudi German Hospital, located in North of Riyadh
on King Fahd road. If you are not sure of the location then print out  The Map. The main auditorium is on the third floor, CP team members in the hospital lobby will guide you till 2:30pm. Just hop up and you will find Contact Pakistan right there.
In case you are lost and need help then call Asif bhai on 0506877030 and you will be escorted to the hall.

Program Timings:
Registration starts at 1:30 PM. The seminar will commence at 2:30PM and conclude at 6:00PM. Prayer breaks will be held at appropriate times throughout the seminar.

Program Outline:
All times PM

1:30      Registration Starts and ends at 2:30. The process includes BMI tests
Late comers will not be offered BMI test  What is a BMI test anyway?
2:30      Welcome note from Contact Pakistan Event Manager / Stage Secretary
2:35      Recitation from Holly Qura'an and translation
2:40      Welcome note from CP Global Team
2:50      1st Presentation "Common Eye Problems" By Dr. Mansoor Farooqi
3:20      2nd Presentation "Obesity" By Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan
3:50      Break for Asr prayers, Refreshments and Test results collection
4:20      Lecture by KSA Medical Team Leader Dr. Aban Usmani on various aliments
4:30      Q&A
5:30      Closing Remarks by the sponsor
5:35      Shields and Certificates
6:00      Maghrib Prayer & Ma'Salama

* Organizers reserve right to change schedule without any previous notice