CP KSA Health Seminars - 21st March 2008 - Riyadh
A Community Project of Contact Pakistan for its KSA Community

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Lecture #1 Presentation Title : Common Eye Problems
Dr. Mansoor Farooqi
Main topics: First Aid for Eye Injuries, Refractive Errors and Treatment, Visual Development
Target audience: All ages both sexes. Especially parents of growing age children
These three topics are extremely informative for the whole community. Eye injuries are common since they can lead to blindness and need urgent attention. New correction options are available for refractive errors like contract lenses and laser correction of vision in contrast to conventional Spectacles. Their Pros ands Cons will be discussed. Knowing the difference of what is difference between Normal and abnormal development of vision is very important for new parents. They at times are first indicators of developmental problems. Caregivers & parents responsible to take their child to the Eye specialist if they see anything abnormal will greatly benefit.

Lecture #2 Presentation Title: Obesity Causes, Management and avoidance
Presenter: Dr. Mohammad Irfan Khan
Main topics: Obesity Causes, Management and how to avoid getting over weight.
Target audience: All age groups all gender
What audience will achieve?
Being overweight is the biggest problem we face these days. It is a major factor in development of Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Diseases. It is being labeled as one of the important causes of many cancers. People are using different diets and trying abnormal ways to fight obesity moving away from healthy eating and living habits. Dr. Irfan will highlight the magnitude of the problem and its relationship to a healthy life style. What we can do and What we should not do trying to loose weight.

We hope to guide our community towards a healthy life style.