Issue #71 1st December 2004
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December 1st 2003

Central Region
Ali Asif Rasheed

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Liaqat Anjum

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Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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Master Shaharyar Mirza
Master Shaharyar Mirza has join The Khan's on November 08, 2004 in Sharjah UAE. Congratulations to Mr Mumtaz Khan and Mrs.Zohra Khan Nana & Nani and the parents Lubna Khan and Shaheer Mirza" 

Hasan Farman Asif
1 Year old on 30th November
Happy birthday wishes for  Hasan on his 1st birthday

A Segment by Ali Asif Rasheed

Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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Prawn (Shrimp)

- 8 Large Prawns
- 1 tablespoon Honey
- 1 Egg
- 2 tablespoons corn flour
- deep fat for frying
1. Hold the prawns (shrimps) firmly by the tail and remove the rest of the shell, leaving the tail piece intact. Split the prawns in half lengthways almost to the tail and remove the intestinal cord. Flatten the prawns to look like cutlets. Mix honey.
2. Beat the egg and dip the cutlets in it, then in the corn flour. Do this twice. Fry the cutlets in deep fat for 2-3 minutes. Drain and serve plain or with a sweet and sour sauce.

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What Is

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is made in the body by the liver. Cholesterol forms part of every cell in the body and serves many vital functions. Our bodies need cholesterol to:
Maintain healthy cell walls
Make hormones (the body's chemical messengers)
Make vitamin D
Make bile acids, which aid in fat digestion
Sometimes, however, our bodies make more cholesterol than we really need, and this excess cholesterol circulates in the bloodstream. High levels of cholesterol in the blood can clog blood vessels and increase the risk for heart disease and stroke.
Our bodies can make too much cholesterol when we eat too much saturated fat - the kind of fat found in animal-based foods such as meat and dairy products.
In addition to making cholesterol, we also get a small percentage of our body's cholesterol from the foods we eat. Only animal-based foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy products contain cholesterol. Plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains do not contain cholesterol.
The Different Types Of Cholesterol
There are different types of cholesterol - and not all cholesterol is harmful.
Low-density lipoprotein (or LDL) cholesterol is a bad type of cholesterol that is most likely to clog blood vessels, increasing your risk for heart disease.
High-density lipoprotein (or HDL) cholesterol is a good type of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol helps clear the LDL cholesterol out of the blood and reduces your risk for heart disease.
Facts About Cholesterol
More than one-half of American adults have blood cholesterol levels that are too high.
Lowering your cholesterol level has a double payback: For every one percent you lower your blood cholesterol level, you reduce your risk for heart disease by two percent.
Even if you already have heart disease, lowering your cholesterol levels will significantly reduce your risk for death and disability.
As blood cholesterol exceeds 220 ml/dl (milligrams per deciliter, which are the units in which blood cholesterol is measured in the United States), risk for heart disease increases at a more rapid rate.
All adults should have their blood cholesterol level measured at least once every five years.
The liver makes most of the cholesterol in our bodies-only a small percentage comes from food. But the more saturated fat we eat, the more cholesterol our bodies make.
Most people can bring down their blood cholesterol levels without medication by changing the way they eat and by becoming more active.
Only animal foods contain cholesterol; plant foods do not contain cholesterol.
A medium egg contains about 213 milligrams of cholesterol, a three-ounce portion of lean red meat or skinless chicken contains about 90 milligrams of cholesterol, and a three-ounce portion of fish contains about 50 milligrams of cholesterol.  

How can I save?

Q:For reasons I won’t go into here, I tend to reinstall Windows on a regular basis. This involves reinstalling Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express 5.0. Unfortunately, every time I do this,I lose my e-mails and address book. How can I save these settings so they are there when my system is restored?
A:Like most things involving Windows: they are many ways to skin a cat. We can think of at least three ways to save your e-mail folders. 1 – From the File Menu choose Export. This will allow you to export any or all your folders and addresses to Outlook and Exchange (which included with Windows). Both of these apps store item in a single file with a .PST extension: backup this file and you’ve got a copy of all your Outlook Express data. 2 – If you have more than one hard disk, you can use the Tool / Option / Maintenance dialog to change the location that Outlook Express stores its data. Simply change to another drive, & your data will still be there when you reinstall. 3 – Similar to the method above, use the Maintenance dialog locate your massage store then simply add the entire folder to a .ZIP file. If you use a program like WinZip, make sure you choose the ‘Include
Subfolders’ & ‘save extra folder info’ option. That way the files will be placed back exactly where they were when you unzip the backup file.

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Types of headaches
Headaches are so common that they have become one of life’s routine/problems. They’re so routine that you usually just take a couple of pain relievers, go on about your business and forget about it. But did you know that there are different kinds of headaches?
Tension headaches: These are caused mostly by physical or psychological stress (or both) from muscles contractions around the eyes, face, neck and even shoulders; or an imbalance in some of the naturally occurring neuro-transmitters or brain chemicals.
Cluster headaches: These are also known as histamine caphalgia and cause an excruciating pain on one side of the head around the eye or nose. They may recur several times within a couple of days. Sometimes they are variants of migraine headaches, but may also be due to histamine release, and therefore, be related to allergic sinusitis.
Sinusitis: This inflammation of the lining of one of the eight sinus cavities can cause a deep, dull, chronic ache around the eyes, nose and head.
TMJ pain: Temporomandibular Joint pain is the result of an imbalance in the teeth or jaws resulting from a mechanical problem or muscle contraction around the joint where the lower jaw joins the face (on the side of the cheekbone in front of the ear).
Rebound headache: Overuse of pain medication, caffeine or sedatives causes rebound headaches when these substances wear off. The result is usually greater discomfort. Mild to moderate dull pain, or diffuse pain over the forehead or back of the head is what can be experienced.
Migraine headaches: These are severe, debilitating and recurrent, are accompanied by disturbances of vision and/or nausea and vomiting. There is no single cause of migraine. It tends to run in families, but the exact mechanism of inheritance is not understood. In a susceptible person, a migraine may be brought on singly or in combination by stress, food (particularly chocolate, cheese and other dairy products, red wine, fried food and citrus fruits), sensory related factors (bright light, glare, loud noises), menstruation or birth control pills. Next time you get a headache, think about what type it might be and this might help in determining the proper cure.
By: Engr. Iqbal Khan

Health Tips for Hajj
By: Narjis Asif

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When hair starts coming out in handfuls and bald patches appear, you have a serious problem of hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, e.g., hereditary and aging factors, thyroid deficiency, stress, chemical hair treatments, hyperactivity of hormones, chlorine in swimming pools, over-shampooing, dieting, dehydration, radiation treatment, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body especially the B vitamins, change of weather and many other causes. The first thing to do is to rule out any medical reason by consulting a physician. The second approach is to avoid the hair sabotaging factors like chemical treatments and chemical products (chemical products leave a residue which when builds up leads to hair loss). Bad eating habits and stress are two huge culprits contributing to hair loss and therefore must be controlled. Once this is done, essential oils can be incorporated in your weekly hair care. Fabulous results can be achieved quickly if the aromatherapy oils are used along with the right diet, sufficient water intake and vitamin/mineral supplements. The essential oils like Rosemary, Carrot, Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli, Ylang ylang, Clary sage etc., all help towards improving scalp circulation and promoting hair growth. These oils can be mixed in a mild shampoo like baby shampoo or any other herbal/ natural extract based shampoo (‘Herbal Essence’ and ‘Vatika’ are two good recommendations). Another wonderful way to apply these oils is to add them to your favourite hair oil. Massage a few drops of this oil into your scalp. Massage for at least five minutes to stimulate circulation. Then wrap a warm towel around the head for at least two hours, before shampooing off. 
Recipe For Nighttime Treatment For Hair Loss
At least three times a week, apply one tsp of the following mixture, diluted in one tbl sp of cold water, all over the scalp.
Cider Vinegar          4 ounces
Carrot oil               20 drops
Rosemary             10 drops
(credit: Valerie Ann Worwood, “The Complete Book of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy”)For Reiki/Aromatherapy sessions/products, please contact Lamees at 0506463801 or email: 10% discount for CP members. 15% discount on this month’s special “Aroma Oil For Hair Loss” for CP members.

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A heart felt salaam to everyone. Hope you are doing great and all set in to do well in your exams coming this month. For the issue this time I will be touching a phenomenon which all of us goes through throughout our life. It is the process of learning that start from birth and continues till death.
Learning is gaining knowledge and wisdom .It is the process that increases our awareness. It is a continuous process with many ups and downs. During learning we often fall but then get up and move on. The idea of learning covers small things like learning to ride bicycle , learning to read and write, to learning bigger things like how to behave well, how to mange our responsibilities.
Man's life is full of learning experiences. Baby's learning process starts when he learns to suck milk. He gradually learns how to say small words and then advances to make sentences. He learns how to crawl and soon he is walking. Once baby is on foot he wants to run. The more he learns the more curious he gets to know more. This eagerness to know more and more is what has made man the supreme among Allah's creations. When the little toddler is learning to walk, we know he will fall. But no one discourage him from trying to walk. Those who have little sisters and brothers would know that even though parents know that their kid would fall but they do not stop him from trying. Its not that they don’t feel hurt when their child gets hurt but it's because they know that there is no learning without falling. Until you don’t try you would not learn. When a child cries at his fall, parents gently cajole him but they do not want him to stop trying. Did you left trying to learn bicycle riding when you fell for the first time? No, you did not quit. You fell and got up again. You went a little distance more before you fell again. And again you rose and finally you were having a nice ride – fruit of your consistent effort.
This concept applies in our academic pursuits too. We sometimes do not do well in our tests. Some of us do not get to the desired mark and others get completely bowled out. But does that mean we cannot improve? No, it means little more effort and we will be doing wonders. Remember you only fail if you refuse to continue. Failing is like falling. Once you fail, you have to get up, again.
Allah is very caring. He loves us much more than we can imagine. He does not want to hurt us. Sometimes things in life become too gloomy. We are trying to do something but we are not able to get it done. We fall many a times and even get hurt. At that moment we tend to complain to Allah "why us?" Allah gives us these falls not to hurt us but to make us stronger. The importance of learning is also emphasized in our religion as Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said,   "Learn from cradle to grave".
That’s all for this time. Wish you luck as each of us enjoys the experience of learning!
Mrs. Amna Tariq Makkah-ul-Mukarrama

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