First of all a very Happy Eid to you all!
Ramadan Mubarak have gone, and Muslims have collected, lots of Allah's
blessings and happiness. In this religious month, it is excellent to
finish the Holy book of muslims "The Holy Quran". In this issue, I have
chosen some facts about Quran Mubarak. Read quran, for about 5 minutes
daily. You'll definately feel relaxed. Well! Let's start with Allah's
Great name.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful
Facts about the Qur'an
The Glorious Qur'an is the Word of Allah as revealed to His Prophet, Muhammad, peace be on him and his progeny.
On reading the Qur'an one is at once convinced that it is the Word
of Allah, for no man can write such perfect guidance on so many subjects.
The Holy Qur'an says that no man will be able to forge even a part of it
and that no corruption shall touch it from any side. It is a miracle that the Holy Qur'an has remained unchanged and unaltered during all these 1400 years and it shall remain so till the Day of Resurrection, for Allah, has taken it on Himself to protect it.
The Book of Allah is like an ocean. The less learned, like children,
collect pebbles and shells from its shores. The scholars and thinkers, like pearl divers, bring out from it the highest philosophy, wisdom and rulse of a perfect way of living.
For easy daily recitation, the Qur'an is divided into thirty equal
parts. One part takes only twenty-four reading minutes, and the whole
Book requires twelve reading hours. There are 114 chapters, and 6,226
verses, containing 99,464 words made up of 330, 113 letters.
Millions of Muslims read the Qur'an daily. Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq has
said that, the minimum daily reading of the Qur'an should be fifty
verses or one-fourth of the part, about five minutes reading.
Adapted from (Shakir, M.A.: Islamic History)

Once again from me and our Contact Pakistan's whole team
have a joyful Eid. "Keep spreading Happiness".