Issue #70 15th November 2004
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15th November 2003

Central Region
Ali Asif Rasheed

Eastern Region
Liaqat Anjum

Western Region
Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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Saeed Ghori,
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Exclusive Recipe

Shish Kabab

1\2 kilogram chicken breasts, boneless
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon garlic paste
1 level teaspoon black pepper, powder
3 small bell peppers
2 medium Onions
2 medium tomatoes

1. Cut the chicken into 1 1/2 inch cubes. Put pieces into a large bowl. Combine lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic and black pepper in a small bowl. Pour the marinade over the chicken and rub into the meat. Cover and keep aside for at least 2 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.
2. Meanwhile cut the bell pepper, onions and tomatoes into 1 inch squares pieces.
3. Put the chicken pieces, bell pepper, onions and tomato pieces onto skewers by alternating the ingredients. Keep the kabobs covered and refrigerated until ready to cook
4. Barbecue or grill the kabobs for approximately 10 - 15 minutes until the meat and vegetables are cooked through, turning and basting with little oil during cooking.
This recipe serves 4 people.
Preparation Time: 20 minutes.
Cooking Time: 40 minutes.

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Have you ever wondered what food should you give to your child when he/she falls sick? Can you let him have burgers and fries when he has got jaundice? Do you think your child suffering from kidney stones requires a special diet?.
What is breast feeding? When do you start introducing your infant to a normal adult diet? Find out all about diet in children in various disease conditions right here.
Fruits - Their Nutritional Value
Read about the nutritional value of fruits and their vitamin and mineral content.
Nutrition in Childhood
What is the daily requirement of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat and energy in a child? Learn more about breast feeding and how to wean your child to regular food. A chart of recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals is available for your reference.
Nutrition in Liver Diseases
Liver is one of the most important organ of the body playing a role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Find out about the right amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat intake in a child suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver coma
Diet in Nephrotic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome is a disorder characterised by loss of proteins in the urine. A patient with nephrotic syndrome requires a high calorie diet to compensate for these losses. These diets should be low in sodium .A list of food stuffs high in sodium is also available here along with a test diet for a patient suffering from nephrotic syndrome.
Diet in chronic renal failure
Kidney failure can cause a lot of metabolic disturbances in the body requiring modification in the protein, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate and fluid intake in patient with CRF.A list of food stuff high in sodium, potassium is also available here. Formulate a diet for your child suffering from CRF from the test diet given here.
Diet for renal stones
Kidney stones though rare in children are not uncommon.With various types of stones(calcium oxylate, Uric acid stones and many more) dietary modification is essential. A table denoting foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, oxalic acid, purine is available for your reference so that you can determine which food item to avoid and which to take.


Well Done. Your CV and cover letter has worked for you! The Big day has arrived. Are you ready? Before your interview has even started you need to of have prepared for that winning interview!
1- How to get to the interview place and how long it takes?
2- About the company? History, facts, figures?
3- Who is interviewing you and how long it will take?
4- The format of the interview? Panel, tests involved, etc
Your CV inside out?
1-Prepared a list of questions?
Relevant documents at hand? You might be asked to show, i.e. certificates, proof of achievements, wage slips, etc.
Prepared for potential questions you maybe asked?
If you have prepared for the above then you are ready! If you have not then start to worry because you are not going pass!
Its crunch time! Take a deep breath, you have been invited because the employer is interested in YOU. Remember, some interviewers are just as nervous as you are! Make it easy for them. You have already done this, as your winningCV is clear, easy to read and full of relevant information.
Some Doís and Donítís
1-Dress smart and conservative.
2- Do not smoke before your interview.
3- Smile and give a firm handshake and look confident.
Do not take a seat until the interviewer prompts you.
Listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying and reply with appropriate answers.
5- Do not waffle.
6- Ask appropriate questions, remember, you get respect for when you inspect not expect!
Very important: Close the interview by asking if you have been successful, i.e. got the job, second interview.
Prepare for all types of questions and try to remember them. Take a list of questions with you, donít be afraid to do this, it shows your organised, interested, show attention to detail and so on. All positive traits employers look for!
Interviewers can spot from a mile, if you have and not planned and prepared for your interview. If you have, you will stand a great chance of securing that all important job you deserve, and if not, expect to go home with nothing!
Best of luck. Donít forget, JUST BE YOURSELF! Wa Salaam
Taher Hussein (Founder of and National Sales Manager for a market leading labelling company in UK).

Decrease the noise of Internet Modem

Q:-I have an internet modem (Iím not sure which brand) and Iíd like to decrease the noise it makes when it dials out. I donít recall anything about this in the manual, but I canít check as Iíve now lost it. Iím running Windows 98.
A: There are a few possible solution to this problem, and they should work regardless of which OS you are running. Go to the control panel and start the Modems applet. Now choose you modem from the list displayed and choose properties. Check the modem Ďspeakerí setting for your modem, move the slider all the way to the left to disable the speaker, or one notch to the right for its lowest setting. You may also need to do this from the entries in your Dial-Up Networking, as the settings are stored separately for each dial-up profile. Finally, if this doesnít work you can try the manual approach: place a strip of tape over the modems speaker.

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Very dear readers!
A very Happy Eid to you all, from me and the whole caring Contact Pakistan's team. I should not talk about illness or disease on this happy occasion, but happiness and our life goes together. but I pray, Allah The Great keep us healthy. Ameen. Letís begin with this editionís topic ďHyperopia (Farsightedness)Ē.
Many people say that, when I read or do activities in near, I cannot see clearly. This kind of problem is called farsightedness or in medical term, Hyperopia. Hyperopia occurs, when light enter in the eye and make focus behind the retina, not on the retina. This is caused by two reasons; one is that, maybe cornea of our eye is flatter than normal, and other reason is, maybe length of our eye is shorter than the normal eye. Young people with mild hyperopia are often able to see clearly because naturally they have ability to adjust their natural
lens, or can increase the eyeís focusing ability. As the age increases the eye gradually loses this ability to adjust its natural lens. If your glasses or contact lens prescription begins with plus numbers, like +2.50, then you are a farsighted person.
Signs and Symptoms
∑ Difficulty seeing up close
∑ Blurred distance vision (occurs with higher amounts of hyperopia)
∑ Eye fatigue while reading.
∑ Eye strain (headaches, pulling sensation, burning) or crossed eyes in children
Treatment: -
The treatment for hyperopia depends on several factors, such as the patientís age, activities, and occupation. Young patients may or may not require glasses or contact lenses, depending on their ability to compensate for their farsightedness with their natural focusing ability. Glasses or contact lenses are required for older patients. Doctors can accurate this problem with surgical procedure like CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) or LTK (Laser Thermal Keratoplasty). The main advantage of CK and LTK is that, surgeon do not use knives, laser or any other instruments to cut the tissues of cornea, they only use heat from radio frequency waves to change the shape of cornea.
Remember! Keep your eye checkups, regular to avoid all these problems,
and not to forget to ask Allah Almighty for ease; all your problems
and sickness will run away.
Dr. Waseem Khan M.D (Ophthalmology) Riyadh, K.S.A.

Dear Contact Pakistan
Please accept my heartiest greetings and best wishes on this auspicious occasion of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. May Allah Almighty accept our Sayam & Qayam of the holy month of Ramadan and shower His blessings on all of us. This Happy occasion of Eid reminds me of your love , affection and memories of the past and I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely yours, 
Fayyaz Muddassir Mubeen
Director,International Desalination Association, (IDA)

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Eid Mubarak to all my readers, I hope you all have benefited from Ramadan and have emerged as better Muslims in one way or another.
Rose is a womanís best friend ! On this happy occasion of Eid, I am dedicating this article to all my female readers for they all possess the fragility and the beauty of Rose. Just as a Rose is the queen of all flowers, women are queens of their family kingdoms. Rose has a natural appeal to women. From being a symbol of love and appreciation, to a fragrant additive in sub continental cookery, to being a classic ingredient in extravagant perfumes, Rose is every where !
The finest Rose Essential Oil is obtained from the Bulgarian Damask Rose and is called Rosa Damascena or Rose Otto. Therapeutically, it is extremely valuable. It is safe, versatile and very effective. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic, diuretic, detoxifying, antispasmodic and immune stimulating properties among many more. Its diffusion helps with asthma, bronchitis, coughs, morning/seasonal allergies, sore throats, airborne infections. It contains plant hormones that mimic the effect of human hormones, for this reason the topical application or usage in baths helps with problems like urinary tract/bladder infections, cystitis, irregular menstruation, heavy periods, PMS, menopausal symptoms, lazy ovaries, gastro-intestinal ulcers, palpitation, and poor circulation. Rose water compress helps relieve tired, swollen eyes and aids conjunctivitis. Rose Essential Oil also helps combat migraine attacks. In the arena of beauty and skin care, it helps with acne, mature, wrinkled, dry or sensitive skin. Daily application of rose essential oil, diluted in a carrier oil, helps revive aging skin. The floral water of Rose is an excellent toner for all skin types and is also very refreshing as an after-shave splash. In psycho-aromatherapy, rose essential oil relieves stress, anxiety, depression, grief, nervous tension, anger, disappointment, panic, irritability, poor memory and insomnia.
Recipe for an Aromatherapy Rose Perfume (recipe credit : Maggie Tisserand))
Rose                 4 drops
Sandalwood      12 drops
Geranium           2 drops
Rosewood          2 drops
Jojoba oil         10 ml
For Reiki/Aromatherapy sessions, please contact Lamees at 0506463801 or email:  
10% discount for CP members. 15% discount on this monthís special ďAroma Oil For UTI and Aroma Rose PerfumeĒ for CP members.

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Beauty lies Inside You
Eid-ul-Fiter is just around the corner. Everyone wants to look smart and attractive on the day of Eid and there is nothing wrong in it as this is the day of celebration for the Muslims. It is good to pamper yourself once in a while something extra and what can be a better occasion than Eid. But one thing we must not forget is that real beauty is not dependent on outer appearance but the spirit that lies inside the body.
In the materialistic world of today beauty is praised to the extent of worship. Beautiful skin tone, dashing figure and sharp features are valued too much. These results in making most of those with absence of this physical beauty feel low and dejected. Although the major sufferers are females but a minor fraction of maleís population also suffer.
This depressive feeling can result in lack of confidence and inferiority complex. The remedy to this self created problem is not to become obsessed with your looks. Stay positive. Remember you are beautiful because you are unique. You cannot be like ABC model because you are not her or him. You are you and your beauty is because of your qualities. Realize your self-worth and look the world straight in its face. Beauty is not about make ups and hairstyles. More important aspect of beauty is your character and your soul. If you see someone blessed in something that you are not having, look to those who are blessed even lesser than you.  
There are some things that you can do to look beautiful. If you are obese, try to cut down your extra fat by regular exercise and cutting down some of the food intake. We like the way army men look like. Their walk, their getup makes heads turn and come people with remarks "So handsome! He must be from army". What is it that makes the men in uniform so attractive? Certainly more than their suit boot. Yes! It is their right posture Ö the stomach in, chest out, shoulders back and head straight technique. They have attained all this through hard physical training. The glow on your face and the sparkling teeth can do a lot good. Yes, keep clean and organize your life. Get up early and say your prayers. Pray five times regularly. Do not forget that if you clean your teeth in ablution (miswak) it would increase the reward of prayer many times. Have good feelings for every one. Try to help the needy. If someone breaks relation do not feel ashamed in lending your hand for rebuilding good relations. These good deeds will help you feel beautiful from inside and believe you me that this internal beauty is much more important than external beauty.
So for this Eid keep clean, spread internal beauty and enjoy!
Mrs. Amna Tariq Makkah-ul-Mukarrama Ramadan 21, 1425 H

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 How about investing in Real Estate in Pakistan?
We are looking for investors to invest into the construction of commercial plaza in our 1 kanal piece of land in Daska, Sialkot Pakistan. This land is situated in the prime location of Daska city. This proposed commercial plaza will generate a lot of income InshaAllah Investors with Islamic approach will be given chance/or we are looking for some one
who can invest in the plaza on the terms and conditions determined by Islam without riba. (we can also go to banks for the loan but that includes riba and we will try to avoid as much as we can as not allowed by our rasool sallalaho alaihe wasallam)
For Information call -  Muhammad Yousaf 050-9446920

 Business property for sale in Karachi
A shop well situated in MEENA BAZAR, KARACHI available for immediate sale. The shop is well decorated and being run for Gold Jewelry. Those who always looks for unique opportunities; it exists right here. Asking price for the shop is just RS. 1,700,000/- only. The deal can also be financially facilitated for few installments to trust-worthily parties upon providing sufficient guarantees. The shop enjoys years of goodwill and carries loyalties of many customers that will come along with this shop for absolutely FREE for successful bidders. IF interested, please call at your convenient.
Tahir Qamar, 0502419515,

Ford Mustang for sale in Riyadh
Ford Mustang '99  Grey color in a very good condition. Price SR. 40,000. Only interested people reply please.
Khalid Siddiqi

Household for sale in Riyadh
Sofa Set ( 3seat + two single seats) for SR. 700/-
Bed (King size with side tables + Dressing and 3 Doors master size Wardrobe) for RS. 950/-
TV Trolley (Black Color with 3 shelves) for SR. 325/-
Afghan Carpets (180 x 200 and 160 x 180) in good conditions for SR. 450/- and 380/- each respectively.
Tahir Qamar  0502419515 Discount Center

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