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15th November 2004

NESMA Internet was established in 1998 to deliver the best possible Internet Services. NESMA has designed its technical infrastructure according to highest standards in the Industry, using the latest technologies in Information Technology from the manufacturers around the globe.
In addition to our well qualified Support Engineers, Sales  and Marketing  peoples, NESMA works closely with some of the leading consultants in the Internet Sector. This strong relationship enables us to draw from a pool of expertise in all fields and to benefit from our consultant’s years of experience in the business.
NESMA offers following services
Internet Services: Internet Services for Individual users to Corporate users
Business Mail Solutions – Corporate E-Mail Solutions to Small to Medium and Big Size of Companies on any type of Network.
WEB Hosting & Co-Location Services: WEB Designing, Hosting of WEB Sites and Co-Location of Server.
DSL, LL & Frame Relay Connectivity: Shared & Dedicated Connectivity to Small, Medium and Large Companies or Group
We also offer total solution for Local Area Network & Wide Area Network Projects

DSL Home User Package

64k – Modem Free,  SR. 160 Per Month
128k – Modem Free, SR. 250 Per Month
256k – Modem Free, SR. 250 Per Month
Call: 01-4633100, 02-6722460, 03-8874690
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For inquiry contact:
NESMA Internet

Head Office Tel: 01-4633100 Fax: 4626034. Email:
Please Contact: Naveed-ur-Rahman : 4633100 x 278. Mob: 054175346.
Email: global terms and Conditions apply

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