Issue#142 15th March 2008
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Bhindi Piyaz

- 1/2 kg Okra / lady finger / bhindi slice into 1/2" pieces. Discard top and end.
- 2 med. onions
- 2 med. tomatoes
- 3 large hot green chilli cut in thing stripes
- 1/4 cup cooking oil
- 1/2 ts coriander powder
- 1/2 ts mustard powder (Huldi)
- 1/2 ts black pepper powder
- salt to taste

How to Cook:
1. Wash bhindi with plenty of water. Dry with tea cloth or just spread in a tray for some time.
2. Cut Bhindi into 1\2 inch pieces, discard the head and tail.
3. In a large heavy based pan, heat oil over high heat. Add okra and turmeric powder and fry for about 5 minutes. Remove from pan and put aside.
4. Fry onion in the same oil for about 5 minutes.
Add okra, chopped tomatoes, green chili, black pepper, coriander powder and salt. Cover and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. Serve with Chapati.
This recipe serves 4 people.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes.
Cooking Time: 20 minutes.

Serving Options:
Serve Hot
Serve with Chapati (Roti)
Try Raita with this dish.

To freshen stale bread
Sprinkle a little milk over it and place it in a moderately hot oven for 15 minutes. The crust will be crispier and the bread tastier.

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Hope over high blood pressure jab
Image of blood pressure being measured

A four-monthly jab may one day replace the need to regularly take pills to control blood pressure, scientists say.

A team from the Swiss biotechnology firm Cytos found the vaccine against a hormone in the blood significantly cut blood pressure, the Lancet reported.
The jab was tested on 72 patients with high blood pressure and it was found to work without serious side-effects.
The researchers and independent experts said the findings were promising but large-scale trials were now needed.
High blood pressure, which affects a quarter of all adults, doubles the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke and is blamed for 60,000 deaths a year in UK.
Those who are being treated for it often have to take a daily course of pills to keep it under control.
But many people do not keep to their treatment regimes as people with high blood pressure do not display symptoms.
The researchers believe the vaccine, which works against the hormone angiotensin, which causes blood vessels to constrict and increase blood pressure, may offer a simple alternative.
They tested two different doses of the vaccine - 300 microgrammes and 100 microgrammes - as well as a dummy vaccine during the 14-week trial.

The jabs were given at the start, and after four weeks and 12 weeks - enough to give a patient four-month resistance.
Neither dose significantly lowered blood pressure at night.
But during the day the larger dose significantly lowered blood pressure, especially during the late morning peak when blood pressure is known to increase.
And, importantly, the vaccine did not have any serious side-effects with the worst being mild flu-like symptoms.
Lead researcher Dr Martin Bachmann said the vaccine could offer a much more simple way of controlling blood pressure and could be administered during regular visits to the doctor.
"Such a regimen is likely to promote adherence to treatment, but will need to be supported by clinical data."
Professor Jeremy Pearson, of the British Heart Foundation, agreed more research was needed, but described the results as promising.
"Immunisation may be of particular benefit to people who find it difficult to stick to high blood pressure medication, but there is still a long way to go before this approach replaces the highly-effective current treatments.
"Looking after your heart through regular exercise, cutting down on salt, and only drinking in moderation remain the best ways in which we can prevent high blood pressure."
Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of the Blood Pressure Association, added: "This study demonstrates an interesting new way to lower blood pressure." Other firms are also known to be testing blood pressure vaccines.


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A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

Dear friends, this time I want to talk to you about the importance of teachers in our life and the need to give them respect.  During my teaching experience, I have observed the sad decline in the respect given to teachers. Going down the memory lane, I remember how much emphasis our elders laid on the need to show respect and gratitude to teachers. In modern era, neither the students nor their parents seem to practice this valuable tradition of respecting teachers.
While parents are responsible for bringing us into the world, it is our teachers who teach us the art of living. And hence just as we adore our parents and have regard for them, same is deserved by teachers.
It is not easy to impart your knowledge to others and let them excel you. But this is exactly what teachers do. They deliver their knowledge; help their students to learn skills so that they can do well in future. The whole effort of teachers is to make their students become more and more knowledgeable and they feel genuine happiness at their student’s success just as parents do.
Teaching is a very challenging job. Teacher has to deal with a class of varied students which include some good, some average and some naughty, trouble making students. He has to use his professional skills to maintain class discipline and inspire his pupils to learn. Isn’t it a tough task?
In most professions, you see the result of hard work quite soon, but teachers have to wait for along time before the fruits of their efforts show up. The results of their efforts show up in the form of their students who complete their studies and become noble professionals. But often, when one reaches the zenith of success, he or she forgets to appreciate the efforts of those who played influential role in the past. Very and very few people return to thank their teacher who taught them years back.
Teachers are of great value to the state as well, for they have the most power to influence the rising generation- those who will matter to the world tomorrow. The influence of teacher never stops because a teacher affects eternity.
Great people always express gratitude to their teachers. Alexander, the Great said, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”. This reminds me of Aristotle’s famous saying Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.
Dear friends, we shall all love and respect our teachers. One way of showing respect is by obeying them. It is often observed that some children backbite and call their teachers by bad names at their back. It is very bad to do so. He who doesn’t learn to respect teachers will never learn. We shall stand in respect of teachers. We shall give them way, open door for them, help carry their load.  One of the best ways to express our regards for them is by doing good work and following their instructions. And when we grow up and become young adults, we shall not forget to return to our teachers and thank them for making us a noble human being.
Till next time, Allah Hafiz

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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